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2012 U.S. Go Congress Update

Friday February 10, 2012

(updated 2/10 11a) Contrary to our previously-published report, registration for the 2012 U.S. Go Congress is NOT YET open, according to Directors Paul Celmer and Peter Armenia.  Please stand by for further updates as they become available. 

The 2012 U.S. Go Congress is set for August 4-12 in Black Mountain, NC. The largest go activity in the United States, the annual Congress happens once a year and spans a full week. Events include the US Open, the largest annual go tournament in the US, professional lectures and game analysis, continuous self paired games, and all kinds of go related activities from morning to midnight. “Come for the go, come for the camaraderie of old friends, come for the relaxing mountain air,” say organizers. “Whatever your reason, we are looking forward to seeing you there!” The 2012 site now includes links to previous Congresses going back to 2006, including links to tourney results, game records and more. photo by Bob Felice


YOUR MOVE: Congress Ratings?

Tuesday August 23, 2011

“When will the ratings be updated?” wonders Andreas. “Looks like the first two rounds of the main Congress tournament are in there, but nothing after Wednesday, none of the Self-Paired.”
In general, tournaments are rated within a week of our receiving the tournament results report from the tournament director.  From time to time there are delays as we have to clarify some of the results with the tournament directors…its very easy to transpose a number in a players AGA ID, for instance.  Please rest assured that we will rate the tournaments as quickly as possible.
– Jonathan M Bresler, AGA Ratings Coordinator
photo: at the 2011 U.S. Open in Santa Barbara, CA; photo by Chris Garlock

U.S. Go Congress EJ Team Recognition

Monday August 15, 2011

As this year’s U.S. Go Congress drew to a close, someone suggested to me that perhaps the E-Journal team is doing our job a bit too well and that some folks are staying home from the Congress because our coverage provides such a great experience of this annual event. Though I don’t think that’s the case – the coverage seems to inspire even more folks to want to be there in person — I took this as high praise for our extensive Congress coverage, which is only possible through the dedication, commitment and hard work of the entire EJ team.

This year we broadcast top-board games from five major events, including the North American Masters, the brand-new Strong Player’s Open, the U.S. Open, the Redmond Cup Senior and Junior Divisions and the North American Pair Go Tournament.

All told, we broadcast and posted 54 top-board game records, 23 pro game reviews, as well as reports and photos from a number of other Congress events. Click here for all the crosstabs and game commentaries and all the news and photos.

We’re fortunate to have an experienced crew as the core of the EJ Congress team, starting with EJ Congress Team Assistant Manager Todd Heidenreich (who did double-duty as Pair Go TD) and IT Manager/Beverage Wrangler Steve Colburn, who keep our recording team well-supplied and running smoothly no matter what the crisis of the day might be.

The always stylish KGS Admin Akane Negishi – who provided key pro relation support — was joined on-site by Greg Wright and was backed up by the usual crew of ever-helpful KGS admins, including Matthew Heymering, Mef, and FlameBlade, with Bill Shubert’s support.

Chris Burg, Richard Dolen and Dennis Wheeler anchored the recording/broadcasting teams for both the U.S. Open each morning and the North American Masters each night; Chris is the master of play-by-play reporting, Richard has been playing longer than the rest of the team combined and Dennis is the unflappable zen master of the team.

Our other game recorders/broadcasters included Gordon Castanza, Calvin Clark, Jim Hlavka, John Mangual, Peter Martin, Michael Scudder, Daniel Short, Solomon Smilack (who also helped with some of the pro game commentaries this year), Phil Straus & Marc Willerth. Todd Blatt was once again our Simulcast Broadcaster for the nightly NAMT pro game commentaries and this year launched the “ToddCam” which provided some unusually-entertaining views of the top boards.

Brian Allen and Phil Straus were our photographers this year, and deserve special recognition and appreciation for matching this year’s gorgeous location with such wonderful images of the Congress.

EJ Youth Editor Paul Barchilon once again did our youth reporting and youth game recording/broadcast coordination and Roy Laird was our roving reporter.

There are lots of prizes given out each year at the Congress, but as far as we’re concerned, none are as well-earned as the distinctive black EJ caps awarded to the hardest-working folks there: Congress Directors Lisa Scott and Andrew Jackson (in photo at left), and U.S. Open/NAMT/Strong Player’s Open Tournament Directors Karoline Burrall and Mike Malveaux, who were ably assisted by Todd Blatt, Jasmine Yan & Jesy Feliccia.

Finally, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the professional go players who took the time to provide us with such great live game commentaries: Michael Redmond 9P, Seo Neong-Wook 9P, Wang Qun 8P, Mingjiu Jiang 7P, Maeda Ryo 6P, Hajin Lee 3P, Jennie Shen 2P, and Li Ting 1P.

It was a real joy and pleasure to work with such an accomplished team, and I’m hugely proud of how each member of the team helped bring the U.S. Congress – American go’s biggest and brightest event of the year — to thousands of go fans around the world.

I’m already looking forward to next year in North Carolina!

- Chris Garlock, EJ Congress Team Managing Editor

top photo by Phil Straus/Brian Allen; bottom photo by Phil Straus

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Appreciation for AGA Lifetime Members

Wednesday August 10, 2011

American Go Association Board Chairman Andy Okun and None Redmond hosted lifetime AGA members at a special appreciation luncheon on Tuesday, August 2 at a restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA. “Our thanks to these generous visionaries who are thinking many moves into the future,” Okun said.
Top row (left to right): Andy Okun/Mike Lash, Darrell Malick, Mark Fraser, Steffen Kurz/Lee Anne Bowie,  Haskell Small, Cynthia Gaty
Bottom row (l-r): Yoko Ohashi/group shot, None Redmond, Terry Benson, Phil Straus/Eric Jankowski
- photos by Phil Straus (except Straus by Brian Allen); collage by Chris Garlock

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Brian’s Photos: Selected 2011 U.S. Go Congress Awards

Tuesday August 9, 2011










Above left: Youth All Stars Tournament Award, with TD Paul Barchilon cheering them on
Top right: Korean Baduk Association Award Winners, 1 Dan to 6 Dan
Bottom right: Korean Baduk Association Award winner, 2 Dan
photos by Brian Allen

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Yongfe Ge Wins U.S. Open; Mingming Yin Wins Strong Players Open

Monday August 8, 2011

Yongfei Ge 7d (left) won the 2011 U.S. Open, edging out ZhaoNian Chen 7d and ZiYang Hu 7d, who were also 5-1. Ge – who defeated pros ZiYang Hu 1P and Mingming Yin 1P (right) — collected $2,000 for the title while Chen won $1,000 and Hu $500. Yin, who came in fourth in the Open, won the Strong Player Open, winning $500, with Gangshen Shi in second ($400) and Cathy Li third ($300). Other top winners in the U.S. Open were Mengchen Zhang (5th) and Tianyu (Bill) Lin (6th); other top winners in the Strong Player’s Open were Tianyu Lin (fourth) and Hugh Zhang (5th).

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Brian’s Go Photos: Memories of the Santa Barbara Go Congress

Monday August 8, 2011

After 9 months of cool cloudy weather in Seattle, this photographer greatly enjoyed the clear skies and mild temperatures of the Santa Barbara Go Congress.  People were playing go everywhere, and a trip to the nearby beaches was always refreshing.  -report/photo by Brian Allen

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Getting Frank with MingJiu Jiang 7P

Saturday August 6, 2011

MingJiu Jiang 7P was in good form on Friday afternoon at the U.S. Go Congress with spirited and frank game analysis for players 5k – 3d.  Some excerpts:

“Black played here?”


“Are you black?”


“Good!  That’s a very slow move!”


“Ey!!  You didn’t block?  Are you sure?”

“Ooh!  New joseki again!”

“Cut?? (Only) if you want to die!

- report/photo by Brian Allen

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Redmond Plays Redmond

Saturday August 6, 2011

Michael Redmond 9P treated the winners of his namesake tournament to a special simultaneous game at the US Go Congress Friday August 5th.  The six players were current Redmond Cup champions Aaron Ye 4d, age 9, Calvin Sun 7d, age 14; last year’s winners:  Redmond Meijin Curtis Tang 7d, age 18, and Oliver Wolf 3d, age 12; and current runners-up Gansheng Shi 7d, age 17, and Sammy Zhang 4d, age 11.  It was the Junior Division that scored points though, with both Ye and Wolf notching wins against Redmond, at 4 stones, while all of the Senior contestants lost! – Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.  Photo:  Nine-year-old Aaron Ye 4d (l) forces Michael Redmond 9P to take heed.or : Former Redmond Junior Champion Oliver Wolf 4d, age 12,  gives Michael Redmond 9P cause to reflect.
- report/photos by Paul Barchilon

NEW IN PRINT: Roy Laird Visits the Congress Go Vendors

Saturday August 6, 2011

Dazed and exhausted, I rose from my three-hour slugfest in Round 5 of the US Open Friday with an opponent who had traveled all the way from Japan to torment me with moves I had never seen before. As I left the playing area, I knew what I needed – more go books! Luckily, the annual Go Congress features a roomful of go books, equipment and more. The trick is know where it is. As I left the playing area, I happened to look up, and caught a glimpse of a sign in a second floor window – “vendors here.” Twenty-three steps up and two rights later, voila – the promised land. Near the door, T. Mark Hall (right) was camped out with his perennial GoGod stall. The ultimate compendium of games, articles and miscellany continues to grow; it’s hard to believe it still fits on one disc. Further inside, I found Bill Cobb (bottom) and Sidney and Katherine Yuan (left), offering tables full of wares from Slate and Shell and Yutopian – which generously donated the board for the NAMT top-board final — respectively. This year’s crop of new titles is fewer in quantity than last year, but very nice indeed in quality, and I left with four more books to begin improving my game for next year’s Congress in North Carolina – two Fairbairns, a super-sized Yuan Zhou survey of top player styles, and the seventh volume in Kiseido’s Mastering the Basics series, Invading and Reducing Moyos. I also skipped a few titles, finally abandoning my effort to maintain a complete collection of all non-beginner titles in English. I’ll tell you why in my next report.
- Roy Laird; photos by Steve Colburn, collage by Chris Garlock

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