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YiLin Xu 5D & James Peters 5k top Mass. Go tourney

Wednesday April 25, 2018

Twenty-nine players — including the TD who played two out of four games to maintain parity — participated in the 2018.04.25_YiLin Xu_Micah_Feldman_James_PetersMassachusetts Go Association’s 2018 Don Wiener Memorial Tournament on April 15 at  the Boylston Chess Club in Cambridge MA. Players ranged from eight to octogenarian. Strengths ranged from 20 kyu to 5 dan.  Four women played.  First and second place cash prizes were combined and divided equally between  YiLin Xu 5 dan (left), and James Peters, 5 kyu (right), both of whom went 4-0. Third place was awarded to Micah Feldman, 3 dan (middle),  “by our software which sorts the 3-1 winners by how well their opponents fared,” reports TD Eva Casey.



New York Institute of Go launches YouTube Channel

Wednesday April 18, 2018

Stephanie Yin and Ryan Li have just launched NYIG_Go, the New York Institute of Go’s YouTube Channel. “The channel will2018.04.15_NYIG-youtube-channel feature videos of the rules of the game, common mistakes, fuseki strategy and more,” says Yin. They also hope to offer daily life and death problems as well. “Over many years teaching at the annual US Go Congress, the most common question Ryan and I received from players at our lectures was ‘How am I able to get to dan level?’” Yin, a professional go player and president/founder of the New York Go Association tells the EJ. “And our answer is always simple: Do two problems every day and I will see you all at the dan-level lecture.”


4/24 deadline for first Pennsylvania State Go Championship

Tuesday April 17, 2018

The Penn Go Society will host the first annual Pennsylvania State Go Championship on Saturday, April 28th and Sunday, AprilOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 29th, 2018. Part of the AGA’s new state championships, the event features five rounds spanning two days, with both handicap and open divisions, and over $1000 in prizes. For more information, check out the PGS website.

Pre-registration is required to participate in the tournament. “Due to security reasons, the building requires us to provide a guestlist ahead of time, or YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED inside,” emphasizes Gina Shi. The deadline for registration is April 24th. To register, click here  and complete the registration form. For details, email


Zhao Zhixun 7D tops Austin ‘Not so taxing’ tourney

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Zhao Zhixun 7D topped the ‘Not so taxing’ go tournament, held on April 14th and 15th in Austin, Texas. A total of 26 players 2018.04.17_austin tourneyparticipated ranging from 7D to 24K. Players traveled from Dallas, Houston, Edinberg, Tx and other points closer.

Prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners in three sections:
1st Zhao Zhixun 7D  (6-0)
2nd Zhu Yi  5D (3-3)
Handicap Division 1:
1st Bart Jacob 3K (5-1)
2nd Ken Blake 1K (4-2)
3rd Jimmy Carter 3K (3-3)
Handicap Division 2:
1st Francois Wolf 10K (4-2)
2nd Ethan Whitman (12K) 4-2
3rd Parus Uch 10K (3-3)

Go a hit at DC Sakura Matsuri festival

Monday April 16, 2018

A beautiful day of sunshine and summer-like temperatures pierced the erratic spring weather in Washington DC for the 58th 2018.04.14_dc-fest-IMG_0667annual Sakura Matsuri street festival last Saturday. Over 20 volunteers from the National Go Center came out to staff a tent on Pennsylvania 2018.04.14_dc-fest-IMG_0693Avenue and teach all comers the game. From the time the gates opened after the National Cherry Blossom Festival parade until the early evening, a lively stream of festival goers enjoyed meeting the volunteers and learning about go.
Local go organizer John Goon, who passed away last year, ha2018.04.14_dc-fest-20180414_142702d organized volunteers from the local go clubs to participate in this event for over a decade, and the NGC was excited to keep the tradition going. “It was wonderful to see such strong volunteer support,” said NGC Executive Director Gurujeet Khalsa. “The NGC is also the sponsoring chapter for the US Go Congress to be held in Williamsburg VA in July, and it is enthusiastic volunteers each year that make the Congress a huge success.”
More pictures of the Sakura Matsuri can be found on the NGC Facebook page. Registration for the US Go Congress is open, and the first-ever Go Congress mobile app for the Go Congress.

photos by Chiemi Mori and Allan Abramson


US Go Congress registrations soar

Saturday April 14, 2018

After opening registration on March 31st, the attendee count for the 34th U.S. Go Congress, to be held this July in Williamsburg,2018.04.14_congress-pineapple Virginia, has steadily climbed. “We marched past 100 like a fife and drum brigade!” said Gary Smith, the Go Congress registrar. “128 and counting!”

“Gary [Smith], Diego [Pierrottet], and I are getting tons of emails, and making changes every day,” said Nate Eagle, who, with Pierrottet, is directing this year’s Congress. “I’ve been really grateful for some of the early registrants who’ve written to us about suggestions for the site, or information they need. Everyone who lets us know about something to improve helps hundreds of other users.”

“We’ve made a lot of updates,” Eagle continued. “We’ve added the ability to add on Friday-night accommodations for anyone who needs to travel to Williamsburg the day before. We’ve launched the official Go Congress mobile app with a download button on the main page. We’ve moved the Congress site to SSL to ensure the security of people’s login information. And I’m continuing to work with Rex Cristal, who’s provided invaluable support for the Congress site for years, and Joel Cahalan to make steady improvements to the Congress website to make it more mobile-friendly and easier to use.”

“We’ve also added a Frequently Asked Questions page,” Eagle says. “If you’ve got a question, or have information that you think would be useful to other people interested in or attending Go Congress, please let me know! The more information we can provide, the better.”

Pineapples were an important symbol of hospitality in Colonial Williamsburg. Congress Co-director Nate Eagle wanted to use a pineapple in the Congress logo, but everybody thought the reference was too obscure.



Eric Lui wins NGC Cherry Blossom, continues winning streak

Saturday April 14, 2018

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom in the nation’s capitol as Eric Lui 1P swept the annual Cherry Blossom Festival 2018.04.14_ngc-cherry-blossom-eric-justin-croppedtournament 4-0 at the National Go Center on April 7. Lui continued his undefeated streak in tournaments at the NGC in a field of 57 players including 12 from the Stonybrook club in New York and four from the Middle Tennessee Go Club. “The out-of-state visitors were most welcome and took home their fair share of trophies and NGC t-shirts,” says TD Gurujeet Khalsa.

This year’s 1st and 2nd place winners:
6D – 7D: Eric Lui (1P), James Park (6D)
5D: Qingbo Zhang (5D), Lei Sun (6D)
2D – 4D: Yanqing Sun (3D), Ben Armitage (2D)
1D – 1K: Anthony Long (1K), Andrew McGowan (1D)
2K – 4K: Moonhun Oh (2K), Darren Bias (2K)
5K: Patrick Sun (5K), James Funk (5K)
6K – 9K: Eli Ferster (6K), Edward Caldeira (8K)
11K – 13K: Jeffery Yeh (11K), Daniel Batti (12K)
15K – 18K: Jozef Bodnar (15K), John Christensen (13K)
23K – 30K: Derek Zhou (30K), Onshore Paik (26K)

photo: Eric Lui (1P) playing Justin Teng (6D); photo by Gurujeet Khalsa, Tournament Director


Cupertino Kids Learn Go

Friday April 13, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 2.15.53 PM2017 AGF Teacher of the Year Wenguang Wang hosted a “Learn to Play Go” event for over 120 kids at Sedgwick Elementary’s annual Discovery Day, on March 27th,  in Cupertino, CA. “Like previous years, the school invited many presenters to teach kids various kind of fun activities, such as fencing, YoYo, robots, and yoga,” reports Wang. ” Yi Luo, from The VMware Go Club, and myself were the presenters, and we worked with the third grade. Students learned the rules of go and played a few games on 9×9 boards. They enjoyed the session, especially those who won!” -Paul Barchilon, EJ Youth Editor.  Photo by Wenguang Wang


Kids and Teens Invited to Japanese Go Congress

Thursday April 12, 2018

0720152216-600x405Three youth from North America are being invited to Japan, for international friendship matches and the Japanese Go Congress. The sponsors of the trip, Life Sports, are paying all expenses while in Japan, with a small stipend for airfare. Fifty-four players under the age of 16, and at least ten kyu, are being invited from ten countries: Japan, China, Korea, France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Thailand, Canada, and the US. The kids will participate in the Takarazuka Go Congress, and will have opportunities for cultural exchanges as well as for playing go. The AGA will select three players, two from the US and one from Canada, based on participation points earned from attending various AGA events. The Congress will be July 13-16th and AGA Go Camp Director Fernando Rivera will lead the team and act as chaperone for the children. Japanese expenses are paid for the kids, but parents who wish to come will need to pay their own travel and lodging expenses. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the form here. More information on the congress and the event can be found here. Any questions should be addressed to Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor. Photo: Participants at a Life International Go Meeting. The event is sponsored by Life Sports Foundation, and NPO Life Kids Go Club, with the cooperation of the Nihon Ki-in and the Kansai Ki-in.


First-ever U.S. Go Congress mobile app released

Tuesday April 10, 2018

With registration for the 2018 US Go Congress in Williamsburg, VA now open, the Congress team has just released a companion 2018.04.10_congress-appscreenapp for either iOS or Android devices. The app complements the information found on the Congress website with pages for scheduling, travel information, staff contacts, social and much more. Click here now to download.

The app will be continually updated with new pages such as pro biographies and information between now and the Congress, and will be a source of live information at the Congress. You can see what the overall 2018 Congress schedule looks like in the app today with placeholders for events and lectures that will be filled in as they are confirmed. Once the schedule is finalized, a My Schedule feature will be turned on that allows each attendee to build their personal Congress schedule of events.

“This is a step we are taking towards a paperless, digitally enabled Congress,” says Congress Co-Director Diego Pierottet. “We are also planning large display screens to be prominently located to post the latest news and information. We are looking to enhance the Congress experience for everyone and would appreciate suggestions on the app and what other sorts of information we should add.”

Please download the app, especially if you are considering coming to the US Go Congress this year. Your feedback can be sent to Gurujeet Khalsa ( “and is greatly appreciated.”