American Go E-Journal

Member’s Edition: Yuan Zhou on a Workshop Game

Tuesday July 7, 2015


White: single digit kyu
Black: single digit kyu
Commentary: Yuan Zhou 7d
Game editors: Bill Cobb, Myron Souris
Published in the July 7, 2015 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

This game between single digit kyu players features an extended middle game struggle. Yuan Zhou covers details of the corresponding strategic concepts that are crucial to understand for players aspiring to reach dan level. As usual, Yuan Zhou also stresses the theme of looking for practical chances, even if you know you’ve just made a mistake – your opponent is just as likely to follow with a mistake of his own.

Yuan Zhou 7 dan is one of the strongest players in the US. He has won many titles. Zhou is also a popular teacher, lecturer, and author. He lives in Germantown, MD, and can be reached at .