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Go Updates: Peters Talks Go on Podcast; Go on “No Such Thing as a Fish”; Shawn Ray’s “How to Play Go” Series; Kiseido’s Go Book Sale

Tuesday October 4, 2016

Catching up on a bunch of go reports and updates; here goes…

Peters Talks Go on Podcast: Glenn Peters appeared on the “Giving The Mic to the Wrong Person” podcast recently, discussing go, its history, appearances in American pop culture and significant games.

Go on “No Such Thing as a Fish”: The podcast No Such Thing as a Fish run by the QI elves is a general trivia podcast, reports Steve Colburn. “QI may resonate more with our British friends who love panel shows, but some of us in the US love 2016.10.04_How to Play Gothem too. Their 128th episode’s last fact is about go. They mention a few famous games from the past and a bit of AlphaGo. Skip forward to 27m 55sec to hear the facts about go.”

Shawn Ray’s “How to Play Go” Series: Shawn Ray’s free “How to Play Go” series  is now available. The 14 brief videos cover all the basics, from liberties to false eyes, ko and how to count the game. Ray says the videos can be shared widely “since these videos are aimed at helping spread Go. However, I must state that these videos cannot be sold or profited from. They are free and should remain free.”

Kiseido’s Go Book Sale: Kiseido is having a sale of all English-language go books; order 1 or 2 books and get free shipping, 3 to 9 books gets you 10% off with free shipping and 10 books or more are 15% off with free shipping. The sale runs through December 1, 2016.

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