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EUROPEAN GO NEWS: Groenen Leads Dutch Champs At Halfway Mark; Marz Masters Potsdamer Panda; Dickhut Repeats As NRW-Meister; Belfast Players Dominate Irish Championship Weekender

Monday January 18, 2010

GROENEN LEADS DUTCH CHAMPS AT HALFWAY MARK: Only Geert Groenen 6d (The Hague) was undefeated after the first weekend of the Dutch Championships at the European Go Center (EGC) in Amsterdam January 16-17. Groenen was the only 6-dan able to stop 5-dan Peter Brouwer’s winning streak. Brower (Amsterdam) had defeated three 6-dans in a row, including defending Dutch Champion Merlijn Kuin, who also lost to former insei Emil Nijhuis 6d. The Dutch title tournament is an 8-round final with 16 players over two weekends in January. The finals continue on January 30-31, when the ladies and youth titles are also at stake. On Board One, Nijhuis will be the first to try to stop Groenen, while another interesting pairing this weekend will be between former Dutch Champions Frank Janssen – 4-time winner — and 3-time winner Kuin. “Usually we meet during the second weekend,” Janssen told the E-Journal. This time, however, instead of Board 1, they’ll meet on Board 6, as Janssen won only one game and was paired up. Four top boards are being broadcast every round by EuroGoTV, which will publish a booklet about the Dutch Championships with 10 commented games by Guo Juan 5P. – Peter Dijkema; photo: Peter Brouwer wins his way up the rankings. – by Judith van Dam

MARZ MASTERS POTSDAMER PANDA: German Go Federation (DGoB) President Michael Marz 3d from Marburg won the first Postdamer Panda January 16-17 in Potsdam, despite missing the first round. Marz won all his four games and stayed ahead of Judith Conradi 2d and Robert Deutschmann 2d (both of Berlin), who scored 3-2. Stefan Leon, Michael Motejat, Conny Pohle, Christoph Star and Anne Böttger also made the winner’s podium with their 4-1 results. The tournament attracted 55, who also came for two lectures on computer go and a demonstration game of man against machine on a 37×37 board. Click here for results. -Peter Dijkema,

DICKHUT REPEATS AS NRW-MEISTER: NordRhein-Westfalen state Champion Franz-Josef Dickhut 6d belatedly defended his title on January 16-17 in Lippstadt in a round-robin of six players battling for the 2009 Meister title. Matthias Terwey 4d and Lukas Krämer 4d shared second place. And with a full calendar of tourneys almost every weekend in Germany this year, the 2010 NordRhein-Westfalen title may well wind up being contested in early 2011. Dickhut’s major titles include several German Championships and the European Master at the 2008 European Go Congress in Leksand, Sweden. - Peter Dijkema, based on

BELFAST PLAYERS DOMINATE IRISH CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKENDER: Two players from Belfast dominated the first weekend of the Irish Championship League, held January 16-17 in Dublin. Winning all four games were defending champion Ian Davis 1d and newcomer James Hutchinson 1k. In second place were John Gibson 1k and Eoghan Barry 3k. With three games each left to play “anything could still happen in the race for the final,” says Davis. Click here for latest results.

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EUROPEAN GO NEWS: Pal Balogh Leads Pandanet Rankings; Terwey Takes Essen; Florescu Wins Jubilee Jac In Bucharest; Fan Sweeps Lille Pandanet

Monday January 11, 2010

PAL BALOGH LEADS PANDANET RANKINGS: Pal Balogh leads the current Pandanet rankings at January 1 with 55 points from five tournaments. In the top ten, players from Central Europe dominate: Ondrej Silt with 41 points (5, CZ), Christian Pop 37 (3, RO), Mero Csaba 36 (4, HU), Nikola Mitic 33 (4, RS) and Jan Simara 30 (4, CZ). Young Vanessa Wong (UK) shares 7th with veteran Vladimir Danek (CZ) 17 and Herman Hiddema (NL) shared 9th with Zou Jin (DE) 15. The Pandanet season runs until Easter, closing with the Paris Open, which leaves just four events to go. Click here for the full table.

TERWEY TAKES ESSEN: Matthis Terwey 4D (l in photo at right) of Münster won in Essen on SOS in the opener of the year January 9-10 in Germany, ahead of Lukas Krämer 4D (Bonn), who defeated him in the last round. Despite the snow, a field of 79 turned out. Only Ingmar Schwarz 3k of Dortmund went undefeated 5-0. Click here for results.

FLORESCU WINS JUBILEE JAC IN BUCHAREST: Ion Florescu 6d edged out Cornel Burzo 6d and Cristian Pop 7d in the December 11-12 Japanese Ambassador Cup, held in Bucharest’s National Theatre. All three are from Romania and were former insei in Japan. The special event was organized to celebrate the jubilee anniversary of relations with Japan. Although this year the event was open to foreign guests, just a handful participated, including three Hungarians –Csaba Mero 6d finished fourth with 4-2 and Pal Balogh 6d fifth with 3-3 — two Greek, one Dutch, French and Swiss in the field of 135. A detailed report with videos is available in the news archive (dated Fri 11 Dec) on Click here for results. photo: winner Ion Florescu (r) with Pal Balogh; photo by Judith van Dam.

FAN SWEEPS LILLE PANDANET: Fan Hui 8d comfortably swept the Pandanet in Lille December 12-13. Female players dominated the rest of the podium, with Li Ting 6d from Vienna (Austria) losing only to him and French Champion Zhang Yanqi to them both. French Youth Champ Thomas Debarre 5d lost to the top three to finish fourth. From the best seven, only young (14y) Vanessa Wong (4d, 6th) didn’t meet Fan. Local hero Lucien Laks 2d had the honor to face Fan for his last game. Despite excellent high-speed rail connections to both Belgium and London, only a few foreigners were among the 75 participants: a handful of Belgians and 2 Brits (Vanessa and her family-member Julius 2d). In Lille many did well with 4-1, but only Sylvain Benesteau 11k (Paris) and local Xavier Seguin 18k remained undefeated in all five rounds. Click here for results.
reports by Peter Dijkema, EJ European Correspondent, from reports on

CORRECTION: The MoGo games were held in Cadiz, southern Spain, not Barcelona, as reported last week. Thanks to Gregorio Morales, Spanish Go Association (AEGO) member and former President, for the catch.

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WORLD GO NEWS: Korean Teen Park Junghwan Wins Third Title Match; Iyama Yuta Takes Clear Lead In Honinbo League

Monday January 11, 2010

KOREAN TEEN PARK JUNGHWAN WINS THIRD TITLE MATCH: Park Junghwan 5P (l) won’t be twenty until 2013, but he is already becoming a major player. Last year he won two Korean titles, the Siptan (Judan) Cup and the Chunwon (Tengen), and he has just successfully defended the Sibdang against challenger Lee Changho 9P with a score of 2-1. Lee won the first game of the match, but Park took the other two on January 9th and 10th. In the unusual structure of the Siptan, as last year’s winner, Park was seeded into the third round, so he had to win two games just to get into the title match.

IYAMA YUTA TAKES CLEAR LEAD IN HONINBO LEAGUE: In the eight-player round robin league to decide the next challenger for the Honinbo title in Japan, Meijin Iyama Yuta 9P has a 4-0 record with three games to go. Everyone else has at least one defeat. The closest competitor at this point is Yamashita Keigo 9P with a 3-1 record. He and Iyama have not yet met in the league. Yamashita currently holds both the Kisei and the Tengen titles. Iyama is Meijin and also won the Ryusei last year.
- Bill Cobb, from Go News, GoGameWorld, Sensei’s Library

EUROPEAN GO NEWS: Wintergo Grew; European Summary; More News From Europe

Sunday January 3, 2010

WINTERGO GREW: More than 120 attended the 2009 Wintergo December 27 through January 1 in Overasselt near the Dutch-German border. With top teachers like Yoon Young-sun 5P and Rob van Zeijst 7d, the focus was more on learning and exploring, although competition was fierce in the morning rounds. With a larger kitchen, culinary possiblities improved, culminating in a sushi diner at New Year’s Eve. Willem-Koen Pomstra 5d introduced the idea of go-camps in Holland. He summarized its history for the EJ: “Summergo was invented by accident by Martin Stiassny (currently President of EGF), who wanted to celebrate his birthday for a few days with friends near his Summer residence in Leksand, Sweden. I attended. Many more came back next years and soon it grew into a full EGC there (2008). I copied the idea for Holland and we wanted soon something similar in Winter too.” - Peter Dijkema

EUROPEAN SUMMARY: Pair (Annemarie de Putter 1k and Bram Koster 4d), clubteam (The Hague) and 1st senior (Robert Rehm 5d) titles in Holland; current champs (Viktor Lin, Manuala Leitner) confirm titles, while old champ (Alfred Nimmerrichter) passed away in Austria; Chun 8p defeats MoGo in Barcelona, next signs up as 4th (!) audio-teacher for KILL of Alex Dinerchtein 3p, which started punctually on January 1st, when co-teacher Ilya Shiksin 7d defeated 6 students in a simul; Ion Florescu 6d won JAC in Bucarest (Rom); Fan Hui 8d swept Pandanet Lille (France). See the full articles in the news and archive of Peter Dijkema

MORE NEWS FROM EUROPE: On EuroGOTV there are many more illustrated tournament reports from late December (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Spain), as well as (p)reviews of books by John Fairbairn, several winter holiday number puzzles and the tale of the Caledonian Canal Rengo (taken from the German mag DGZ). - Peter Dijkema

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WORLD GO NEWS: Kong Jie Wins Samsung Cup; Yamashita Takes Tengen From Cho U; Chinese Lead In Jeongganjang Cup

Sunday January 3, 2010

KONG JIE WINS SAMSUNG CUP: Kong Jie 9P defeated Qiu Jun to take the international Samsung Cup on December 17th. Both players are Chinese representatives. Only one non-Chinese made it to the semifinals: Lee Changho 9P of Korea, who was defeated 2-1 by Qiu. Kong defeated China’s Gu Li 9P 2-0 in the semifinals. Lee Sedol 9P of Korea won this event the two previous years, defeating Kong Jie in the finals last year. Overall, the Chinese have won the Samsung three times now, the Japanese twice and the Koreans nine times. This is Kong’s first win of a major international event. He also won the Asian TV Cup this year, defeating Lee Sedol, which prompted Kong’s promotion to 9P. Qiu has also won several titles, including the Chang-ki Cup last year; this is one of China’s most prestigious titles. Reaching the finals of the international Samsung Cup this year led to Qiu’s promotion to 9P.
Bill Cobb, from Go News, GoGameWorld, Sensei’s Library.

YAMASHITA TAKES TENGEN FROM CHO UCho U 9P has lost another of his titles as Yamashita Keigo won the Tengen title match on December 22nd 3-2. All five games of the match were won by Black by resignation. It is surely painful for Cho to now be down to only three titles: Judan, Oza, and Gosei. For Yamashita it has been a hard struggle in the Tengen. He held this title in 2003, but lost it the next year. Then he was the unsuccessful challenger for three years in a row against Kono Rin 9P. Yamashita now holds both the Kisei and the Tengen. Cho can take some comfort from the fact that he is for the first time the challenger for the Kisei; that title match begins January 14th and gives Cho a chance for revenge. - Bill Cobb from Go News, GoGameWorld, Sensei’s Library

CHINESE LEAD IN JEONGGANJANG CUP: The Jeongganjang Cup is a win-and-continue team match for women pros. Japan, China, and Korea each send a five player team. The Chinese team has won this event three times, including last year, and the Koreans four times. The Japanese did take second place in 2007, but have never won. The Chinese started off well this year, with their first player, teenager Wang Chenxing 2P winning the first three games. Aoki Kikuyo 8P of Japan then won the last game in the first round–last year the Japanese team did not win a single game. No one managed a big streak in the second round: the Japanese team scored again when Mukai Chiaki 3P beat Kim Hyeoimin 5P of Korea, who won the only game for Korea in the first two rounds. The second round ended with Song Ronghui 5P of China (another teen) defeating Mukai. The final round is scheduled for early February. The Japanese and Koreans have only one player left: Suzuki Ayumi 4P for Japan and Park Jieun 9P for Korea. Song is up for China with two other players from her team in reserve. It will be surprising if the Chinese don’t repeat as the champions this time.
Bill Cobb from Go News, GoGameWorld, Sensei’s Library

EUROPEAN GO NEWS: Xebo Wins St Nick Tourney In Braunschweig; Hungarian League

Monday December 14, 2009

XEBO WINS ST NICK TOURNEY IN BRAUNSCHWEIG: A 4-dan from Göttingen who just goes by the name Xebo won the 27th St. Nicolas tourney December 5-6 in Braunschweig, Germany, ahead of locals Alexander Kirchner 2d (2nd) and Kai Tomerius , who shared 3d with Mathias Maurer 4d from Langen. Click here for results. - Peter Dijkema, European Correspondent, from a report at

HUNGARIAN LEAGUE: Pagoda leads the Hungarian league with maximum match-points from 3 rounds, ahead of MGE and Origó, which drew one each. Sanrensei is 4th at 2 wins and a loss. Next round, two top-pairings are up: MGE-Pagoda and Sanrensei-Origó. In Hungary they play a round every fortnight. The league has eight teams of 9 players. - Peter Dijkema, , European Correspondent, after


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European Go News: Dai Junfu Meijin in Paris; Britain: Healey-Macfadyen Best-Dressed at Pair Go Champs; League Standings; Laitikainen Retakes Finnish Title; Roever to Play Davis in Irish Final; Regginos Wins Cyprus; Hwang and Dickhut Win in Germany; Poland: Torun Players Sweep in Szczecin & Bydgoszcz; Borkum Islanders Reach Out; Young Players Invited to Goodwill Tourney in Thailand; Western Korean-Style Insei Leagues on KGS

Friday November 20, 2009

DAI JUNFU MEIJIN IN PARIS: Dai Junfu 7d (left) took top honors at the 27th Paris Meijin on November 21-22. French Champion Zhang Yanqi won silver. Youth champ Thomas Debarre scored a remarkable win in Round 2, knocking out defending champion and top seed Fan Hui 2P. Guillaume Attia 3k of Alègre club swept the B section. A week earlier, Robin Chauvin 7k won the C-group. Both weekends up to 64 took part. Click here for the tourney page with winners pictures, links to tables and a gallery of more photos.
- Peter Dijkema, after a report by TD Jerome Hubert

BRITAIN: Healey-Macfadyen Best-Dressed at Pair Go Champs; League Standings:
Kirsty Healey 1d and Matthew Macfadyen 6d (right) were the best-dressed winners at the recent amateur Pair Go championships in Japan. In the British League, Cambridge leads Division 1 and haven’t dropped a single game in two matches so far. Cornish Rogues share the lead in Division 2 with Newcastle. Both won 2-1 twice. Durham Blue leads in 3, while in 4 no games have been played yet. Click here for the current tables.
- Peter Dijkema

LAITIKAINEN RETAKES FINNISH TITLE: Vesa Laitikainen 5d retook the Finnish title from Antti Törmänen 5d, who lost the final match 2-1 on November 13-14. The 2009 Championship is Laitikainen ‘s 19th Finnish national title. Click here for details of the play-off and finals, with links to the games.
- Peter Dijkema, after a report on

ROEVER TO PLAY DAVIS IN IRISH FINAL: Defending Irish Champion Claas Roever beat Noel Mitchell in a playoff game on KGS to see who would join Ian Davis for the 2009 Irish Championship Final.
- Ian Davis, Ireland Correspondent

REGGINOS WINS CYPRUS: Dimitris Regginos 1d was the top winner in the Cyprus Go Championship (right) last weekend. Lilia Regginou 25k won the Cyprus Youth Go Championship, which was held simultaneously. Thomas Gaebler, visiting from Finland, was a special guest at the tournament was. Gaebler has appeared in several tournaments on the European scene, with his last appearance in Munich in April. Winner’s Report: Main tournament: 1st:  Dimitris Regginos 1d; 2nd: Giannis Kassinopoulos 4k; 3rd: Thomas Gaebler 4k. Youth tournament: 1st: Lilia Regginou 25k; 2nd: Charalambos Mavrommatis 25k; 3rd: Nika Regginou 25k.
- Nicholas Roussos, Cyprus Correspondent

HWANG AND DICKHUT WIN IN GERMANY: Hwang In-Seong 7d of  Berlin won the 10th “Go to Innovation” in Berlin November 20-22 8-0, ahead of Llouis Oh 6d of Barcelona, who was 7-1. EuroGo TV broadcast the top board, and 102 participated in the tournament. Vladimir Danek 3rd (Prague) and Viktor Lin (Vienna) 4th – both 5d won 5-3 under the tough Hahn-scoring system: as you win more, you give a higher handicap next game. Thus, in the final round Hwang faced Alexander Kurz 3d at 6 stones. Kurz opted for 77.5 komi, but Hwang still won by 117 points. Among 41 players, only Florian Mömmikes 2k also won 7-1. Click here for results  In Düsseldorf, Franz-Josef Dickhut 6d (Mönchengladbach) (right) repeated his 2008 victory, sweeping the third Japanese General Consul’s Cup five straight. Michelle Geilenberg 8k won the ladies award, also 5-0, while the youth prize was for Niilo Syvänen 9k 4-1. Because he was a repeat winner, Dickhut was not eligible for the free ticket to Japan, and Matthias Terwey 4d (Münster) was the lucky winner of the ticket, winning a nigiri with Bernd Radmacher 5d (Meerbusch) to decide the matter.
- Peter Dijkema, based on reports at EuroGoTV and

POLAND: TORUN PLAYERS SWEEP IN SZCZECIN & BYDGOSZCZ: Two players from Torun have swept tournaments in Szczecin and Bygoszcz. Lukasz Pater 2k of Torun swept the 1st anniversary tourney of Porfirion in Szczecin 5-0, ahead of Artur Chmielowski 4k from Starogard. In the Polish harbor-town 18 took part November 14-15. Click here for results and a gallery of pictures. Meanwhile, Robert Oczkowski 4k, also of Torun – Copernicus’ hometown –  swept the 14th Bygoszcz tourney 4-0 on November 14th, where 11 took part. Before that, Tomasz Slazok 2d offered a simul on November 12 in the “Pokój Polski” (‘polish room’) of KGS, to publicize his proposed Wintergo school in the North-West of Poland.
- Peter Dijkema, after

BORKUM ISLANDERS REACH OUT: Local players organized “Let’s Go Borkum” (right) on the German island of Borkum on November 13-15. Borkum is the largest and westernmost of the East Frisian Islands in the North Sea, due north of the Dutch province of Groningen. The Emder Go-Gruppe organized the event to foster good contacts between players in Germany and The Netherlands and the 21 participants had such a good time they’ve already decided to return next year on November 12-14, 2010. Click here  for more photos and a report in German.
- Peter Dijkema, European Correspondent

YOUNG PLAYERS INVITED TO GOODWILL TOURNEY IN THAILAND: Young players are once again being invited to attend the Go Goodwill Tournament. The second annual tournament – organized by the World Chinese Weiqi Federation in cooperation with the Go Association of Thailand — is set for January 30 – February 3 in Bangkok. Children from 11 countries — China, Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United States and Thailand — are being invited. “We can send up to three players as a team in any of four divisions,” reports AGA President Allab Abramson. The divisions are High Dan (3-4 Dan); Low Dan (1-2 Dan); High Kyu (1-4 Kyu); and Low Kyu (5-8 Kyu). “Young players who wish to attend this fun tournament should have their parents contact me before December 2.” Email Abramson at

WESTERN KOREAN-STYLE INSEI LEAGUES ON KGS: Teachers and top European players Aleksander Dinerchtein 3P and Ilya Shiksin 7d (right) hope to launch Korean-style insei leagues on KGS early next year. Leagues would consist of ten players who would play a maximum of 44 games, including four with each teacher, for a monthly fee of $95 US. Group winners would collect $200 and participants would receive reduced rates for game reviews. The project will proceed if at least 3 leagues can be fully filled. The minimum level to enter is 9k KGS.
- Peter Dijkema

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EUROPEAN GO NEWS: Trippel Takes Winterthur; Marigo Masters Italian Open; Krämer German Youth Champ; Ulster Sweeps Munster To Reach Irish Interprovincial Finals; Metta Sweeps Lucca; French Youth Congress And Hikaru Cup

Monday November 16, 2009

TRIPPEL TAKES WINTERTHUR: Lorenz Trippel of Zurich was undefeated in the one-day fast-play Swiss Winterthur tourney on November 14, ahead of Mark Wirdnam and Lisa Tao. Click here for results and photos.
- Peter Dijkema, after a report on

MARIGO MASTERS ITALIAN OPEN: Francesco Marigo 4d of Milan swept the 30th Italian Open (photo) field of 52 in Bologna, November 7-8. Only Massimiliano Spallanzi 12k from Modenaalso won all five rounds. Click here for results and photos.
- Peter Dijkema

KRÄMER GERMAN YOUTH CHAMP: Bonn’s Lukas Krämer 4d won the German Youth — Deutsche Jugendmeister — title in Hamburg on November 7-8. The event was hosted at the 27th “Rahlstedter Tengen,” which attracted over a hundred players to three different tourneys. In the traditional ‘Tengen’ events, Lutz Franke won Group One of 44 players on SOS ahead of Lu Ji and Stefan Kaitschick (also of Hamburg), while Björn Hölscher swept Group Two 7-0, topping a field of 50.
- Peter Dijkema

ULSTER SWEEPS MUNSTER TO REACH IRISH INTERPROVINCIAL FINALS: Ulster beat Munster on all three boards on November 13 in the Irish Go Association‘s new online interprovincial competition . This puts them through to the final, where they will play the winner of the Leinster – Connacht match. “The better team won” said Munster Team Captain Rory Wales. “It was a good hard match, and we’re just pleased to have got through it” responded Ulster Team Captain James Hutchinson. Munster clearly missed Cao Tong Yu 4d and Wei Wang 7d. Meanwhile, Colin MacSweeny and Michael Thai join Ian Davis and Noel Mitchell in the Top-8 tourney, which kicks off in January. The other four places will be filled from the ladder. “Intense competition can be expected for the rest of November”, according to the Irish Go Association.
- Ian Davis, Irish Correspondent, with additional reporting by Peter Dijkema

METTA SWEEPS LUCCA: Carlo Metta 1k of Pisa swept the Tai Kai Japan Palace tourney 5-0 in Lucca, Italy on October 31 and November 1. He finished ahead of Fausto Predieri (2nd) and Pasquale De Lucia (3rd). A week later, Metta surprised with silver at the 30th Italian Championship, as reported last week. Click here for results.
- Peter Dijkema, after a link on

FRENCH YOUTH CONGRESS AND HIKARU CUP: The French “Congres National des Jeunes” (right) – or Youth Congress — took place in a castle near Lens en Vercours in the Isereregion of the French Alps October 24-31. After four days of study with the team of teachers led by Fan Hui, students vied for the Hikaru Cups. French-American Thomas Debarre 5d once again won the top category “Lycée” while Florian Melcer won the “College” title and Mélissa Héaulme successfully defended her “Primaire” title, proving one can become a “Championne” starting simply by learning ‘atari-go.’ Héaulme’s father Alain is an active promotor of this teaching style in France. The report on the French site contains links to 5 YouTube videos.
- Peter Dijkema, after a report by Motoki Noguchi

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Hwang to Teach at Go-Ski

Monday November 16, 2009

In the latest winter go holiday event, Hwang In-seong 7d (right) will teach go ‘apres-ski’ during six nights at the traditional Go-Ski in Pragelato – host of the cross-country race during Winter Olympics of 2006 – in the Italian Alps near the French border. The event will take place between December 27 and January 2, organized by AGI, an independent Italian Go Association. Other European holiday go events include the Dutch Wintergo with Yoon Young-Sun 5P and the December 28-31 London Open where Zhang Yanqi 6d – current French Champion – is one of the favorites.
- Peter Dijkema, after an announcement on

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In Memoriam: Andrew Grant

Monday November 2, 2009

UK go author and dan player Andrew Grant died in his sleep early on the morning of October 26. “Known throughout the world as the author of ‘400 Years of Go in Japan’, Andrew was well-known for 30 years on the tournament scene as a player and organizer, both at Wanstead and more recently, the Milton Keynes Go Club,” British Go Association Vice-President Tony Atkins tells the E-Journal. Grant had been suffering from cystic fibrosis, which had worsened over the last couple of years, and was on the waiting list for a lung transplant. “He had been in hospital for several weeks before his death,” says Tim Hunt, fellow Milton Keynes Club player, “and although struggling just to breathe, he was still a formidable opponent over the go board.”

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