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U.S. GO NEWS: Feng Yun/Jie Li Win North American Pair Go 1st Round; USYGC Season Opens; Kirby Sweeps N. California Tourney; SmartGo In S. Korea And Coming Soon To Ipad.

Monday February 8, 2010

FENG YUN/JIE LI WIN N.A. PAIR GO 1ST ROUND: Feng Yun and Jie Li defeated Wan Chen and Curtis Tang Sunday night in the first round of the North American World Pair Go Qualifier, played on IGS. “One pair withdrew at the last moment, and one member of another pair did not show up, so two games were not played,” reports Allan Abramson. Feng Yun and Jie Li will have a bye for the second round, and play the final game on Thursday night. Jing Yang and Jin Yu will play White vs Yuan Zhou and Yinli Wang on Tuesday night – also on IGS, in Round Two.

USYGC SEASON OPENS:  The 2010 United States Youth Go Championship is kicking into gear, with qualifiers now scheduled across the country.  First up is the Orange County Go Club, in Los Angeles, on Feb. 21-22.  New Qualifier locations have been added as well, with Boston, New Jersey, Colorado, and San Francisco all hosting events.  There will also be an online qualifier, hosted by the AGHS <>.  This year, the AGA is also adding National Single Digit Kyu (SDK) and Double Digit Kyu (DDK) championships to the event.  The winners will receive trophies, and prizes will be awarded in the following brackets: 1-4 kyu, 5-9 kyu, 10-15 kyu, 16-20 kyu, 21-25 kyu, 26 and up kyu.  In the dan brackets, the strongest kids in the country will be competing for the right to represent the US at the World Youth Go Championships this summer.  Low dan youth will have a chance at prizes and trophies too, with prizes for 1-5 dan as well.  The event is sponsored by the AGA and the AGF, and Guo Juan has donated audio go lessons <> as bonus prizes for youth in all categories.  For more information, visit the tournament webpage <>
-Paul Barchilon; photo: young players study at the 2009 U.S. Go Congress; photo by Chris Garlock

KIRBY SWEEPS NORCAL TOURNEY: Brian Kirby topped February’s monthly ratings tournament in Northern California, February 6 in Menlo Park, CA. There were 25 players, ranging from 25 kyu to 7 dan, and two played in their first tournament ever. The next monthly ratings tournament will be March 6 in Palo Alto, CA. Winners report: Four game winner: Brian Kirby 2k 4-0. Three game winners: Lucas Baker 2d 3-1, Samuel Gross 1d 3-0, Roger Schrag 7k 3-0, Larry Qu 15k 3-1.
- Roger Schrag

SMARTGO IN SOUTH KOREA AND COMING SOON TO IPAD: SmartGo Pro for the iPhone/iPod touch is now available in South Korea under the name “Smartgo Pro Baduk,” reports SmartGo author Anders Kierulf. “It comes with over 15,000 professional games and 2,000 problems.” Search for Baduk in the iTunes App Store. Kierulf also tells the EJ that “I’m working on a version of SmartGo optimized for Apple’s upcoming iPad.”


CORRECTIONS: Tetsuki Update

Monday December 14, 2009

CORRECTIONS: Tetsuki allows players to connect to IGS, not KGS (Iphone/Ipod Apps, 12/7 EJ); apparently there’s no way, yet, to connect to KGS via the iPhone. However, for Android cellphone users, “there may be hope to connect to KGS, as per a thread on,” reports Brian Kirby.


Kiseido Releases 1st 3 Volumes of “Graded Go Problems” Series

Monday November 16, 2009

Kiseido has just published the first three books of a seven-volume series, reports publisher Richard Bozulich. Graded Go Problems for Dan Players “is a translation of a 14-volume series put out by the Nihon Ki-in, compressed into seven volumes,” Bozulich tells the E-Journal. Targeted at aspiring dan players, the series is designed to provide low-kyu and low-dan players with the essential grounding in the basics of life-and-death, tesuji, and joseki needed to develop deeper and more accurate reading and the knowledge they need to compete as dan players. In “300 Life-and-Death Problems,” “300 Tesuji Problems,” and “300 Joseki Problems,” the level of the problems starts at around 5-kyu and works up to 3-dan, with the majority in the 1- to 3-dan bracket. The series will continue with volumes four to six, containing life-and-death, tesuji, and joseki problems for 3-dan players and stronger. Volumes seven will cover the opening (fuseki) and the middle game. Expected publication date for Volumes Four to Six is Spring 2010 and Summer 2010 for Volume Seven.

GoGoD Hits 60K-Game Mark

Monday November 16, 2009

GoGoD’s database of professional tournaments now exceeds 60,000 games, reports T Mark Hall. “This is the most accurate, consistent and exact database in existence in the West, backed by John Fairbairn’s Names Dictionary and his Tournament Database,” Hall tells the E-Journal. “While we always add all the games from the current tournament scene, we have been busy in the last six months adding games from the 1950s and 1980s, including previously unknown games by Go Seigen and other games by famous players, not in their collected games,” says Hall. “We pride ourselves on providing games no-one else can easily get, but of course, as always, we are bang up to date.” The Winter 2009 edition is due out on December 7 and the celebrate the 60,000-game milestone, GoGoD is being offered at a discounted rate of $30 for a single copy and $40 for a copy plus an update in a year’s time. Contact Hall at to order or for details.

Go School Updates

Monday November 2, 2009

Go teacher Joey Hung 7d is shuttering his Fremont, CA-area school “for a while” he tells the E-Journal, to focus on business opportunities. Meanwhile, Gabriel Benmergui 6d and Ali Jabarin 6d have just started up the online Atsumi Go School, which offers lessons, study groups and free game commentaries of games played between students. Benmergui is a top Argentinian player who has studied in Lee SangHun’s school, at Kim Sung-Rae 4p’s KBC school in Korea and represented Argentina at the World Amateur Go (WAGC) Championships and the World College Go Championship, where he defeated both Korean amateurs. Jabarin, Israeli champion for the last three years, placed 13th in the WAGC and represented Israel in the 2008 World Mind Sports Games, and is the current European Youth Champion.

US, Euro Player Databases Linked

Monday November 2, 2009

The new AGA Player Database and the European Go Database have now been cross-referenced with links for those players who have competed in events in both Europe and the United States. The new links are shown in the cards of players who are in both databases: a box appears with a link to the same player’s card in the “foreign” database. Currently, more than 300 players appear in both databases; examples include Ian Davis, Horst Sudhoff and Thomas Derz.

Go Designs

Monday December 22, 2008

Italian graphic designer Stefano Giurin has designed some new eye-catching go-themed t-shirts, sweatshirts and bags. A self-described “go addict,” Giurin, a 12-kyu, started playing a year ago. “I’m trying to make go more cool for everyone, not only for players,” Giurin tells the E-Journal.

Go Designs

Monday December 22, 2008

Italian graphic designer Stefano Giurin has designed some new eye-catching go-themed t-shirts, sweatshirts and bags. A self-described “go addict,” Giurin, a 12-kyu, started playing a year ago. “I’m trying to make go more cool for everyone, not only for players,” Giurin tells the E-Journal.

Computer Defeats Pro At 7 Stones

Monday December 15, 2008

The Crazy Stone go program apparently defeated Kaori Aoba 4P with a 7-stone handicap at last weekend’s Computer Go UEC Cup in Tokyo. “This would make Crazy Stone 4 or 5 dan, by Japanese standards,” wrote Darren Cook on a computer-go discussion group, “Maybe 2-3 dan European?” The UEC results were: 1st: Crazy Stone; 2nd: Fudogo; 3rd: Many Faces; 4th: Katsunari; Mogo apparently had time trouble and pulled out. Click here for the unofficial .sgf of the computer-pro game.

GoClubsOnline Offers Help For Local Organizers

Monday December 15, 2008

Harried volunteer go club organizers worldwide will be delighted to hear that online software is now available to help run a club and local tournaments. “GoClubsOnline makes it easy for players to register for your tournaments online,” says Robert Cordingley, “as well as to export player lists to popular pairings programs, track club memberships, monitor club libraries, keep results of club games, submit rated club games to the AGA and take care of book-keeping.” The site is free for subscribers and club members and club organizers can open a Club Account for as little as $95 per year. Other features include email facilities to communicate with tournament attendees and club members, profit and loss reports for each tournament or the club as a whole, membership analysis and tournament registration trends. The system is an upgrade from HGC-Online, developed for Cordingley’s Houston Go Club, which has been in use since February “and has saved us tons of time,” he says. GoClubsOnline also includes a growing list of productivity tools including printing winners certificates and club membership cards. “The most important benefit though is that it saves club organizers and volunteers tons of time so that they can play more go!” For more information visit the GoClubsOnline website or email