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Xin’ao Cup Round of 16 Live Commentary on AGA’s YouTube Channel

Monday November 7, 2016

Coming up at 9:30p PST (12:30a EST) on Wednesday, November 9th, the AGA broadcast team will cover the Xin’ao Cup Round of 16 on its YouTube channel. Commentary will be led by AGA professional Ryan Li 1p and hosted by Andrew Jackson.

The Xin’ao Cup is a new inaugural international tournament, played in Lang Fang, China. The main competition has a draw of 64 players, 12 of whom are seeded (5 from China, 1 from Taiwan, and 3 each from Japan and Korea). The US representative in the tournament, Jujo Jiang 7p, was defeated by Xia Chenkun 3p of China in the first round. The remaining players are competing for a top prize of 2.2 million RMB, or roughly $325,000 USD.

It’s not yet clear who will play on Wednesday, because the tournament is still being played and R16 will be decided with a random draw, but there are some exciting players in the running: An Sungjoon 7d, Shi Yue 9p, Tang Weixing 9p, Ke Jie 9p, Kim Kiyong 6d, Lee Sedol 9p, and Chen Yaoye 9p. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.
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