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Collegiate Go League Forms

Sunday February 26, 2012

The Collegiate Go League, a new competitive league for university go clubs, is attracting new schools and players. Funded by the Ing Foundation, the group was created by  eleven college students from the US, who attended the first ever Shanghai Ing Foundation China Summer Go Camp. The team experienced Chinese culture first-hand and played friendly matches with students at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beijing Normal University, and Fudan University.   “We organized our US league to create a stronger network of school-based go clubs,” writes Brian Lee.  “We’ve successfully held two rounds of matches, with 4, then 6 schools. We’re in the process of inviting more schools, and we’ve got at least 8 teams slated for our next match on March 3rd.”  Matches are held on the KGS Go Server, in the “Collegiate Go League” club room. Every other week on Saturdays at 1pm EST / 10am PST, school go clubs field a team of five players. “Games are handicapped, and after the matches, strong players will be available to review games, giving a chance for kyu and dan-level players alike to improve and meet other players in the collegiate go community. Current participating schools include: Brown, Brandeis, MIT, Northeastern, Cornell, Princeton, U-Michigan, and U-Maryland.  We are looking to add more teams, and would love for you to join us,” adds Lee.  The next match is March 3rd, more details are  here. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.

53rd New Jersey Open Draws Record Crowd

Saturday February 25, 2012

The 2012 New Jersey Open entered Day 2 on Sunday, Feb. 26, with an all-time record 125


players participating in the longtime tournament, held at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ. Undefeated after the first three rounds are Xinyu Tu and Zhaonian Chen; top players with 2-1 records are Andy Liu, Minshgan Shou and Ricky Zhao.
Top Player results thru Round 3: A Liu: + H Chang; + K Huang, – X Tu; Z Chen: + J Guo; + H Chang; + Z Zhao; X Tu: + K Huang; + J Guo; + A Liu; M Shou: – Z Zhao; + J Wang; + K Huang; K Huang: – X Tu; – A Liu; – M Shou; J Guo: – Z Chen; – X Tu; + H Chang; Z Zhao: + M Shou; + B Lockhart; – Z Chen; B Lockhart: + C Tseng; – Z Zhao; + J Wang; J Wang: + G Shou; – M Shou; – B Lockhart; G Shou: – J Wang; + L Smith; + C Tseng; R Zhang: + J Teng; – C Tseng; + L Smith; C Tseng: – B Lockhart; + R Zhang; – G Shou.
Top boards are being broadcast live on KGS; Round 3 is expected to begin around 10:30a EST on Sunday, Feb. 26. Game records are available on KGS; look under USGO1 and USGO2. 
Here’s the Round 1, Board 1 game between Xinyu Tu (Jimmy Creeks) and Kevin Huang.


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School Teams Tourney Deadline March 1

Thursday February 23, 2012

The deadline to sign up for the American Go Honor Society’s School Team Tournament is March 1.  The tournament will be held online, March 17 and 24.  Teams must have three students currently enrolled in the same K-12 school/learning institution, and may include an alternate player in case of no shows.  Prizes include Go sets, Go books, and plaques for division winners, as well as Go bucks for all teams that play their games.  Visit the AGHS website for more info. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor. Photo by Jasmine Yan: First Place plaque for Jr. Varsity Division, from last year.

Go Symposium Issues Second Call for Papers/Presenters

Tuesday February 21, 2012

Organizers of the 2012 International Go Symposium have issued a second call for papers and/or presenters (AGA to hold “Go Symposium” at 2012 Go Congress 10/24/2011 EJ). The Symposium, to be keynoted by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, will take place August 4-5 at the U.S. Go Congress. Presentations can include educational, cultural, historical, literary, artistic, scientific and other interesting aspects of the game (click here for records of a similar 2003 ICOB Conference in Korea, the 2008 Symposium in Sweden and research papers in these fields). Suggested timing is a half-hour presentation with a 15-minute question and answer period. Translators and editing can be provided. “For those unable to attend, we will augment the usual methods of presenting papers by using Skype and possibly other Internet forms of communication that would enable audience participation,” says Peter Shotwell. Prepared talks on DVDs or with other pre-recorded means will also be considered. Pending sponsorships and costs, honorariums may be offered. For those who wish to publish, presentations can be included in an e-publication connected with the American Go Association web site and E-Journal. Publication in other forms will be allowed. Papers and presentations can also be put up before the event on the Symposium’s website. “We are also looking for more sponsorship and would appreciate any suggestions,” adds Shotwell. The conference is sponsored by the International Go Federation and the American Go Association. Contact: Peter Shotwell


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Tom Boone 11k Wins Harrisburg Tourney

Monday February 20, 2012

Tom Boone 11k won the February 19 “Winter Tournament” in Harrisburg, PA, winning five of seven games played. Sponsored by the Harrisburg Area Go Club and Lancaster Go Club, the tournament attracted nine players, ranging in strength from 15k to 1k, from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The self-paired format allowed players to play as many games as they could handle, and everyone got in at least five rated games. The Harrisburg Area Go Club meets 7-10p Wednesdays at the Giant Marketplace Café, in Camp Hill, PA. The Lancaster Go Club meets 6-10p Mondays in Salunga, PA.


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New Jersey Open Coming Up Feb. 25-26

Monday February 20, 2012

Perhaps the biggest East Coast tournament of the year, the 53rd New Jersey Open Go Tournament is set for February 25/26 in Princeton, NJ. Last year over 100 players entered, from 30 kyu to some of the strongest amateurs in the U.S. While the tournament will be in the same site as last year –FristCampusCenter– it’s starting half an hour earlier than some prior years, and registration ends at 10a. “You must be there by 10a to be paired in the first round,” warns organizer Rick Mott. Pre-registration is not required, “but if you are reasonably sure you will attend please reply with your name and AGA ID, if you have one,” says Mott. “It will help us plan refreshments and speed up our data entry on Saturday morning.” Mott encourages beginning players to come, noting that “We make a special effort to make this event beginner-friendly, and have offered a beginner’s prize for many years.” Contact Mott at to register or for more info.

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Monday February 20, 2012

Nine-year-old Aaron Ye 5d, has done it again, defending his title as the US Youth Champion in the under 12 age bracket. Ye entered the finals in third place, having lost a game in the qualifiers to his rival Jeremy Chiu 4d, age 9, but went on to win all other matches and secure his spot on the US team at the World Youth Go Championships this summer. The qualifiers were held on Jan. 21 on KGS, with the top four youth moving on to double elimination finals. In addition to Chiu and Ye, Justin Ching 1d and Daniel Liu 3d also made the finals. Ye got even for his loss in the qualifier, by defeating Chiu in the second round, while Ching was knocked out after losing to Liu and Chiu, which made the final matches a showdown between children who all live in the Bay Area. The last rounds were held live, at the BAGPA ratings tourney on Feb. 11. Chiu played Liu first, drawing black and opening with the High Chinese, which led to a strong win, and set the stage for his  face off with Ye.  With no losses in the finals, Ye was in strong form.  He drew black and opened with the Low Chinese.  Chiu resisted strongly, but had to resign when Ye gained the advantage in a fight between dueling eyeless dragons. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.  Photo by Steve Burrall: Jeremy Chiu 4d (l) vs. Aaron Ye 5d (r).

Portland Elementary Schools Duel

Monday February 20, 2012

On Sunday, Feb. 19th, two eight player teams, from Irvington Elementary School and Sun Montesorri School, in Portland OR, played a two round match.  The score was 8-8.  Irvington was a player short and added a ‘ringer’ in Theo Balwit (organizer Fritz Balwit’s son) to even the playing field.  The players are in the 2nd through 5 grades and this is their first year in team play. Sunstone won 6 games in the opening round, Irvington 6 in the second. In a battle with big swings, Holden Anderson was able to hold out over Ellis Zehnder for a 2 1/2 point win.  It’s not clear which team won the game of tag after the go match. Both teams would like to play again.  Results: Irvington Team: Theo Balwit, 2-0; McCaleb Nesseler-Cass, 1-1; Jordan Reed, 1-1; Ellis Zehnder, 0-2; Aden Corkum, 2-0; Ben Snead, 1-1; Tyler Reed, 1-1; Alton Lechner, 0-2. Sunstone Montesorri Team: Amos Brown, 1-1, Holden Anderson, 2-0; Hanson Lian, 0-2; Ishan Varma, 1-1; Nico Karassik, 0-2; Soren Lindseth, 1-1; Shalem Len, 1-1, Dylan Lian, 2-0.   - Story and photo by Peter Freedman

EuroGoTV News: Feb. 4-16

Monday February 20, 2012

Lithuania: The FORAS 2012, played on 2/16 in Moletai, Lithuania, was won by Andrius Petrauskas 4d; Result table
France: Junfu Dai 8d (right) won the Paris & Antony International Tournament, played 2/4-5 in Antony, France; Result table.
Germany: The Erdinger Go-Turnier, played 2/4-5 in Erding, Germany, was won by Lothar Spiegel 4d; Result table. The Goettinger San-Ren-Sai Gruppe A (2/11-12) in Goettingen, Germany, was won by Volkmar Liebscher 2d (Result table);  Klaus Blumberg 2k won Group B (Result table).
UK: The Cheshire Open, played 2/11 in Frodsham, United Kingdom, was won by Tony Atkins 2d; Result table. Kathleen Timmins 13k (left) won the Cheshire Handicap (Result table).
Spain: The LaPedra Handicap Febrero, played on 2/4 in Barcelona, Spain, was won by Carles Mitjans 10k; Result table. Raul Aguilera 7k won the La Carboneria, played 2/11 in Sevilla, Spain; Result table.
- excerpted from reports on 




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Josh Lee 5D Wins NOVA Chinese New Year Tournament

Sunday February 19, 2012

Josh Lee 5D (at right in photo) went 3-1 to help usher in the Year of the Dragon at the February 11 NOVA Chinese New Year Tournament, an annual event organized by the Northern Virginia (NOVA) Go Club. Tied for second and also 3-1 were Yuan Zhou 7D and Hsien-Ho Chang 7D. The 1 to 3 dan section was won by Hongchun Liu 2D (3-1) with second place going to Haskell Small 3D (2-2). Pascal Platteborse 1K (3-0) won the 1 kyu section followed by Weiyu Yang 1K and Willis Huang 1K, each with 2-2 records. In the 2 to 3 kyu section Kevin Chin 1K had a perfect 4-0 while seconds went to Yukino Takehara 2k and Jerry Chen 2k at 2-2. Dan Hiltgen 5k (3-1) topped the 5 kyu section with second going to Mike Lash 5k (2-2). 6 to 7 kyu was won by Joey Phoon 6k (4-0) with Ed Caldeira 7k (3-1) in second. In 8 to 9 kyu Mohan Sud 9k was undefeated at 4-0 with Julian Erville 8k (3-1) placing second. Alan Chen 11k (3-1) was first in 10 to 12 kyu followed by Jackson Hergenrather 12k (1-3). Anderson Barreal 13k (4-0) and Emily Hjulstrom 14k (3-1) took the top spots in 13 to 20 kyu. 20 kyu and higher went to Julian Li 22k (4-0) and Benjamin Lin 32k (3-1) with a Special Valor award going to Eugene Yuan 35k, playing in his first tournament. There was also a fun lightning tourney where firsts went to Timothy Koh and Justin Wang. “A special thanks goes to Dr James Whang, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the US, and GEICO for their support in making this a great event,” reports Gurujeet Khalsa.
photo: Ching-Sung Chin (left) presents winner’s trophy to Josh Lee; photo by Gurujeet Khalsa

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