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Longtime Go Congress Attendees Meet Again in Senior Cup

Monday August 1, 2016

“We have tournaments for women and for juniors, why not one for seniors!” exclaimed Bart Jacob after his first Senior Cup 2016.08.02_Mark Rubenstein and friendgame Monday afternoon. The idea for a Senior Cup came from 2016.08.02_Senior Cup2longtime player Wanda Metcalf 5k. With well-established events like the Youth and Women’s tournaments, as well  and now a Girls Championship already at the Go Congress, the Senior Cup fills a noticeable gap for a community of longtime go players, some of whom gather weekly at their local clubs, while others see each other once a year at the annual Go Congress. The Senior Cup is four rounds, and all players must be at least 55 years old. TD James Peters says he’s honored to be running a tournament that involves so many long-time Go Congress attendees. “It’s a natural extension of the sorts of tournaments we already run.”
report/photos by Karoline Li, Congress Tournament Liaison