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Eric Lee 2d Wins Pittsburgh Spring Tourney

Monday April 18, 2011

On April 9th, 16 players from around the Pittsburgh area and from Ohio and West Virgina gathered at Carnegie Mellon University for the Pittsburgh Spring Tournament.  Eric Lee 2d won the upper division with a record of 3-0, and Josaih Odhner 10k won the lower division with a record of 3-0.
- Kim Warzinski

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Top N.A. & Euro Youth Play Sunday in 3rd Transatlantic Youth Match

Monday April 11, 2011

Top youth players from North America will square off against their European counterparts this Sunday in the third Transatlantic Youth Match, which will be held April 17 on KGS at 11am and 2pm. “Come out and support the North American side, featuring past Redmond Cup champions and US/Canadian representatives to the WYGC, as they take on the European youth,” urges organizer Lawrence Ku.

Sunday’s line-up:

1500 GMT (8a PST/11a EST)
Ali Jabarin vs. Bill Lin; Mihai Serban vs. Jianing Gan; Alexander Vashurov vs. Peter Zhang; Roman Ruzhanskyj vs. Andrew Lu
Vladyslav Verteletsky vs. Aaron Ye; Stepan Popov vs. Oliver Wolf

1800 GMT (11a PST/2p EST)
Thomas Debarre vs. Ryan Li; Pavol Lisy vs. Gansheng Shi; Mateusz Surma vs. Ricky Zhao
Vanessa Wong vs. Hugh Zhang; Lukas Podpera vs. Daniel Goureau

2011 US Go Congress Registration Soaring

Monday April 11, 2011

With four months to go, early online registration has already boosted sign-up for this year’s US Go Congress in Santa Barbara, CA — July 30-August 7 — to over 150 people. “Although I’m extremely pleased with registration and the personal attention that we have been able to give to attendees thus far,” Congress Co-Director Lisa Scott told the E-Journal, “I’m still encouraging people to sign up early, since when attendance climbs above 500, we’ll be able to start giving more discounts to all attendees.”

SmartGo Books Released for iPad & iPhone

Monday April 11, 2011

Calling it the “dawn of a new era,” SmartGo has just released SmartGo Books for the iPad and iPhone. The new format enables users to read go books on an iPad, replay moves directly within diagrams, and zoom diagrams to see the context. “With comments and long figures broken into logical sequences, this is the way go books were meant to be read,” says SmartGo author Anders Kierulf. SmartGo Books’ launch includes eight books by four publishers, with more in the works. The SmartGo Books app contains a free chapter for each book, which can also be read on your iPhone or iPod touch. The following books are available now: Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game by Cho Chikun 9 dan ($3.99); Double Digit Kyu Games by Neil Moffatt ($4.99); Basic Techniques of Go by Haruyama 9 dan and Nagahara 6 dan ($8.99); Understanding Pro Games by Yuan Zhou ($4.99); Go Seigen’s Ten-Game Matches by John Fairbairn ($4.99); Catching Scent of Victory by O Rissei 9 dan ($9.99); The Way of Creating a Thick and Strong Game by Naoki Hane 9 dan ($8.99) and Breakthrough Attacking Power Yamashita-Style by Keigo Yamashita 9 dan ($8.99). “SmartGo Books offers the full content of the print edition, with a better reading experience, at a reduced price,” Kierulf adds.

Strong Youth Showing at Orlando Tournament

Monday April 11, 2011

Nearly a quarter of the players at the recent Orlando Go Tournament were aged 16 or under, providing “much-appreciated energy and enthusiasm to the event, and more often than not some pretty tough competition as well,” reports Paul Wiegand. Kurt Lin 5d topped the five-round, two-day tournament – the 5th annual — held April 2-3 on the campus of the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Miki Hirama 1k took first in the Lower Kyu division, Shannon Jones 5k topped the Middle Kyu Division and 10 year-old Heather Crawford 16k won first place in the Upper Kyu Division. A total of 13 prizes were awarded, donated by Yellow Mountain Imports and Slate & Shell.
Winner’s Report: Dan division (1d and up): 1st: Kurt Lin 5d; 2nd: Karsten Henckell 5d; 3rd: Joshua Lee 5d. Lower Kyu Division (1k – 4k): 1st: Miki Hirama 1k; 2nd: Stephen Barberi 1k; 3rd: Efrain Davila 2k. Middle Kyu Division (5k – 10k): 1st: Shannon Jones 5k; 2nd: Jonathan Sarry 5k; 3rd: Jason Ruiz 5k; Upper Kyu Division (11k – 30k) 1st: 10 year-old Heather Crawford 16k followed quite closely by Austin Diehl 11k (2nd) and Guan Lim 29k (3rd).  In addition to the placement awards, Ghianyra Forestal 30k took an award for perseverance and fighting spirit. photo at right by Kristle Luna

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Sawka Tops Davis/Sacramento Tourney

Monday April 11, 2011

Greg Sawka 3d topped the March 26 Davis/Sacramento Quarterly tournament in  Sacramento, CA. In second place, also with three wins, was Jeff Horn 1d, with Steven Burrall 5d in third.

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School Teams Tourney Draws 50 Teams

Monday April 11, 2011

Mandarin Language and Culture School from California took top honors in the 10th annual North American School Team Tournament. Organized by the American Go Honor Society (AGHS), the tournament was held on KGS over the weekends of March 5 and March 12.  More than 50 teams and about 190 players from America, Mexico, and Canada signed up for the largest national youth team tournament, with over $3,000 in prizes provided by the AGF and AGA. Justin Teng, one of the nine officials and a tournament participant, said, “People were pretty excited and pumped up. They were in quite a competitive spirit, encouraging and rallying their teammates while battling against other schools.” More AGHS tournaments, including the Doubles Tournament for Pair Go, are in the works.  AGHS Presidents Jack Ye and Jasmine Yan directed the tournament – many thanks to Meredith Leu, Joshua Wu, Ryan Ngoy, Viral Kotecha, Rebecca Cheng, Eric Chen, Tommy Liu, Justin Teng, and Tim McCaffrey for their invaluable assistance!

Winner’s Report: Varsity: 1st: Mandarin Language and Culture School, 2nd: Richard Montgomery High School, 3rd: SV Chinese School; Junior Varsity: 1st: Richard Montgomery High School, 2nd: Bellaire High School, 3rd: Mission San Jose High; Intermediate: 1st: Klein Oak High School, 2nd: Betcher Home School, 3rd: Escuela de Arte ‘Pipiolo; Novice: 1st: Jasper High School, 2nd: Manlius Pebble Hill School, 3rd: Richard Montgomery High School.  -Special to the E-J by Jasmine Yan, AGHS Co-President. Photos: Mandarin Language Team, with advisor, top; Richard Montgomery Team, with advisor, bottom.

NOVA Cherry Blossom Raises $702 for Japan Relief

Monday April 4, 2011

The annual NOVA Cherry Blossom tournament on April 2 raised $702 for disaster relief for Japan, “which will be split into equal donations to the Kansai Kiin and Pandanet relief funds,” reports organizer Allan Abramson. Fifty-nine players participated in the NOVA Cherry Blossom tournament, with Daniel Chou 6d topping the field. “This was our first Cherry Blossom in the new George Mason University Founder’s Hall, now that the beautiful Sumner School in DC (longtime Cherry Blossom tourney site) closes on weekends,” Abramson added.

Winner’s Report: First Place: Daniel Chou 6d, 4-0; Hal Small 3d, 3-1; Liu Hong Chun 1d, 4-0; Jacob Lewellen 2k, 4-0; Kevin Chin 3k, 3-1; Baifu Li 5k, 3-1; Caleb Vickers 8k, 4-1; Julian Erville 11k, 4-0; Chris Tolley 15k, 4-0 and Adam Chambers 15k, 4-0 (tie); and Robert Burdsal 17k, 3-1.
Second Place: Jing Guo 7d, 3-1; Keiju Takehara 3d, 2-1; Gary Li 1d, 2-2; Kelsey Dyer 2k, 3-1 and Xiaojing Du 2k, 3-1 (tie); Yukino Takehara 3k, 3-1; Raymond Yeh 6k, 3-1 and Joey Phoon 6k, 3-1 and Michael Lash 6k, 3-1 (tie); Joseph Lee 7k, 3-1 and Gurujeet Khalsa 8k, 3-1 (tie); and Tristan Tran 15k, 3-1

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Zhuang Sweeps World Youth Qualifier

Monday April 4, 2011

Dark horse candidate Vincent Zhuang 5d pulled off a surprise victory in the World Youth Go Qualifier this past weekend on KGS.  Zhuang, who is 14, only narrowly made it to the finals at all.  A last -minute change in the age requirements by the Ing Foundation disqualified two older players with better records, allowing only kids under 16 next August to compete. Interestingly, the AGHS Young Lions Tourney in November of last year foreshadowed this result, with Zhuang beating two of the same finalists who would compete in this year’s WYGC qualifier. On Saturday, April 2, Zhuang got off to a great start by defeating Hugh Zhang 7d, who was the top seed in the four player double elimination finals.  Next he took down Andrew Lu 6d, eking out a 1.5 point win in a complicated fighting game.  Round 3 saw Lu knocking out Zhang, and set the stage for the finals the following day.  With everything on the line, Zhuang and Lu went at it Sunday morning.  They played at a break-neck pace, despite having an hour each, with neither willing to give an inch as the game exploded into heavy fighting again.  Zhuang carved out large territories on the right and left sides, and sacrificed a center group, to pull ahead and win the game.  His victory will carry him all the way to Romania, where he will represent the US in the WYGC.  In the Junior Division (under 12) nine-year-old Jeremy Chiu 1k upset some apple carts in his own right, knocking out Sammy Zhang 2d, and setting the stage for a showdown with 8-year-old Aaron Ye 3d, who is undefeated in the event.  As both players live in the Bay Area, their final matches will be played in person, at the BAGPA ratings tourney on Saturday the 9th. - Paul Barchilon, EJ Youth Editor.

Japan Disaster Relief Update (updated 4/3)

Sunday April 3, 2011

(updated with details on the 4/23 NYC tourney and a PayPal account for the Kansai Kiin) “Many go players and clubs have asked where they could send money for disaster relief in Japan,” reports American Go Association President Allan Abramson. “For example, New York City go organizer Boris Bernadsky and other New York players are planning an April 23 Tsunami Relief Tournament to raise funds for relief, and next week’s NOVA Cherry Blossom tournament also will be dedicated to disaster relief.”

“For direct donations, here is what I have learned so far,” Abramson tells the E-Journal:

The Kansai Kiin has a disaster relief fund. Bank name: The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ,  Kawaramachi Branch (Branch Code:003); Account No.: Ordinary Account 311018, Account Name: Kansaikiin. You can also now donate via PayPal:

Pandanet also has a disaster relief fund: Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation; Branch: Marunouchi Branch (Branch Code: 245); Account Number: 1441312; Swift Code:  SMBC JP JT

The Nippon Foundation has two ways to contribute: through the Sasakawa Peace Foundation ( or directly through the Nippon Foundation. It may be necessary to have routing/Swift numbers for the two banks, and these have been requested for U.S. donations and will be posted as soon as they’re available.