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Pair Go Tournament at Seattle Go Center Dec. 7

Monday November 25, 2013

The Seattle Go Center plans to present a gala evening of Pair Go on Saturday, December 7, when there will be a two-round Pair Go tournament featuring a dessert buffet sponsored by Bakery Nouveau of Seattle and prizes for the top teams. The tournament will be played by International Pair Go rules, so participants are encouraged to dress in formal or semi-formal attire.

Registration for the tournament will be open between 6p and 6:45p with the first round beginning at 7p. The fee for participants is $5 for annual and lifetime members of the Seattle Go Center, $5 for children under 18 and $10 for non-member adults.  Photo and photo styling by Anne Thompson.


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8 Young North Americans Want To Be Next AGA Pro

Thursday November 21, 2013

Who will be the next American pro? Eight young North American go players will battle it out for the honor and opportunity early next year in Los Angeles at the second AGA Pro Certification Tournament. The field includes four Americans and four Canadians, all of whom are quite young. 24-year-old Eric Lui, who used to be among the youngest at tournaments is the oldest participant in this tournament. Lui and Jianing Gan (17) are both seeded players from the previous Pro Qualification Tournament; Calvin Sun (16) and Bill Lin (17) qualified at this year’s US Go Open; Ben Lockhart (20) qualified at the Gotham Go Tournament; Daniel Gourdeau (20) qualified at the Canadian Open, Andrew Lu (16) at the Cotsen Open and Ryan Li (19) was the last qualifier, winning last Sunday’s Online Pro Prelim. The AGA Pro Certification Tournament will be held January 2-8 in Los Angeles and all boards will be broadcast live on KGS by the E-Journal. photo: at the 2012 AGA-Tygem Pro Tournament; photo by Nam Chi-Hyung

Architect Go Fan Donates Use of Restored LA Landmark for Pro Qualifiers

Tuesday November 19, 2013

The architect heading up restoration of the historic Hotel Normandie in Los Angeles has donated use of its function rooms for the upcoming second AGA Pro Qualification Tournament January 2-8 in Los Angeles (more details coming soon; meanwhile check out this Online Qualifier game from last Sunday between Jie Liang and Ryan Li which features lots of fighting spirit and really complicated fighting). The donation is courtesy of Jingbo Lou, a Pasadena architect who is leading the $5 million restoration of the 1926 hotel. The Normandie was designed by Albert Walker and Percy Eisen, whose other buildings include the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills and Downtown LA’s Fine Arts Building. The hotel started life as a modest but dignified residence hotel mostly for men, but also serving as a gathering spot for women’s and civic groups; although the hotel kept its name (hailed on a lit steel sign visible for miles from the roof) over the decades, it gradually went downhill, tile and hardwood floors covered with worn carpets, some windows closed off with drywall, stucco concealing brick and hard times hanging over the clientele. In 2010, it almost turned into a hotel for medical marijuana users. For Lou, who grew up in Beijing and came to the US in the early 90s, the hotel was an opportunity to restore a bit of what LA used to be like, to learn something about US society and to show respect for local culture, custom and history. “I was first introduced to go in college back in China, but stopped playing after I came to America,” Lou tells the E-Journal. “I picked up go again twenty years later, this time was with my five-year-old son, who was born in America. We joined a local club, the YuGo Club, and I also participated in teaching go at the Pasadena Public Library’s youth program. I saw there was much positive influence on American youths from go,” he says. “My passion in architecture and development is to build places for people to live, work and enjoy. Promoting go gives me the opportunity to introduce this rich Asian culture to my American friends.” - Andy Okun

Your Move/Reader’s Write: Duplicating Li’s Success?

Tuesday November 19, 2013

“I read the article on Yunxuan Li pulling in 100 teens to his Go club (Yunxuan Li On How His LA School Club Pulled in 100 Teens 11/5 EJ),” writes Sid Kobashigawa of the Honolulu Go Club.  ”Can you get a copy of the attractive poster, good flyers and handouts he used to draw these teens.  He mentioned these were key to drawing so many students to his club.  The story was great but if we want to duplicate what Yunxuan is doing let’s share the actual items that he used so that go will spread.” - Editor’s response:  While Li’s club is off to a great start, his materials are fairly specific to his club and won’t be that useful for other locations.  Li’s poster is attached to this story as a pdf here: Li Poster.  It should be noted that part of why his club is so big is because Li himself is 6 dan, very enthusiastic, and very personable.  It doesn’t hurt that he lives in a town with a large percentage of Chinese Americans, who already know about go.

If your club isn’t lucky enough to have a 6 dan to teach,  the AGF and the AGA both have other resources to help.  Thanks to the work of new AGA web team volunteer Greg Smith, this information is easier than ever to find on the AGA site.  Just click on the tab that says “Teach Others” on our left menu bar.  You will find information for classes, handouts, posters, syllabi for teaching, and much more.  The best selection of posters is actually on the AGF’s Tigersmouth Website. The Downloads Section has six different posters, including one in Spanish.  Lastly, the extremely popular 11×17 Saicho Poster, that comes in AGF Starter Sets, can be purchased for just 25 cents a copy (plus shipping) directly from the AGF.   All US based programs that are teaching youth are also eligible for free equipment from the AGF as well. - Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.

Wisonet Go Club Organizing “Slow-Play” Tourney in NJ

Monday November 18, 2013

The Wisonet Go Club in New Jersey is organizing a slow-game tournament November 28-29 in central New Jersey. Unlike most weekend tournaments, the time limits will be two hours per player, two rounds per day and winners will qualify to advance to rounds that will be played in subsequent months. Organizer Ronghao Chen expects the whole event to last “three or four months” and says it’s intended to give dan players a chance to play higher quality games. Kyu level players can join the tournament by special approval only. The tournament will be held at the Madison Suites Hotel in Somerset, NJ. Contact Chen at or call him at 908-872-6202 for more information.

Portland Go Club Seeking Volunteers for Mochitsuki

Sunday November 17, 2013

The Portland Go Club is looking for volunteers to help them staff a booth at Mochitsuki, a traditional Japanese New Year’s celebration scheduled for Sunday, January 26, 2014 (the Year of the Horse) from 11am to 4 pm.”We’ll have a booth and are looking for 2-4 volunteers to man/woman it and teach interested people how to play,” says Peter Freedman. “Volunteers will be able to attend Mochitsuki for free. It’s a great holiday and if you like Japanese food you are in for a treat.” The event will be held at the Scottish Rite Center – 1512 SW Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon; contact Freedman at

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Bozulich Demands Recount In NYC Comptroller Race

Saturday November 16, 2013

“I am demanding a recount!” Richard Bozulich tells the E-Journal after his bid for New York City Comptroller came up short last week. With his 1,124 votes lagging even the 5th-place candidate, however — and well behind winner Scott Stringer’s 782,703 votes — the longtime go writer’s chances look vanishingly slim. Bozulich was nominated by the Personal Freedom Party to be its candidate for Comptroller after the party was notified that Kristin Davis, its original nominee, was ineligible (Richard Bozulich Reportedly Throws Hat Into New York Comptroller Race 7/17 EJ). “It would be fantastic for go in New York and around the world if I became comptroller,” said the undeterred Bozulich, who turned up at the recent Cotsen Open. “With $111 billion in pension funds to play with, go would become the most popular game in the world.” photo: Bozulich (at left), glimpsed at the recent Cotsen Open in Los Angeles, talking to AGA President Andy Okun; photo by Chris Garlock

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LA Go Clubs Demo Go at Expo

Tuesday November 12, 2013

Pasadena’s Yu Go Club — with support from other area clubs — participated in Pacific Media Expo’s three-day expo in the LAX Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles last weekend. “People who had never seen the game were introduced to it, learned the rules and enjoyed playing against other beginners,” reports Joe Walters. Yu Go Club members Ross Secrest, Greg Kulavich, Jiaying “Jerry” Shen, and Walters were assisted by Samantha Davis of the Santa Monica Go club and Jermelle MacCleod of the Woodland Hills Go club. The Yu Go Club is sponsored by Reiyukai America. photo by Joe Walters

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Once Again, Naoyuki Sweeps Bay Area Go Tournament

Monday November 11, 2013

Bay Area Go Players Association held its Fall Go Tournament November 2nd in Berkeley, CA. Thirty nine players gathered for four rounds of play, free pizza, and a lunchtime discussion of go problems led by Matthew Burrall 7d. For the second tournament in a row, Naoyuki Kai 7d (AGA rating 8.61) (in photo at right) led the top division with a 4-0 record.

“This time we added a fourth division so that more players would win prizes,” reports organizer Roger Schrag. While the top division had a strong field including Naoyuki, Redmond Cup winner Aaron Ye 6d, and USYGC winner Jeremy Chiu 5d, all strengths were well represented. Half a dozen high school students from Monta Vista High School in Cupertino came out to play, most of them in the 20 to 25 kyu range. In all, six kids and four adults joined the AGA at the tournament.

Bay Area Go’s Winter Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, February 22nd, 2014, again in Berkeley. Details will be posted soon at

Winners report: First Division: 1st: Naoyuki Kai 7d (AGA rating 8.61). 2nd: Aaron Ye 6d. 3rd: Wei Cheng 6d. Second Division: 1st: Jay Chan 1d. 2nd: Marshall Quander 2d. 3rd: Yin Luo 3d. Third Division: 1st: Peter Pan 1k. 2nd: Yuanjie Chen 1k. 3rd: Julie Burrall 4k. Fourth Division: 1st: Rena Katz 16k. 2nd: Thomas Rike 6k. 3rd: Ben Matthews 7k.

Photo by Ernest Brown.

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MGA Tournament Organizer Demonstrates Flexibility

Friday November 8, 2013

A calendar mix-up resulted in a bonus meal at the Massachusetts Go Association’s Fall Tournament on October 20 in Somerville. When TD Eva Casey discovered at the last minute that the Boylston Chess Club was double-booked, she arranged for the tournament’s first round to be held at the Dragon Garden Chinese Restaurant across the street. The only “catch” was that players would have to lunch at the Dragon Garden, which they gladly did.

” It turned out the Chess Tournament had low turnout and was over at 2pm,” Casey reports, “so we were able to share the chess space for Round 2, and had it to ourselves for Rounds 3 and 4.” A total of 27 players ranging from 20 kyu to 4 dan participated, and the three four-game winners were Steven Wu 4d (in striped blue shirt at front left), John Uckele 10 k and Chia Chan 5k.