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EuroGoTV Updates: May 4-7

Tuesday May 8, 2012

Britain Seeks New Leader: (5/7) After racking up 25 British Championship titles, Matthew Macfadyen has decided, for now, to retire from the UK Championship. The race is now on to see who will replace him…Apeldoorn 2012: The Apeldoorn 2012, a class C tournament, played May 6 in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, was won by Rudi Verhagen 5d (left)Danish Championship 2012: The Danish Championship 2012, a class A tournament, played May 5-6 in Copenhagen, Denmark, was won by Per Marquardsen 2d…Korean Ambassador Cup 2012: The Korean Ambassador Cup, a class A tournament, played May 5-6 in Praha, Czech Republic, was won by Pal Balogh 6d (right)449th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament 2012: The 449th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament, a class C tournament, played on May 5 in Velika Gorica, Croatia, was won by Zvonko Bednjanec 3k…Gosente Mini Handicap Tournament 2012: The Gosente Mini Handicap Tournament, a class C tournament, played on May 4 in Riga, Latvia, was won by Karina Stanislavska 10k…
- excerpted from EuroGoTV, which includes complete winner reports, crosstabs and photos.

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EuroGo Updates: April 1-15

Sunday May 6, 2012

Croatia: Robert Jovicic 2k won the 448th Velika Gorica Weekend Go Tournament, played on 4/21 Velika Gorica; second was Mladen Smud 1k and in third Nikola Primetica 4k. Result table.

France: The Ile-de-France League organized the Youth Championship on March 24. This competition is the qualifier for the French Youth Championship held on May 5-6 in Cachan, a suburb of Paris. The League decided to call this event the “Zaza Cup” in honor of the memory of Michel “Zaza” Zaltzman; this edition of the Zaza Cup was accommodated by the Antony Club which was a big supporter of the organisation. Every player won a diploma and lessons for participating and  the winner in each category won a private lesson with one of the official teachers of the French Go Federation, Fan Hui or Motoki Noguchi. Cups were also awarded to the first three players in each category. The “Under 12″ category was won by Guillaume Ougier 5k, second came Jin-De Takashi Jen 14k, third was Alexandre Pauvers 15k. The two first players qualified for the National competition. Result table.  

14286129Germany: The China Cup Berlin, played from 4/14-15 in Berlin, Germany, was won by Jin Zou 6d (l); second was Johannes Obenaus 5d and third was Michael Palant 5d. Result table.

Italy: Alessandro Pace 2d won the 2012 Campionato Italiano Rapid, played 4/14-15 in Reggio Emilia, Italy. In second was Julian van Den Busken 1k and third was Andriy Zakharzhevskyy 2d. Result table .

Poland:  Stanislaw Frejlak 3d won the Young Masters League – Qualification, played on 4/14 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. In second was Marcin Majka 2d and third was Stanislaw Zambrzycki 4k. Result table.  The Side Tournament, also played on 4/14 in Bielsko-Biala, was won by Pawel Stepnowski 2k, second was Bogdan Kruk 4k and third was Lukasz Oles 5k. Result table.

Russia: The three winners of the 17th European Youth Championship 2012, held April 12-16 in St. Petersburg Russia, are Lukas Podpera 5d, Czech Republic (Under 20); Valerii Krushelnytskyi 2k, Ukraine (Under 12):  Yurii Mykhalyuk 3d, Ukraine(Under 16).

Slovakia: The Spring Tournament, played 4/14-15 in Porac, Slovakia, was won by Pavol Lisy 5d (r); in second was Bronislav12686597 Snidal 2d and third was Jakub Berka 10k. Result table.

Spain: The second Nam-Ban Cup 2012, played from 4/13-14 in Madrid, Spain, was won by Andres Dominguez 1k, second came Fernando Holgado 4k and third was Antonio Egea 3d. Result table .

Slovenia:  Ondrej Silt 6d won the Slovenian Open 2012, played from 4/13-15 in Maribor, Slovenia; second came Guochen Xie 6d and third was Lothar Spiegel 4d. Result table.

- excerpted from reports on

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Kay Sweeps British Go Congress

Saturday May 5, 2012

Winning both the main event and the lightning tournament at the 2012 British Go Congress, held in Durham on April 20-22, Andrew Kay 4d now has four British tournament triumphs for the year. Second and third places in the Open went to Andrew Simons 3d and Toby Manning 2d. Full results of the British Open are here; results of other events and further details are here.
- adapted from reports by the BGA and IGF.

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EuroGo Updates: March 24-April 1

Monday April 30, 2012

Romania: In-Seong Hwang 8d (right) won the 2012 Shusaku Cup Romania, winning all six games in the March 30-April 1 tournament. Hwang donated 200 Euro of his 1,200 Euro winnings to Romanian youth players. In second was Artem Kachanovskyji 7d (left) from Ukraine, who only lost to In-seong in an epic battle watched by more than 550 on KGS. Third place was won by another young talented Ukraine player, Arii Kravets 5d who bested many favorites like Cristian Pop 7d, Ondrej Silt 6d, Csaba Mero 6d and Pal Balogh 6d. Click here to see the deciding game between Hwang and Kachanovskyji.  Results15350038

The Bistrita Spring Cup, played from 3/23-24 in Bistrita, Romania, was won by Denis Dobranis 4k (left), second came Daniel Haja 6k and third was Tudor Berende 5k. Result table

Croatia: The 445th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament, played on 3/31 in Velika Gorica, Croatia, was won by Robert Jovicic 2k, second came Mladen Smud 1k and third was Marko Ugarcina 6k. Result table . 


Austria Austria: The Linzer Go Turnier 2012, played March3/24-25 in Linz, Austria, was won by Pavol Lisy 6d (photo), second came Lothar Spiegel 4d and third was Lukas Podpera 5dResult table .

Poland Poland:  The Warszawa, played on March 25 in Warszawa, Poland, was won by Arkadiusz Kindziuk 1d, second came Karol Cieslak 1d and third was Stefan Wroclawski 3k. Result table.

Netherlands The Netherlands: The 39e Keizer Karel Toernooi Zwitsers tournament, played from 3/17-18 in Nijmegen, Netherlands, was won by Paul Haanen 10k, second came Nicole de Beer 10k and third was Mark de Groot 10k. Result table.

Serbia Serbia: The Serbian Championship, played March from March 23-25 in Kragujevac, Serbia, was won by Nikola Mitic 5d ( photo ), second came Misa Alimpic 3d and third was Dragan Mitic 3d. Result table

14713996Italy Italy: The Yama no Kaze 3 tournament, played from March 24-25 in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, was won by Carlo Metta 3d ( photo ), second came Viktor Bogdanov 4d and third was Alessandro Pace 2d. Result table .

Germany Germany: The Baduk Botschafter Cup/Gruppe 2 tournament, played from March 24-25 in Kassel, Germany, was won by Donald Eckart 4k, second came Karen Schomberg 3k ( photo ) and third was Thomas Gottstein 5k. Result table . The Baduk Botschafter Cup / Gruppe 1 was won byAndre Staedtler 3d ( photo ), second came Lukas Kraemer 5d and third was Jonas Welticke 4dResult table .
- excerpted from reports on

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Amsterdam Tourney Includes Speed Go on a Boat

Tuesday April 24, 2012

This year’s edition of the Amsterdam International Go Tournament includes a Rapid (Speed Go) Tournament that will be played on a boat that travels through/around the city of Amsterdam. The tournament – the 41st edition – runs Thursday, May 17th – Sunday, May 20th and is being presented by The Amsterdam Go Club, in cooperation with the European Go Centre – celebrating it’s 20th anniversary — the Dutch Go Association, the EGF and EuroGoTV. This year’s tournament is part of the European Cup, level 5, the highest level, allowing top European finishers to earn points for the European Cup system. A large field is expected, with many players already pre-registered, including players from Belgium,  Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Korea, Poland,  Romania, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. In case of sufficient participants and interest commentary on the top  games will be given by Cho Seokbin 7P from Korea. Discount for online pre-registration before May 1. Free and cheap lodging is available; for details see the tournament site and click here for photos from previous tournaments. photo: at the 2008 Amsterdam Tournament; photo by Judith van Dam

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European Chess Union Clamps Down on Cleavage

Wednesday March 21, 2012

“European Chess Competitions To Be Less Sexy With Strict New Cleavage Rules” reported Gawker on March 8. “Strict new rules govern the accepted wardrobe for woman’s matches,” the report continued, referencing a more detailed report in Chessbase News. “The European Women’s Championship is the first where the new ECU Dress Code regulations apply,” according to the March 7 Chessbase report. “They are quite specific: regarding décolletés (in the US ‘cleavage’): ‘the second from the top button may be opened.’ And skirts may be no shorter than 5-10 cm above the knees.” Explained ECU General Secretary Sava Stoisavljevic, “We came up with that idea because we noticed that during the games many of the players were not wearing proper clothes… It’s nice to see chess players with short skirts – they are very pretty girls. But I believe there should still be some limit.” Other dress code rules specify that “clothing should be crisp, show no excessive wear, no holes and shall be free of body odor” and that while sunglasses, glasses or neck ties can be worn during the games, no caps or hats or permitted, “except for religious reasons.” American Go Association President Alan Abramson said unequivocally that “We have absolutely no intention of even considering” such a dress code in AGA-sanctioned tournaments. And at the European Go Federation, President Martin Stiassny told the EJ that “EGF has other problems than thinking about such nonsense. For sure no plans in this direction as long as  I am president of the EGF.”
- thanks to Steve Colburn for passing this along.

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Enrollment Opens for New Term at Guo Juan’s Internet Go School

Monday March 19, 2012

Guo Juan’s Internet Go School is currently accepting enrollment for group classes for the 2012 second   term, which begins April 28/29. “The group class participants will also receive a 20% discount on our Audio Lectures membership,” says Guo Juan. The school’s teaching faculty includes Guo Juan 5P, Jennie Shen 2P and Young Sun 8P and Mingjiu Jiang 7P.


Regginos Wins Cyprus Friendship Tourney

Monday March 19, 2012

Dimitris Regginos 1D (left in photo) won the Cyprus 2012 Friendship Go Tournament, held March 17-18 in Nicosia. Though just nine players participated, the tournament included some tough and interesting games. Runner up was Argyris Fellas 1k and Phedias Christodoulides 3k took third place. In the under-18 category, first place went to Lilia Regginou 12k, second place to Christoforos Kassianides 13k and third place to Markos Merkouris 13k.
- Nicholas Roussos, EJ Cyprus Correspondent 

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Euro Go Updates: March 10-18

Sunday March 18, 2012

Cyprus: Dimitris Regginos 1d won the Friendship Go Tournament, held March 17-18 in Nicosia, Cyprus. In second was Argyris Fellas 1k, and third was Phedias Christodoulides 3k. Click here for results.

Croatia: The 443th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament, played on 3/17 in Velika Gorica, Croatia, was won by Robert Jovicic 2k, in second was Mladen Smud 1k, and third was Mirko Primetica 10k. Click here for results. The first mini Tournament Karlovac 2012, played on 3/10 in Karlovac, Croatia, was won by Mladen Smud 1k; second was Lovro Furjanic 1d, and third was Vladimir Ribicic 20k. Result table .

Slovenia: Kyu turnir, played on 3/17 in Kranj, Slovenia, was won by Peter Gaber 1k; in second was Borut Zaplotnik 1k and third was Dusan Marcetic 5k. Result table .

European Go Congress 2012 update March: The Youth Hostel Bonn has now decided to allow booking of rooms for Go players until April 16th.There are mainly rooms with four beds still available in the Youth Hostel, that can be booked via the accommodation page on the website.

Hungary: The Kondor Dragon Cup Group 3 tournament, played on 3/11 in Budapest, Hungary, was won by Bulcsu Fajszi 15k; second was Csongor Sebestyen Katona 15k, and third was Miklos Csizmadia 15k. Result table . The Kondor Dragon Cup Group 4 tournament, played on 3/11 in Budapest, Hungary, was won by David Fazekas 20k; second was Nikoletta Toth 20k, and third was Aniko Tothne Temesvari 20k. Result table . Kondor Dragon Cup Group 2 tournament, played on 3/11 in Budapest, Hungary, was won by Laszlo Boviz 9k; second was Csaba Katona 12k, and third was Janos Fiala 12k. Result table . Kondor Dragon Cup Group 1 tournament, played on 3/11 in Budapest, Hungary, was won by Dominik Boviz 1d; second was Renato Tolgyesi 2k, and third was Domonkos Albrecht 1d. Result table .

Romania: The CSRB Club tournament, played on 3/10 in Bucuresti, Romania, was won by Sergiu Dan Iugulescu 2d; second was Constantin Ghioc 5d (photo at left), and third was Rares Ghioc 3k. Result table . The Drobeta Tr. Severin- Romanian Cup- local competition, played from 3/3 to 3/4 in Drobeta Tr. Severin, Romania, was won by Irina Stefania Ionica 9k; second was Vasile Grecu 15k, and third was Cosmin Tutunaru 11k. Result table .

United Kingdom: The Trigantius, played on 3/10 in Cambridge, United Kingdom, was won by Andrew Simons 3d; second was Alex Rix 3d, and third was Jon Diamond 4d.
( photo Francis Roads 2d place 4 of 51 ) Result table .

Turkey: The 7. Hacettepe Go Tournament, played from 3/10 to 3/11 in Ankara, Turkey, was won by Ozgur Degirmenci 2d; second was Bertan Bilen 2d, and third was Giray Erdi 1d. Result table .

Serbia: The Radnicki Club Tournament, played on 3/10 in Kragujevac, Serbia, was won by Lazar Manojlovic 5d; second was Zoran Jankovic 4d, and third was Misa Alimpic 3d. Result table .

Germany: The Berliner Winterturnier 2012, played on 3/10 in Berlin, Germany, was won by Tobias Wahl 4k; second was Timon Dohnke 20k (photo at right), and third was Daniel Krause 1k. Result table .
- excerpted from reports on; edited by Wayne Schmittberger

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Mero Wins Confucius Cup in Ireland

Saturday March 10, 2012

Hungary’s Csaba Mero 6D (at right in photo) won the Confucius Cup at the Irish Go Congress, held March 2-4 at the Teachers’ Club in Parnell Square, Dublin. The Confucius Cup is sponsored by the UCD Confucius Institute. A total of 48 players took part in the tournament, with Mero’s 5-0 wins extending his lead in the European Cup. In second place was Guochen Xie 8D, who is studying in Boston. Kim Ouweleen 4D of the Netherlands edged out UK student Chu Lu 4D by 1 SOS point to take third place. Players winning 4 games were Diana Blaszczyk, Frank Tan, Marek Gutkowski and Paul Kelly. Julien Renaud 1D won the Rapid Tournament on Friday night. The hard work of organisers Rory Wales, Arthur Cater, and Colin MacSweeny was much appreciated by all. Full results are available at this link. Click here for a photo album.
- reported by Ian Davis, EJ Irish Correspondent

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