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University of Miami Edges Florida International University in Collegiate Go League

Tuesday November 15, 2016

Go teams from the University of Miami and Florida International University played against each other on Saturday, 2016.11.15_AGA City League-Florida-eventNovember 5th in their third-round match of the AGA’s Collegiate Go League, live in the Miami Go Club at a Miami Lakes Panera. “The South Florida go scene has recently been galvanized,” reports local organizer Andrew Smith. “On top of entering the AGA City League for the first time, and organizing our first ever AGA-rated event this coming December 10, we have organized two go teams for the Collegiate Go League: one at the University of Miami and the other at the Florida International University. At the November 5 match, the UM team ultimately edged FIU two games to one. The first and second boards finished quickly, with a resignation on each side. It all came down to the third board, which featured a heated back-and-forth played to the bitter end. When the dust settled, UM emerged the victor by 20.5 points.
photo by Andrew Smith

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