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Luo Tops Boulder Go Tourney

Thursday December 20, 2012

Thirty players attended the Rocky Mtn. Winter Go Tourney, held Dec. 15 in Boulder, CO.  Ten of the players were youth, and prizes were given in three brackets.  Xian Wu Luo 2d topped the dan division with four wins, while Laurie Linz 8k was undefeated in the Single Digit Kyu Bracket, and Dave Thomas 14k won the double digit kyu bracket with three wins.  Alex Tsalyuk 26k won the newcomers section, for players in the 20-30kyu range, which included both 19×19 and 13×13 games; Tsalyuk won a free go set as his prize.  Winners Report: Dan Division: 1st place: Xian Wu Luo 2d; 2nd place: Yi Yun-Bo 6d; SDK Division: 1st place: Laurie Linz 8k, 2nd place: Kent Evenson 1k; DDK Division: 1st place: Dave Thomas 14k, 2nd place: Akrom Amanov 16k; Newcomers: 1st place Alex Tsalyuk 26k, 2nd place Jimmy Mason 30k.  The TDs were Eric Moakley and Paul Barchilon -Story and photo by Paul Barchilon E-J Youth editor.


Tournament Go Returns to New York City

Tuesday December 18, 2012

Barely a year old, the Gotham Go Club of Manhattan is hosting its first AGA-rated tournament January 12th. “The go scene when I moved here in 2011 was moribund,” says Club founder and two time Congress Director Peter Armenia. “For a city this big, diverse, talented and wealthy it was almost embarrassing.“ “People are always telling me ‘you can’t do this in NYC, or you can’t have a congress here in the city because it is too expensive,’ Armenia added. “Baloney. Both our weekly Gotham Go Group and our upcoming tournament are in venues that offer the space for free!” The 4-round tournament will be held in Hostelling International New York’s historic building (891 Amsterdam Ave between 103rd & 104th), which offers a “beautiful, clean, quiet space on New York’s Upper West Side.” The hostel offers a range of affordable options for those who need lodging for the tournament. There will be an open section for strong dan players and prizes for all sections; $30 entrance fee (AGA membership required). Click here to register or email Peter Armenia at

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Newmiller & Louderback Double Winners in Davis/Sacramento

Tuesday December 18, 2012

Jeff Newmiller 1k Allen Louderback 3k topped their divisions in the Davis/Sacramento Go Club Winter Quarterly Tournament on December 15 at the Arden-Dimick library in Sacramento. There was a field of eleven players, including two new AGA members. Newmiller (right) won the upper division, and Louderback (left) the lower, both with three wins. They were also the winners in their divisions of the annual club championship for having the most wins in the four tournaments this year.
- Willard Haynes

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Justin Ching Tops NOVA Slate and Shell Open

Tuesday December 18, 2012

The malls in Northern Virginia were a little less crowded on Saturday, December 15th, as 22 go players competed in the NOVA Slate and Shell Open for go books donated by Slate and Shell. The four-round tournament was topped by Justin Ching 3D with a 3-1 record. Other division winners were Julian Erville 3K (4-0), Dan Hiltgen 5K (2-2), Gurujeet Khulsa 6K (4-0), and Bob Crites 12K (3-1). Second place winners were Willis Huang 3D (3-1), Yukino Takehara 2k (2-2), Mohan Sud 6k (2-1), and Anderson Barreal 12K (2-0). All first and second place finishers received books.
- report/photo by Gary Smith, TD/Organizer


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2012 SportAccord World Mind Games Day 5: Choi Chulhan 9P Wins Men’s Gold, Li He 3P is Women’s Champion; Lin Chi-han 9P: The Ranka Interview

Sunday December 16, 2012

Choi Chulhan 9P Wins Men’s Gold, Li He 3P is Women’s Champion: Choi Chulhan 9P and Li He 3P are the champions of the SportAccord World Mind Games, with Choi (Korea) defeating Kang Dongwan 9P (Korea) in the Men’s Individual event and Li (China) upsetting Rui Naiwei 9P (China) in the Women’s Individual on December 16.  Click here to download Michael Redmond’s commentaries on both games.
Game Commentary: Round 7 (Men’s Individual Final): Choi-Kang
This is an all-Korean final for the 2012 SAWMG Men’s Individual title. The players are top Korean players who have confidence in their reading abilities, which are on full display in this exciting game.
Game Commentary: Round 7 (Women’s Individual Final): Choi-Kang
Rui is a strong fighter, as well as a tenacious player. She’s been at or close to the top of the women’s game for quite a while now. Li, on the other hand, is a new young player who’s recently become very prominent in women’s go.

Lin Chi-han 9P: The Ranka Interview: Chinese Taipei’s Lin Chi-han 9P – who won the third-place bronze medal at this year’s SportAccord World Mind Sports Games — started playing go when he was about six years old. “My uncle could play go, and Mother thought it would be good for me to learn,” he said. When he was about nine or ten he started taking lessons from Lin Sheng-hsian, a 7-dan pro. He became a professional in 2000; he also began studying business administration at Taiwan National University around then. “I graduated in 2004, but I had already starting winning professional tournaments and was committed to a professional career,” Lin said. “My university training may prove useful later when it comes to investing my earnings, but it has not been of any direct use to me as a go player.” When he’s not playing or teaching go, Lin is a big NBA fan. Click here for Ranka’s full interview. photo by Ivan Vigano

Game Commentary: Round 6: Missingham-Kovaleva
Women’s Individual


W: Joanne Missingham 6P (Taipei)
B: Natalia Kovaleva 5D (Russia)
Commentary: Michael Redmond 9P
Edited by Chris Garlock

I saw Kovaleva in Japan recently at the Pair Go Championships, where she and her partner were among the stronger pairs, and she did well here this week in the SportAccord World Mind Games Women’s Individual event.

In this game against Joanne Missingham 6P, Kovaleva’s attack backfires when Missingham counter-attacks with a devastating ko.


2012 SportAccord World Mind Games Day 4: Men’s & Women’s Finals Set for Sunday; Semi-Finals; Game Commentary: Round 6: Lin-Kang

Saturday December 15, 2012

Men’s & Women’s Finals Set for Sunday: The men’s final  in the 2012 SportsAccord World Mind Sports Games is an all-Korea final with Kang Dongyoon 9P against Choi Chulhan 9P, while the women’s is all-Chinese, as Li He faces Rui Naiwei in the final round, which will be played at 3p (local time) on Sunday, December 16. Watch for live broadcast on Cyberoro and Michael Redmond’s game commentary on the SAWMG Channel

Semi-Finals: Round 6 began after lunch on December 15, with the same eight players playing as in the fifth round that morning. This was the round that would decide third, fourth, and fifth places. On the top board China’s Lin Chi-han was playing Korea’s Kang Dongyoon, the winner to proceed into the men’s gold/silver medal final, the loser to take the third-place bronze medal. On the next board China’s Chen Yaoye was playing Korea’s Park Jeonghwan, the winner to finish fourth, the loser fifth. Beside them a similar fourth-fifth place playoff was set up in the women’s division, Chinese Taipei’s Joanne Missingham playing Russia’s Natalia Kovaleva. On the last board, China’s Rui Naiwei faced Korea’s Choi Jeong in the women’s medal battle. Michael Redmond gave the players their starting instructions before heading to the YouTube broadcast booth to comment on the Kang-Lin game. In other World Mind Games news, the day ended with medals for the Open and Women’s Bridge Team and Women and Men Chess Blitz competitions; details on the SAWMG siteClick here for Ranka’s full report, which includes Round 6 results. photo by Ivan Vigano

Game Commentary: Round 6: Lin-Kang

December 15, 2012


W: Chi-Han Lin 9P (Chinese Taipei)
B: Dongyoon Kang (Korea)
Commentary: Michael Redmond 9P
Edited by Chris Garlock

The winner of this game goes to the final, against Choi Chulhan 9P, with the 2012 SportAccord World Mind Games title and $100,000 on the line.

2012 SportAccord World Mind Games Day 3: Round 4: Final Knockouts; Interview with Bill Lin; Game Commentary: Round 4: Park-Missingham

Saturday December 15, 2012

Round 4: Final Knockouts
After lunch on Friday, December 14, the players began to head for the playing room for the final games of the main men’s and women’s knockouts and six games in the repechage (loser’s) sections.The playing room was set up with the women’s games in the front row and the men’s games in back. The television cameras were trained on the game between Korea’s Park Jieun and Chinese Taipei’s Joanne Missingham in the women’s repechage. In the TV commentator’s booth just outside the playing room, Michael Redmond 9P (at left in photo) and American Go E-Journal Managing Editor — and IGS SAWMG Media Officer — Chris Garlock (right)  were giving a live commentary — available on the SAWMG Channel — on this game for a worldwide audience on 54 platforms in countries from Afghanistan on down. The two players obliged them by playing at a brisk pace in the opening.For the second straight day China’s unbeaten Chen Yaoye found himself facing a Korean opponent. Today it was Choi Chulhan, also unbeaten in the World Mind Games. Click here for Ranka’s full report, which includes Round 4 results. photo by Ivan Vigano

Interview with Bill Lin: Canada’s Bill (Tianyu) Lin was one of the first four players to be eliminated, losing to China’s Jiang Weijie in round 1 and Chinese Taipei’s Lin Chun-yen in round 2. Lin was born in Ningbo, a city south of Shanghai and his family emigrated to Vancouver when he was ten. “My father had been crazy about go in his university days, and there was a go board in the house,” Lin says. “I became very interested in playing five-in-a-row, and then I started playing go. An amateur 5-dan named Fan Jiunling had a go school that I attended twice a week for four and a half years until we emigrated. By then I was an amateur 3 dan in China.” Click here to read James Davies’ complete interview on Ranka. photo: Bill Lin (right) playing against Jiang Weijie; photo by Ivan Vigano

Game Commentary: Round 4: Park-Missingham


December 14, 2012
W: Jieun PARK 9P (Korea)
B: Joanne MISSINGHAM 6P (Chinese Taipei)
Commentary by Michael Redmond 9P
Edited by Chris Garlock

This is a critical game because whoever loses will be knocked out; this is a double-elimination tournament and both players have one loss.

Joanne Missingham, born in Australia,lived in California for a few years and now represents Taipei; she’s also the official Go Ambassador at the SAWMG.

Park Jieun was one of the first Korean female players to really challenge Rui Naiwei when Rui was playing in Korea. So she’s been one of the top Korean players for quite a while now, and she’d be favored to win this match.

New Go Server Launches With 10 Top Pros in $100,000 Invitational

Saturday December 15, 2012

A brand new go server — — is launching with a bang, with ten of the world’s top professionals set to play for $100,000 in prizes in the World Go League Invitational. Also, in order to encourage the American Go Association’s new pro system, Lee Sedol will play a ten-game series against the two new U.S. professionals, Andy Liu and Gansheng Shi.

The new browser-based online go platform “aims to bring global go enthusiasts of all skill levels together,” Michael Simon tells the E-Journal. Simon is CFO and Head of English Activities for 82 Limited, an online game company based in Hong Kong and San Francisco that’s operating the new server, which is set to launch its beta version on Sunday, December 16 (at 00:01 PST, 03:01 EST).

“I’m sure a lot of American players and enthusiasts are going to be excited to watch this series,” says American Go Association President Andy Okun, “I know I am.  We’re very grateful to go9dan and Lee Sedol for arranging such a cool contest.”

The league will run from the end of January to April, and includes Lee Sedol, Lee Changho, Kong Jie, Xie He, Chen Yaoye, Park Junghwan, Kim Jisuk, Park Younghoon and Shi Yue.  The 10-game series between Lee Sedol and the new American professionals will run one game per week beginning in January; if the U.S. team is at black or better at the end of the series, they will win $1,000 apiece.

The new server’s features include the ability to observe and play multiple games, a teaching game auction, rated and unrated tournaments, and the opportunity to play against professional world go champions. There will be no need to download a client in order to play, and no limit to the number of players allowed on the server.

Beta launch will be in English and Korean on December 16, with full launch in Chinese and Japanese added on January 20. Members who sign up early will be eligible for events and promotions, including free memberships and virtual currency.

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KBA to Award Certificates at N.A. Go Convention

Saturday December 15, 2012

Top finishers at the upcoming North American Go Convention will earn Korean Baduk Association (KBA) certificates signed by Lee Chang-ho 9P and Cho Hunhyun 9P, which come with a handy wallet-sized KBA rank card. Myungwan Kim 9P has arranged for the certificates in coordination with the KBA.

The N.A. Go Convention Feb. 8-17, 2013 takes place in both Parsippany NJ and Washington DC and will have nine open divisions ranging from 20+k to 6+d. The Convention also features a Blitz Go and Pair Go tournaments. Three professional players will play simul games and give lectures and game reviews. Click here to see the full schedule of the 9-day convention and to register. Pre-register by 12/25/2012; rates will rise 10% after Christmas, and 20% after 1/15/2013.
Photo: Myungwan Kim 9P with the KBA 1-dan certificate awarded to Donald Allison at the 1st Young Kwon National Online Tournament.


EuroGoTV: December 13

Friday December 14, 2012

Go Baron Title Match 2012: The Go Baron Title Match, played from 12/07-09 in Praha, Czech Republic, was won by Ondrej Silt 6d and second was Jan Hora 6d… Finale XXXIII Campionato Italiano 2012: The Finale XXXIII Campionato Italiano, played 12/08 in Firenze, Italy, was won by Francesco Marigo 4d and in second was Carlo Metta 3d (left)Edinburgh Christmas 2012: The Edinburgh Christmas, played on 12/08 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, was won by David Lee 3d, second was Andrew Simons 3d and third was Piotr Wisthal 1d… Swiss Winter Go Camp League 2012: The Swiss Winter Go Camp League 2012, played from 12/06-09 in Montbovon, Switzerland, was won by Oriol Ardevol 2k, second was Albert Ardevol 1k and third was Semi Lee 3d… Final Campeonato Espana 2012: The Final Campeonato Espana, played from 12/06-09 in Barcelona, Spain, was won by Oscar Anguila 4d, second was Albert Sanchez 2d and in third was Pau Carles 3d… Braunschweiger NiKo-Turnier 2012: The Braunschweiger NiKo-Turnier, played from 12/08-09 in Braunschweig, Germany, was won by Matlon Welter 4d, second was Jonas Welticke 4d and third was Bernd Sambale 2d… Campionatul National de GO Tineret 2012 (under 25): The Campionatul National de GO Tineret 2012 (under 25), played from 12/08-09 in Cluj, Romania, was won by Mihai Valentin Serban 5d (right), second was Laura Avram 2d and third was Darius Dobranis 2k… Cluj- City Championship 2012: The Cluj- City Championship 2012, played from 12/08-09 in Cluj, Romania, was won by Sergiu Burzo 2d, second was George Ghetu 3d and third was Adrian Nedan 3k… Austrian Female Championship 2012: The Austrian Female Championship, played on 12/08 in Wien, Austria, was won by Katrin Unger 5k, second was Chuandi Zhou 7k and third was Lisa Mayer 10k… Berliner Nikolaus-Turnier 2012: The Berliner Nikolaus-Turnier, played on 12/08 in Berlin, Germany, was won by Young-Sik Choi 2d, second was Robert Gurisch 1k and third was Kari Koehler 5k (photo: Ulrike Schmidt, 6th place)… 3 Turniej Dyrektora IVLO 2012: The 3 Turniej Dyrektora IVLO, played 12/08 in Bydgoszcz, Poland, was won by Piotr Walczak 8k, second was Piotr Chojnacki 12k and third was Dawid Libront 8k… David 2012: The David 2012, played from 12/08-09 in Firenze, Italy, was won by Alessandro Pace 2d, second was Aberto Zingoni 2k and third was Angelo Grazzini 5k… 6th Nam-Ban Cup 2012: The 6th Nam-Ban Cup 2012, played from 11/30-12/01 in Madrid, Spain, was won by Kiichi Matsumoto 1k, second was Fernando Holgado 3k and third was Antonio Sanmartin 9k… PromoGo Children`s Handicap 2012: The PromoGo Children`s Handicap, played on 12/08 in Praha, Czech Republic, was won by Dusan Jansky 14k, second was Dita Vasovas 15k and third was Jan Praus 16k… Romanian Cup Final side open Sc 179 2012: The Romanian Cup Final side open Sc 179, played on 12/02 in Bucuresti, Romania, was won by Bianca Dadavi 9k, second was Sebatian State 11k and third was Mircea Nitu 12k… Romanian Cup Final side open CSRB 2012: The Romanian Cup Final side open CSRB, played on 12/01 in Bucuresti, Romania, was won by Dragos Minjina 12k, second was Paul Ciot 13k and third was Fridih Grabovski 14k… Romanian Cup Final 2012: The Romanian Cup Final, played from 12/01-02 in Bucuresti, Romania, was won by Lucretiu Calota 5d (right), second was Constantin Ghioc 5d and third was Liviu Oprisan 4d… Trofeo Milano 2012 – Nona Tappa: The Trofeo Milano 2012 – Nona Tappa, played on 12/01 in Milano, Italy, was won by Stefano Cavalieri 5k, second was Nicoletta Corradi 3k and third was Ivano Taldo 7k.
- adapted from EuroGoTV, which includes winner reports, crosstabs, game records and photos. Edited by Taylor Litteral

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