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Suh Won Suk 6D tops NGC’s Pumpkin Classic

Friday November 3, 2017

The National Go Center held its Pumpkin Classic Tournament on Saturday, 28 October. Forty players participated, including longtime teacher2017.11.03_NGCPump17Yuan Zhou’s son, Derek, in his first tournament.

The winners were:

First Place: Suh Won Suk, 6D, 3-1; Ryan Hunter, 2D, 3-1; Jiayang Su, 2K, 3-1; Joon Lee, 7K, 4-0; Hyungwook Lee, 8K, 4-0; Julian Turim, 16K, 4-0; and John Christensen, 20K, 4-0.
Second Place: Josh Lee, 6D, 3-1; Nate Eagle, 1D, 3-1; Diego Pierrottet, 4K, 3-1; James Funk, 5K, 3-1; Gary Smith, 9K and Javier Innerarity, 10K, Tied at 2-2; Raymond Luo, 12K, 3-1; and Jac de la Beaujardiere, 17K and Antonina Perez-Lopez, 19K, Tied at 2-2.
- report/photo by Allan Abramson
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