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Member’s Edition: Gansheng Shi 1P on 10th Computer Go UEC Cup

Tuesday November 7, 2017


White: FineArt (AI)
Black: DeepZen (AI)
Commentary: Gansheng Shi 1P
Game editor: Myron Souris
Published in the November 7, 2017 edition of the American Go Journal

This game is between FineArt(Chinese AI) and DeepZen(Japanese AI) at the World AI Go Championships. FineArt has long been known to be extremely strong and has consistently been able to perform amongst the top professionals in online play – frequently taking games with Ke Jie 9P.

DeepZen Go is also a very strong AI and performs very consistently on TYGEM against top professional players as well. This type of AI matchup is one of the firsts in the world.

Already 7-dan at the age of 14, Gansheng Shi won the right to represent Canada at the 2008 World Youth Go Championships, where he competed in Guiyang China. In 2012 Shi fought well in the first AGA/Tygem professional certification tourney, earning promotion to Professional One Dan, along with Andy Liu 1P. Shi is now at the University of Toronto studying Immunology. The E-Journal is delighted to have him doing commentary, and we know our readers will enjoy his insights.