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EuroGoTV Updates: October 26-November 13

Sunday November 18, 2012

Three Peaks 2012 (11/13): The Three Peaks, played from 11/10-11 in Lake District, United Kingdom, was won by Matthew Cock 5d, in second was Andrew Simons 3d and third was Richard Hunter 3d… Kani 6 2012 (11/13): The Kani 6 (Rabbity Six), played in Tampere, Finland, on 11/10-11 was won by Juuso Nyyssonen 4d (r), in second was Oiva Moisio 3d and third was Juri Kuronen 5d… November Tournament (11/12): The 17th November Tournament, played in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on 11/10-11 was won by Lukas Podpera 5d, in second was Pavol Lisy 6d and third was Jan Simara 6d… Il Gladiatore (11/12): The Il Gladiatore, played in Rome, Italy, on 11/10-11 was won by Alessandro Pace 2d, in second came Andrea Mori 3k and third was Andriy Zakharzhevskyy 2d… Rahlstedter Tengen 2012 B (11/12): The Rahlstedter Tengen B, in Hamburg, Germany, on 11/10-11 was won by Manuel Jacobsen 6k, in second was Veronika Lyssenko 7k and third was Patrick Brunner 6k… Rahlstedter Tengen A (11/12): The Rahlstedter Tengen A, played in Hamburg, Germany, on 11/10-11 was won by Ji Lu 4d, in second was Bernd Lewerenz 3d and third was Yang Liu 4d (photo Michael Steffensen 8k, 14th)… Winterhurer Herbst- / Samstagsturnier (11/12): The Winterthurer Herbst- / Samstagsturnier, played in Winterthur, Switzerland, on 10/11 was won by Jonas Jermann 3d, in second was Ciaran Pearson 3d and third was Rick Wertenbroek 2k… Deutsche Go-Einzelmeisterschaft (11/12): The Deutsche Go-Einzelmeisterschaft, played in Hamburd, Germany, on 11/08-11 was won by Franz-Josef Dickhut 6d (r), in second was Johannes Obenaus 5d and third was Jun Tarumi 5d… Autumn Tournament (11/09): The Autumn Tournament, played in Kosice, Slovakia, on 10/27-28 was won by Adrian Lacko 12k, in second was Michal Kralik 5k and third was Zuzana Kralikova 11k… 5th Nam-Ban Cup (11/09): The 5th Nam-Ban Cup, played in Madrid, Spain, on 10/26-27 was won by Kiichi Matsumoto 1k, in second was Fernando Holgado 3k and third was Diego Alonso 2k.
- excerpted from EuroGoTV, which includes complete winner reports, crosstabs and photos. Edited by Taylor Litteral

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EuroGoTV Updates: October 13-November 7

Saturday November 10, 2012

Trofeo Milano (11/07): The Trofeo Milano, played in Milano, Italy on 11/03 was won by Paolo Montrasio 1k; in second place was Gionata Soletti 4k and in third was Stefano Cavalieri 5K… Cluji Romanian Cup semifinal (11/06): The Romanian Cup Semifinal, played 11/3-4 in Cluji, Romania, was won by George Ganguta 1d, second was George Ghetu 3d and third was Sergiu Burzo 2d… The Austrian open 2012 (11/05): The Austrian Open 2012, played on 11/03 in Vienna, Austria, was won by Viktor Lin 5d (right), in second was Ondrej Silt 6d and third was Pavol Lisy 6d… Japanischer Generalkonsul-Pokal (11/05): The Japanischer Generalkonsul-Pokal, played 11/3-4 in Duesseldorf, Germay, was won by Franz-Josef Dickhut 6d, in second was Matthias Terwey 4d and in third was Bernd Radmacher 4d… Odense November 2012 (11/05): The Odense November 2012, played 11/03 in Odense, Denmark, was won by Kjeld Petersen 2k, in second was Ari Hietanen 1k and third was John Nielsen 6k… Berlin Go week 2012: Berlin Go week 2012 (left), held in Berlin Germany, 11/16-8; noted participants will include In-Seong Hwang 8d, Zou Jin 6d and Ondrej Silt 6d who will be playing it out for a first place prize of 1000 Euro… Goeteborg Open 2012 (11/01): Goeteborg Open 2012, played on 10/27-28 in Goeteborg, Sweden, was won by Antti Tormanen 6d (right, middle), in second Jannik Rasmussen 4d and third was Charlie Aakerblom 4d… The Oulun Syksy 2012 (11/01): The Oulun Syksy 2012, played on 10/27-28 in Oulu, Finland, was won by Janne Kosso 4d, in second Ville Ainali 4d and third was Mikko Nevala 4d… The Romanian Cup Preliminaries 1/2 CSRB (11/01): The Romanian Cup Preliminaries 1/2 CSRB, played on 10/27-28 in Bucuresti, Romania, was won by Sergiu Dan Iugulescus 2d, in second was Valentin Popa 2d and third was Alexandru Filippi 4k… Cluj- October club tournament 2012 (10/30): The Cluj- October club tournament, played on 10/31 in Cluj, Romania, was won by Mihai 18k, in second was Anadu Gherghel 19k and third was Horatiu Radulescu 20k… Wessex 2012 (10/30): The Wessex, played on 10/28 in Bath, United Kingdom, was won by Richard Hunter 3d, in second was Paul Christies 2d and third was Sandy Taylor 2d… 32 Turnieju VILO 2012 (10/30): The 32 Turnieji VILO, played 10/27 in Bydgoszcz, Poland, was won by Maksym Walaszewski 4k, in second was Szymon Tadrzak 8k and third was Krzysztof Przysada 12k… Indis (Inter-District Tournament) (10/30): The Indis, played on 10/13 to 10/28 in Amstelveen, Netherlands, was won by Michiel Tel 4d (left, bottom), in second was Andread Drost 4d and third was Siu Hong Chung 3d… Gosente Mini Handicap Tournament (10/29): Gosente Mini Handicap Tournament, played on 10/28 in Riga, Latvia, was won by Ingars Ribners 14k, in Second was Martins Livens 4k and third was Natalia Nikulina 13k… Mannheimer Aji 2012 (10/29): The Mannheimer Aji 2012, played 10/27 to 10/28 in Mannheim, Germany, was won by Matthias Terwey 4d (right, bottom), Anton Grzeschniok 3d and third was Hai Lin 4d… Irish Ladder, October (10/29): Irish Ladder, October played 10/17 to 10/27 in Various, Republic of Ireland, was won by Rory Wales 2k, in second was John Gibson 3k and third was Eoghan Barrry 3k… 459th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament (10/28): The 459th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament, played on 10/27 in Velika Gorica, Croatia, was won by Robert Jovicic 2k, in second was Marko Ugarcina 6k and third was Mladen Smud 1k… 38. Leipziger Bergmannsturnier (Gruppe B) (10/28): The 38. Leipziger Bergmannsturnier, played 10/13-14 in Leipzig, Germany, was won by Paul Gruenler 15k, in second was Gunnar Wurl 10k and third was Tony Ritter 18k… 38. Bergmannturnier (Gruppe A) (10/28): The 38. Bergmannturnier (Gruppe A) played 10/13-14 in Leipzig, Germany, was won by Jens Henker 4d, in second was Stephan Thober 2d and third was David Diering 3d.
- excerpted from EuroGoTV, which includes complete winner reports, crosstabs and photos. Edited by Taylor Litteral

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World Student Oza Registration Open

Monday October 29, 2012

The 11th World Students Go Oza Championship will be held in Tokyo,  from Feb 25 to March 1, 2013. Preliminary rounds will be held on the Pandanet IGS Go Server, and 16 students will be selected to proceed to the championship in Tokyo.  Details are on the website for the event.  “University/College students under the age of 30 can participate in the preliminary rounds,” says Makoto Moriwaki from Pandanet,  “we would like as many students as possible to participate in the internet tournament.”  The application deadline is Nov 25th, any questions can be directed to  The entry form is here.  -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.  Photo courtesy of Student Oza website.


NoVA Pumpkin Classic; Debarre’s 3rd French; Best School for Inseis?; Go & Strategy Club; Berlin Tourney; More Than Just a Game?

Monday October 22, 2012

NoVA Pumpkin Classic Reminder: Register at by 10P October 25 for the annual Pumpkin Classic in Arlington, VA. More details on the AGA-rated four-round tournament on the website.


Debarre Wins 3rd French Championship: Thomas Debarre 6d won his third French Championship title recently in Lyon, defeating Tanguy le Calve in the final. Here’s the game.
- Alain Cano

What’s The Best School for Inseis? Joy Craft wonders “what is the best school in the world for students who want to become pros?” Her son has been to a program in China and is looking into one in Korea and she’s curious what EJ readers would recommend. Email your suggestions to us at journal@usgo,org

Go and Strategy Club: Social thinker, venture investor and founder of the Russian School for Strategic Branding Efim Ostrovskiy runs the graphically striking Go and Strategy Club website, which has some interesting perspectives on the history of the game.

Berlin “Go to Innovation” Tourney: If you’re planning to be in Berlin next month, check out the 5th “Go to Innovation” tournament there, scheduled for November 16-18. The 8-round event has over 2,000 Euros in prizes.

More Than Just a Game? Saying that go is fundamentally a recreational board game like chess, the Washington State Department of Revenue Board of Tax Appeals recently denied the Seattle Go Center’s request for an exemption from local property taxes. The SGC had argued that go enhances the “functioning of individuals in society” and promoted cross-cultural understanding and tolerance, as required by state law governing such exemptions. “I guess someone who is clueless enough to think of chess as fundamentally a recreational board game is not going to appreciate the depth of Go,” said Forbes contributor Peter J Reilly in his fascinating column “Go Is More Than A Game Despite What State of Washington Thinks,” which quotes Thore Graepel, a Principal Researcher for Microsoft as saying that “Go is a great game that develops intellect and character.”



Jan Simara 5D Wins Brno Euro Go Cup; Vanessa Wong 5D Wins Euro Women’s Championship

Monday September 17, 2012

Jan Simara 6D (CZ) won the European Go Cup Brno 2012 held September 7-9 in Brno, Czech Republic. Vanessa Wong  5D (UK) won the European Women’s Go Championship, held in Brno the same weekend. Other top winners in the European Cup were Pal Balogh 6D (HU) in second place and Lisy Pavol 6D (SK) in third; click here for full results. Other top winners in the Women’s Championship were Rita Pocsai 5D (HU) in second and Natalia Kovaleva 4D (RU) in third; click here for full results and here for a photo album.
- reported by Martin Kovařík

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30 Countries to Compete in Pandanet Go European Team Championship

Thursday September 13, 2012

Thirty European countries are fielding teams in the third Pandanet Go European Team Championship (PGETC). The PGETC is a traditional European Go Federation-style tournament in which national teams play in a league system on the Pandanet-IGS server in the EuropeanTeamChamp room. Teams are made up of up to 12 players, with four selected to play in each round. The teams are divided into three leagues and there will be nine rounds, beginning September 18. The top four teams will play in finals at the 57th European Go Congress in Olsztynin July 2013. Pandanet is currently organizing a similar AGA City League (AGA Announces New Pandanet-AGA City League 8/3 EJ) and is looking for players in cities to participate: email if you’re interested.


Soo, Ganeva, and Ye Top Children’s Art Contest

Monday August 27, 2012

The second International Children’s Go Art Painting Contest received almost seventy entries,  submitting countries included Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Argentina, Mexico and the United States.  The artwork was displayed at the US Go Congress in North Carolina, in the main playing area where everyone could enjoy it.  Chen Yew Soo of Penang, Malaysia, took top honors in the 5-8 year old division; Elitica Ganeva, of Sofia, Bulgaria, won in the 9-12 year old bracket, and  April Ye, of the US won in the 13-16 year old bracket.  Ye is a repeat winner, having taken top honors las year in the 9-12 year old bracket, she  also received an honorable mention for the second piece she submitted this year.  Younger sister of US Jr. Go Champion Aaron Ye 5d, April is proving to be 5 dan when it comes to art. Both of  her entries this year sold at auction at the Go Congress.  Proceeds from the sale were shared with the kids who made the art, with a portion being retained to help cover expenses for the event.  All of the winning entries will receive a magnetic Go board, courtesy of Yellow Mountain Imports, and in Europe by   The competition was organized by the Comunidad Mexicana de Go Infantil y Juvenal.  Full results, including the top 20 pieces, can be seen online here. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.  Photo: 2nd place winner, Category B: Go, by Shaheer Hassan Khan, of Lahore, Pakistan.

Jan Simara Surprise Winner at Euro Championship; The Red Dress Tesuji; U.S. Women’s Tournament Crosstab

Sunday August 26, 2012

Jan Simara Surprise Winner at Euro Championship: Jan Simara 6D was the surprise winner of this year’s European Championship title when he won the deciding game against Ilya Shikshin (click here for the game) at the recent European Go Congress. Simara lives in Zlin in the Czech Republic and just finished university, where he majored in teaching IT. He learned go in chess camp when he was 14 – he’d been playing chess since the age of six — and about two years later quit chess and started to play go. “I studied seriously only once about six years ago for an year when I was about 1-dan,” Simara said, “Mostly reading the Shusaku book Invincible. otherwise I sometimes replay top pro games and do tsumego when I’m in a train going to a tournament.” In an interview with EuroGoTV, Simara’s advice for new players was “Play mainly for joy, never be stressed about results.” Click here for pairings and game records. Final standings for the 2012 European Championship: 1st: Jan Simara; 2nd: Ilya Shikshin; 3rd: Pavol Lisy; 4th: Thomas Debarre; 5th: Ondrej Silt; 6th: Antti Tormanen; 7th: Mateusz Surma; 8th: Gheorghe Cornel Burzo.
- Alain Cano, special European correspondent for the E-Journal; photo by Olivier Dulac

The Red Dress Tesuji: A very stylish and hip 60-second video promoting the upcoming European Women’s Go Championship has been released. The Women’s Go Championship and a side tournament are being organized as part of the 2012 European Go Cup Brno, which is being held September 7-9 in Brno, South Moravia in the Czech Republic.

U.S. Women’s Tournament Crosstab: Tournament Director Lisa Scott has just sent in the crosstab for the recent Women’s Tournament at the U.S. Open, which was won by Kelsey Dyer 1D.


Simara, Debarre, Lisy and Shikshin in EC Championship Final 4

Friday August 3, 2012

The European Championships are down to their Final 4. In the latest sound, Simara (top left) defeated Burzo, Debarre (top right) won against Tormanen, Lisy (bottom left) beat Silt in a surprise upset, as Silt was favored to go to the final, and Shikshin (bottom right) won against Surma by 1.5 points after a very close game in which many strong onlookers had counted Surma ahead (game records are posted on the eurogotv1 account on KGS). Click here for latest results.
- Alain Cano, special European correspondent for the E-Journal; photos by Olivier Dulac


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Down to Final 8 for European Championship

Wednesday August 1, 2012

The knock-out rounds for the European Championship begin Thursday at the European Go Congress in Bonn, Germany. The eight players who have qualified for the quarters are Shikshin (Russia), Silt (Czech Republic), Burzo (Romania), Debarre (France), Tormanen (Finland), Surma (Poland), Simara (Czech Republic) and Lisy (Slovakia). Click here for latest EGC news, including top board games. Russia has won the European Pandanet team tournament, defeating the Czech Republic, Ukraine and France.
- Alain Cano, special European correspondent for the E-Journal

Collage: Lisy (top left), Tormanen (top right), Samara (right, second from top), Burzo (right, third from top), Shikshin (bottom right), Silt (bottom left), Debarre (left, second from bottom), Surma (left, second from top); photos by Olivier Dulac, collage by Chris Garlock

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