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Eric Lui wins NGC Cherry Blossom, continues winning streak

Saturday April 14, 2018

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom in the nation’s capitol as Eric Lui 1P swept the annual Cherry Blossom Festival 2018.04.14_ngc-cherry-blossom-eric-justin-croppedtournament 4-0 at the National Go Center on April 7. Lui continued his undefeated streak in tournaments at the NGC in a field of 57 players including 12 from the Stonybrook club in New York and four from the Middle Tennessee Go Club. “The out-of-state visitors were most welcome and took home their fair share of trophies and NGC t-shirts,” says TD Gurujeet Khalsa.

This year’s 1st and 2nd place winners:
6D – 7D: Eric Lui (1P), James Park (6D)
5D: Qingbo Zhang (5D), Lei Sun (6D)
2D – 4D: Yanqing Sun (3D), Ben Armitage (2D)
1D – 1K: Anthony Long (1K), Andrew McGowan (1D)
2K – 4K: Moonhun Oh (2K), Darren Bias (2K)
5K: Patrick Sun (5K), James Funk (5K)
6K – 9K: Eli Ferster (6K), Edward Caldeira (8K)
11K – 13K: Jeffery Yeh (11K), Daniel Batti (12K)
15K – 18K: Jozef Bodnar (15K), John Christensen (13K)
23K – 30K: Derek Zhou (30K), Onshore Paik (26K)

photo: Eric Lui (1P) playing Justin Teng (6D); photo by Gurujeet Khalsa, Tournament Director