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Monday June 28, 2010

Will Hamilton, a 7th grader at Crane School in, Montecito, CA, scored big with go this year.  Students were assigned a Quests Explorations Discoveries (QED) project,  which is an “opportunity to explore an interest, embrace a challenge, make a ‘quest’ into a new area of interest, or work toward a personal goal,” according to the school’s website. Will contacted Ed Lee of the Santa Barbara Go club, who agreed to act as his mentor, and the two met weekly for five months.  ”Early on, like many others who first discovered Hikaru no Go, Will was very enthusiastic,” reports Lee, ”Then, little by little, like many other teenagers before him, he found out for himself that go is deep and the journey is very long and that it takes tremendous hard work to improve.”  Hamilton persevered though, and continued his studies. ”I explained to Will that studying go in many ways is like studying a musical instrument  or a foreign language: just as a 3-hour intense Spanish lesson once every Sunday is not as good as a daily 30-minute class from Monday to Saturday, a little bit of go every day is better than cramming all on Saturday,” Lee said.  Crane School held a ceremony for all the QED students to share their projects on June 1, and Hamilton and Lee scored an extra bonus by bringing Jennie Shen 2P along.  Shen wrote about the project on her blog,  it is in Chinese, but can be translated roughly by going here.
- Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor;  Photo by Ed Lee (l-r):  Jennie Shen, Will’s parents, Will Hamilton, Ed Lee



Monday June 28, 2010

Jian Liu 1d (r) topped the NOVA Congress Tune-up Team Competition in Arlington, VA on June 26. The Great Falls Go Club C Team — Ching-Sung Chin 3k, Jerry Chen 4k and Ethan Hsiao 33k — won the team competition, a new feature of the quarterly 4-round handicap tournament in which 3-6 players can form a team and the team with the most wins per player wins $100 cash prize. The team competition — sponsored by NGOL.US — inspired players to check team scores frequently and come up creative team names like Muse, Richmond Rogues and Bamfs. The NOVA and GFGC-A Team were close behind with seven wins each. Click here for more photos.  Winners were awarded a NOVA trophy and/or five hours of Guo Juan 5P’s audio go lessons. After serving as a Tournament Director for nearly 20 years, Allan Abramson retired as an TD earlier this year, but coached Garrett Smith, NOVA Go Club president and Edward Zhang to run this NOVA tourney. New Asia Market catered lunch from Rockville, MD, and players liked the combo of lunch box and bubble tea.
Winners Report: 1-6D, 1st: Jian Liu 1d, 2nd: Daniel Chou 6d and Ray Hunley 1d; 2-3K, 1st: Hua Lin, 2nd: Ching-Sung Chin 3k; 4K, 1st: Kevin Chin, 2nd: Jerry Chen; 7-12K, 1st: Gurujeet Khalsa 9k, 2nd: Joey Phoon 7k and Garrett Smith 12k; 15-20K, 1st: Marcus Phoon 17k, 2nd: Tristan Tran 17k; 21K+, 1st: Ethan Hsiao 33k.
- Report/photo by Tournament Director Zhiyuan ‘Edward’ Zhang


Monday June 28, 2010

After three weeks of intense competition, the American Go Honor Society (AGHS) has named seventeen members to the US Junior National Team, who will  compete in the 2010 Brunei Friendship Games  later this week. Six students had earned berths directly for superior performance in the School Team Tournament, while the remainder were selected by a qualifying tournament. “From last year’s gold medal winning squad, we’re glad to welcome back two members who earned berths in the qualifying event,” reports organizer Ashely Wilson; “we look forward to repeating our performance and taking top honors again. Games will be played on KGS, so we hope you all will come out in support of the Red, White, and Blue against Southeast Asia.”  For more information, go to the AGHS website.


Monday June 28, 2010

The American Go E-Journal’s Congress Team has a few openings left for game recorders, photographers and reporters as we again this year provide wall-to-wall coverage of this year’s 26th annual U.S. Go Congress, live from Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’ll broadcast top-board games in both the U.S. Open and North American Ing Cup every day on KGS, as well as publish reports, photos and game records daily on the website and in the E-Journal. If you’re interested, please email


Saturday June 26, 2010

There’s lots to do in and around Colorado Springs besides play go at the upcoming U.S. Go Congress, and Congress organizers are putting together the following sightseeing trips during the traditional Wednesday Day Off: tours of the Garden of the Gods, U.S. Air Force Academy, Manitou Cliff Dwellings (r), Cave of the Winds, Castle Rock Factory Outlets, Six Flags Elitch Gardens Theme Park, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver Zoo. Look for your chance to sign up at the Congress.


Saturday June 26, 2010

“Recognizing our volunteers is so important,” says American Go Association President Allan Abramson. “The AGA is a volunteer organization, and we want to publicly recognize those who contribute so much to everyone’s playing enjoyment.” Nominees thus far include Jonathan Bresler for his work on ratings and James Story and David Drexler, for outreach/promotion. The deadline for nominating volunteers for special recognition is June 30. Please send their name(s) and a nomination statement to

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Monday June 21, 2010

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Sunday June 20, 2010

Michael Redmond 9P defeated Cho U 9P by half a point in the first round of the 17th Agon Cup on Friday. Stay tuned for more details as they become available. This week’s Member’s Edition of the American Go E-Journal will include Redmond’s commentary on his May 6 win against Nakano Hironari 9P which got him into the 16-player Agon Cup final. CLICK HERE for the E-Journal’s recent interview with Redmond.
- includes reporting by JustPlayGo


Saturday June 19, 2010

Contested seats in the Eastern and Central regions highlight this year’s AGA Board of Directors election. Andrew Jackson is challenging incumbent Chuck Robbins in the Eastern region while current Central Region board member Roy Schmidt is being challenged by Daniel Smith and Lisa Scott. Andrew Okun is unopposed in the Western Regon, as is At-Large member Jie Li. Current AGA chapters are eligible to vote in the election, weighted by membership; ballots will be sent to each current chapter on June 21 and must be returned by July 30. The votes will be counted at the U.S. Go Congress and the results announced. CLICK HERE for candidate statements (if any; there are none as of press-time), voting procedures and rules. “Chapter representatives should have received their current voting rights,” reports Arnold Eudell. Report any discrepancy or your current contact information to him at

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Friday June 18, 2010

The opportunity to learn from top professional go players has always been a major attraction of the annual U.S. Go Congress, set this year for July 31 – August 8 in Colorado Springs, CO.  This year’s roster of pros includes a very special visit by Yasumasa Hane 9P (right, in blue jacket) well-known as a major contributor in the development of the Chinese fuseki as well as the father of Naoki Hane 9P (far left, in tan jacket), the current Honinbo and a former holder of the Kisei and Tengen titles. Hane’s family — wife Masami 1k (left front), daughter Michiyo Yamamori 1k (back center) daughter-in-law Shigeko Hane 1P (back left, next to husband Naoki), and Shigeko’s daughters Ayaka 1k, Ranka 1k and Rinka 4k (center) — will also be attending and playing in the U.S. Open. “It’s a great honor to host such a famous and impressively strong go family,” says American Go Association President Allan Abramson. “We look forward to learning much from the Hane family.” Also attending the Congress this year are defending U.S. Open champion Myung Wan Kim 9P (US), Seong-yong Kim 9P of Korea, Ming Jiu Jiang 7P US, Yilun Yang 7P (US), Ryo Maeda 6P (Japan), Cheng Xiaoliu 6P (China), Jennie Shen 2P (US), Hui Ren Yang 1P (US), Cathy (Chen Shuo) Li 1P (China), and Qiao Shiyao 1P (China). CLICK HERE for details and to register for the U.S. Go Congress.
- Chris Garlock; photo courtesy the Hane family. Includes reporting by Yuki Shigeno

ichiyo Yamamori 1k(daughter/wife of Yamamori6p