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Aylanc Sweeps Cyprus Friendship Tourney

Monday March 21, 2011

Nurman Aylanc 1k (r) swept the Friendship Go Tournament in Nicosia, Cyprus with perfect score. Dimitris Regginos 1d was second, and Argyris Fellas 2k third in the event, held March 19-20 at the Parnassos Strovolou Club House with a field of 9. Before the start of the first round on Saturday, one minute of silence was observed, in memory of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
- report/photo by Nicholas Roussos

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Tormanen & Wang Tie for First at Irish Go Congress

Tuesday March 8, 2011

The 2011 Irish Go Congress proved to be one of the biggest on record, with a total of 62 players in attendance. As with all Pandanet Tour events, it was truly a multinational event, clocking up a total of 11 different countries in play. At the top was one of Europe’s rising stars, Antti Törmänen 6d, who tied for first place with local hero Wei Wang 6d on 4 wins from 5. In joint third were Ondrej Silt 6d (l) and Pavol Lisy 5d on 3 wins. Full results. The Rapid tournament on Friday night was won by Irish President Ian Davis (at left rear, recording), in a noble effort to save the local economy. Click here for photos.
photo: Ondrej Silt 6d (l) play’s Finland’s Juri Kuronen 5d as Ian Davis records the game. photo by Tiberiu Gociu

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Dinerchtein Reports on the Russian Pair Go Championships

Monday March 7, 2011

The just-concluded 2011 Russian Pair Go Championships featured the strongest field ever, reports Alexandr Dinerchtein 3P, who also participated. “For the first time in history Svetlana Shikshina 3P (front left), took part, paired with her brother Ilya Shikshin 7D (back left) and it was quite obvious from the start that it would be too hard for other pairs to fight with the Shikshins team” and the siblings indeed swept the tournament 5-0. Dmitriy Surin 6d and Natalya Kovaleva 5d, the strongest Russian and European pair for many years straight, shared second place with Artem Dugin 5d and Aigul Nureeva 3d, from Kazan, both pairs scoring 4-1. “I like Pair Go very much,” Dinerchtein (back right) tells the E-Journal. He started playing at the Pair Go tournament in the European Go Congress in “1999 or 2000. At that time my partner was Julia Solomatina 1d from Moscow. We did quite well and even beat Saijo Masataka sensei and his 1k partner in even game.” He and Elvina Kalsberg 4d took second place in last year’s European Pair Go Championship and in this year’s Russian Pair Go Championships he partnered with Daria Koshkina (front right), a 3k from Yaroslavl who’s one of his students in Korean style Insei League on


KGS. “In the third round we played against the Shikshin-Shikshina team (see game record). To everyone’s surprise we were leading at some point in the middlegame, proving that Pair Go is enormously different from the normal game. I noticed that even the two siblings had very different plans and it was quite hard for them to understand and follow each other. Check Black moves 51-53, for example when Ilya invaded and Svetlana played on the other side of the board.” Dinerchtein says playing in the Pair Go tournament “was very exciting and I will surely take part in Pair Go tournaments again. Try it too, if you haven’t played Pair Go before. It’s fun!”

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UK TOURNAMENT REPORTS: December 28 – February 12

Saturday March 5, 2011

OXFORD TOURNAMENT: On February 12, after a two year gap, the Oxford Tournament returned, on the same day as the Cheshire, and attracted 51 players. Andrew Simons beat three London players to win the event. Others winning three games were Sue Paterson 4k, Brook Roberts 6k, Peter Harold-Barry 6k, Richard Wheeldon 9k, Julia Woewodskaya 9k, and Kieran Smith 24k.
: Also on February 12, the Cheshire tournament was rather small this year, thanks to a clash with the Manchester football derby and other factors, but much enjoyed by those who attended. In the top group Alex Rix (3D London) was the winner, beating Tony Atkins (2D Reading) in the final. In the Handicap Section, the winner, with a 4-1 record, was Matt Marsh (7k Sheffield). Going 3-2 were Brian and Kathleen Timmins (9k/14k Shrewsbury) and Reg Sayer (13k Stafford). 14 players took part.
: The postponed Edinburgh Christmas Open, which was held February 5, saw a slightly reduced turnout at 33 players.  Having earlier been presented with the 2010 Scottish Championship trophy, David Lee (2D Dundee) also triumphed on the day. Runners up with 3-1 records were Andrew Kay (4D Durham) and Matthew Scott (2D Newcastle). Also receiving prizes for 3 wins were Jenny Radcliffe (4k Durham), Eevi Korhonen (7k Tampere), Rob Payne (9k Edinburgh), Andrew Bate (10k Durham), and William Grayson (12k Edinburgh), who was 3/3 as a ghost.  The Scottish championship 2011 semi-finals were decided to be David Lee v Martha McGill and Piotr Wisthal v Glynn Forsythe.
: On January 22,  Andrew Simons 3D from Cambridge won the tie-break that separated the top players at the 56-player Maidenhead-Hitachi Tournament. Second was Tom Brand 3D from Reading and third was Nick Krempel 3D from London. Winning all three games were David Ward 2D, Baron Allday 1k, David Hall 8k, Pat Ridley 11k, and Jan Poslusny 9k from Prague. The DAGG team from Cambridge won the team prize, but nobody won the 13×13 prize.
:  On Sunday January 16, Matthew Macfadyen beat Vanessa Wong in the fourth game of the 2010 British Championship match. This put Matthew 3-1 ahead in the 5-game match. Matthew is therefore the 2010 British Champion.
: The London Open was again sponsored by Pandanet and WintonCapital Management and was held at the International Student House in London December 28-31,but attendance was a little down this year, no doubt due to the extremely cold weather and snow-related travel difficulties that immediately preceded Christmas. Luckily this had disappeared by the time the London Open started and 99 players turned up to play in this, by now traditional 4 day event, finishing on New Year’s Eve. Wang Wei 6D, who had just moved from Cork to London (but is originally from China) was thought to be the favourite for the Open being the previous year’s runner up. Indeed after four rounds only Wang Wei and Antti Tormanen 6D from Oulu in Finland were unbeaten at the top – they played in round 5; Antti won after an epic battle. Annti then won his last two games to be unbeaten and take first place. Wei Wang also won the rest of his games to end with 6 wins and take second place. Guo Juan from Amsterdam was the resident professional, providing game commentaries and lectures throughout the time, but not playing in the Open. However, she played in the Pair Go Tournament and won, partnered by Ian Davis from Belfast. Guo has also kindly provided €100 sponsorship for this year’s London Open on her audio site. Certificates are given to 5 young deserving players, each worth 20 audio lectures. The Lightning was won by Jukka Jylanki (9k Finland), who beat Andrew Kay (4D UK) in the final. The prizes were presented by Emma Watkins from Winton, with thanks extended to all those involved, especially Geoff Kaniuk and Jenny Radcliffe as main organisers, ably supported by chief referee Nick Wedd, Tony Atkins and many others. In parallel with the London Open was the Man-Machine Challenge, sponsored by the British Go Association, which ended in a comprehensive 4-0 victory for the Man – John Tromp, 2D, who went away $1000 richer courtesy of Darren Cook, who was using Many Faces of Go on his laptop. John said that he wasn’t going to repeat his bet, as he expected to probably lose in a couple of years time if the computer was going to continue improving at the current rate. He felt that the result didn’t reflect the closeness of the games. The final Go event was a casual Rengo event after the tournament proper had been closed, and before the New Year party, which was won by Frenchmen Arnaud Knippel and Michael White; they attribute their success to brand new hats worn throughout! This was Geoff Kaniuk’s last year as London Open Tournament Director, after many years of extraordinarily dedicated service and hard work. Congratulations to him on his retirement.
- as reported in the February of the British Go Association newsletter; E-Journal article edited by Jake Edge

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European Go News: Chong Han 5d Wins in Nottingham

Monday February 28, 2011

Chong Han 5d (Loughborough) won his first UK tournament by taking the 8th Nottingham with ease. Also winning three games were Roger Daniel 5k (London), Maria Tabor 6k (Nottingham), David Crabtree 9k (Chester) and Andrew Russell 12k (Birmingham). Mike Charles won the 9×9 prize and Toby Manning the quiz prize. Click here for results.
- Tony Atkins

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TYGEM Launches iPad App

Monday February 14, 2011

The Korean Go server TYGEM has just launched their English language go app for the iPad. Search for tygem on iTunes. In addition to free services on TYGEM, sources tell the E-Journal that TYGEM plans to offer go servers on an English website by March.

Bordeaux To Host ’11 Euro Go Congress

Monday December 20, 2010

Go players and wine-lovers alike are rejoicing that the 2011 European Go Congress – the 55th edition — will take place in the city of Bordeaux, France from July 23rd to August 6th. “Aside from the main tournament, the usual side tournaments will be organized, and professional players will be available to give workshops or simultaneous games,” reports main organizer Astrid Gaultier. And for those who might want to take a break from two weeks of go, Gaultier assures that “sightseeing will be organized during the days off.” Nearly 250 have already registered; click here for more info and details.

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Dundee Tops BGA League Tourney

Monday December 20, 2010

Dundee won the top division of the British Go Association’s online League Tournament’s second season, edging out the Central London Go Club (GLGC) Team A when Yohei Negi beat Yangran Zhang on December 15th. In Division 2 the Billericay Dickies took top honors, while the GLGC Team B won Division 3 and Edinburgh 3 topped Division 4. The BGA’s League Tournament was originally a team-based go league designed to be played mainly over the Internet to encourage interaction between players in different areas of the country and to encourage online play among members of the BGA. Thanks to its success, the BGA is starting up an individual league in January 2011.
- reported by John Collins

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UK TOURNAMENT REPORTS: October 17 – December 4

Monday December 20, 2010

WEST SURREY HANDICAP: December 4. Despite the snow the tournament happened, a small cosy affair with only 13 entrants and 3 power cuts. It was won by Sue Paterson with 4/4; she beat Jonathan Reece (3/4) in the final round. Also on 3 were Philippe Bourrez and Max Bourget, and on 2.5 Dawn Street. The 13*13 was won by Xinyi Lu on 9/9 wins. Pits was won by Sue Paterson and the ‘identify the birds quiz’ by Tony Atkins. After the tournament, 6 of the players had a pleasant and filling meal at a nearby curry restaurant. West Surrey Go club wishes to thank all those who made the effort to attend in the face of the all the snow.
EAST MIDLANDS: November 27. Despite overnight snow, 61 players managed to take part in the East Midlands Tournament at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Top of the list of prize winners was Jon Diamond. The list also contained Helen Harvey, Andre Cockburn, Matei Mandache, Matt Marsh, Ben Haines, Mark Wrangham, Mark Eddy and Andrew Russell. Winners of the 13×13 side competition were Aston’s Hamzah Reta and Ibraheem Mustafa.
BRITISH SMALL BOARD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Cambridge, November 21. Andrew Simons took the national Small Board Champion’s title and £50 prize at the 17-player tournament in Cambridge, winning 6 out of 8. Prizes for 5 out of 8 went to Anna Griffiths, Pauline Bailey, Steve Bailey, Langdon Truscott and Peran Truscott. There were special prizes for juniors. Top junior was Adan Mordcovich (5kyu Wanstead) winning the £20 prize and second was Roella Smith (Cambridge) winning the £10 prize.
THREE PEAKS: Grange-over-Sands, November 13-14. The Three Peaks Tournament stayed for a second time down by the sea in Grange-over-Sands. 48 players took part and Matthew Cocke topped the results list for a third time in a row. Brian Timmins was the only other player to win all 5 games. Alex Kent and Ben Riddell from Durham, and Adrian Abrahams from Lancaster won 4 games each.
COVENTRY: November 6. Matthew Macfadyen held on to his local title by winning the Coventry Tournament. Andrew Kay was second and Nick Krempel was third. Winning 3/3 were Mike Charles (1 kyu St Albans), Jack Ley (4 kyu Warwick), Ben Falconer (5 kyu Warwick), Jonathan Green (6 kyu Leamington) and James Brownrigg (9 kyu Chester). 44 took part.
WESSEX: October 31. 34 players took part in the 41st Wessex. It was won by Andrew Kay (4 dan Durham). Division 2 was won by Christian Scarff (1 dan Swindon), Division 3 by Helen Harvey (2 kyu Manchester) and Division 4 by Dick Norton (7 kyu Manchester).
SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIP: KGS, October 24. David Lee beat Matt Crosby in the 2010 Scottish Championship. The third game was played on KGS on 24th October and a win on time gave David the title 2-1.
LONDON INTERNATIONAL TEAMS (AUTUMN): October 17 Mannami Kana, 4p, helped the Nippon Club team win the Autumn London International Teams. Miss Mannami was in London to help the Nippon Club celebrate its 50th anniversary and was honoured guest at the tournament. As well as helping Mr Tanaka and Mr Nao win the event, she gave a commentary on the previous week’s British Title game two (the first of two wins for Matthew Macfadyen against Vanessa Wong). Winning the new handicap sections were the St Albans team and the South London/City team.
- as reported in the December edition of the British Go Association newsletter;
more information on upcoming UK tournaments is available here.

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Wednesday December 8, 2010

Irish Go Association President Ian Davis 1d beat clubmate James Hutchinson 1k 2-0 on November 27 in Belfast to take his third Irish Championship title. A week later, Willen-Koen Pomstra 5d (r, in red shirt) of the Netherlands won the UCC Cork tournament. The Cork tournament continues to be plagued by natural disasters. Several years ago the playing room was damaged by storm winds, and the entire city was flooded the next year. This year, record snowfall brought the entire country to a standstill. Still, nearly 30 stouthearted go players braved the storm and cold for the December 5 tournament, making it the biggest go tournament to be held in Cork. In addition to the usual Irish and British players, a whole host of nationalities turned out, including five players from the Netherlands, three from Poland, as well as Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Romanian, Zimbaween and Taiwanese players who are living locally. Pomstra snatched the Cork title from three-time winner Wei Wang 6d (l in photo), who has moved to London to study engineering. In second place for the fourth time was Cao Tong-Yu 4d, a local lecturer at the University. The best female player was Karen Pleit, also from the Netherlands. The best kyu player came from Poland, Przemyslaw Dyszczyk who scored 4 wins from 5. All agreed that Justyna Kleczar did a great job organizing her first tournament. Click here for full results; click here for photo album. photo by Rory Wales

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