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Zen, Go bot and The Daily

Wednesday August 3, 2011

“A recent victory for a program called ‘Zen’ — which last month beat a highly ranked amateur player from Taiwan — has the Go programmer community buzzing,” reported Benjamin Carlson in the July 31 edition of The Daily. Carlson notes that “In games ranging from chess to ‘Jeopardy!’ powerful computers are making short work of human champions — with one notable exception.” “Can this be a turning point in the history of Go?” asked Zen co-creator Hideki Kato in a Go forum after the victorious results. The “Go bot” story — which discusses recent advances in go and AI through Monte Carlo Tree Search — goes on to quote Jie Li 7D, who calls go “one of the most artistic board games” as well as go programmer David Fotland, who says ““It’s so hard to look at a position and figure out who is winning.”

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Brian’s Go Photo: Outdoor Lesson with Yilun Yang 7P

Wednesday August 3, 2011

Brian’s Go Photo: Li Ting from the Kansai Kiin

Wednesday August 3, 2011

Living in the corner for double digit kyu players.  Prizes were joseki handkerchiefs from Kansai Kiin. photo by Brian Allen

Congress Game Records Posted

Wednesday August 3, 2011

If you haven’t had a chance to catch any of the live broadcasts from the ongoing U.S. Go Congress in Santa Barbara, CA — and even if you have — check out the wealth of game commentaries and game records we’ve posted online:

Tournament Crosstabs:

Game Reviews:

US Open
Round 1 Board 1 reviewed by Mingjiu Jiang
Round 2 Board 1 reviewed by Maeda Ryo
Round 2 Board 2 reviewed by Li Ting and Maeda Ryo
Round 3 board 1 reviewed by Jennie Shen

North American Masters’ Tournament

Round 1 Board 1 reviewed by Hajin Lee
Round 2 Board 1 reviewed by Li Ting and Maeda Ryo
Round 2 Board 4 reviewed by Jennie Shen and Maeda Ryo

Redmond Cup
Round 1 Senior Division by Curtis Tang

Pair Go Tournament

Round 1 Board 1 – Hugh Zhang & Jasmine Yan vs Aaron Ye & April Ye
Round 1 Board 2 – Dae Hyuk Ko & Wan Chen vs Patrick Allen & Lisa Scott
Round 2 Board 1 – Yuan Zhou & Roxanne Tam vs Hugh Zhang & Jasmine Yan
Round 2 Board 2 – Dae Hyuk Ko & Wan Chen vs Lionel Zhang & Amy Su

photos: Ryo Maeda & Jennie Shen comment a North American Masters game (top right); Pandanet President Hiroko Taki & AGA IGF VP for International Affairs at Tuesday night’s Pair Go Tournament; photos by Steve Colburn

Sun and Ye Sweep Redmond

Wednesday August 3, 2011

Calvin Sun 7d and Aaron Ye 4d both won their second round matches in the Redmond Cup Tuesday, Aug. 2nd, at the US Go Congress.  Sun, who placed second to Gansheng Shi 7d in the qualifiers, ended up sweeping the finals with two wins in a row.  Redmond finals are a best two out of three matches, so there will not be a third round.  In the Junior Division, Sammy Zhang 4d fought valiantly, but was overwhelmed by Ye in both matches.  All four kids won a free trip to congress to compete, and will split a $1,000 prize fund from the AGF.  This year they will receive a special treat as Michael Redmond 9p will present the Redmond Cup in person at the awards banquet at the US Go Congress. Sun’s second round win is below, all of the final matches are on the crosstab – Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.  Photo: Gansheng Shi (l) and Calvin Sun (r).


Lightning Tourney: 10m, Sudden Death. Start Your Clocks!

Tuesday August 2, 2011

Table winners: Ben Lockhart 6d; Kento Nikaido 5d; Keith Arnold 4d; Mathew Harvit 4d; Roxanne Tam 3d; Hal Small 3d; Kevin Fang 1d; Jeff Horn 1d; Jordan Betcher 2k; Larry Qu 2k; Vincent Ma 3k; David Niu 6k; Mike Lash 6k; Zong Li Huang 11k; Charles Polkiewcz 13k.
90 players at 8 dan tables & 7 kyu tables; directed by Keith Arnold, hka.
- photos/collage by Chris Garlock

Phil’s Portraits: Monday, August 1

Tuesday August 2, 2011

Here’s the latest collection of portraits of go players at the U.S. Go Congress in Santa Barbara, CA from E-Journal photographer Phil Straus:

Strong Players’ Open: Photo Gallery

Monday August 1, 2011

This tournament provides a forum for strong players ineligible for the North American Masters Tournament to compete in a high-level tournament at the U.S. Go Congress. The Strong Players’ Open is a 16-person, 4-round Swiss tournament. All players must be rated 4 dan or higher.

Schedule: Sunday, 7/31, Monday, 8/1, Thursday, 8/4 and Friday 8/5, each night at 7p.
Tournament Director: Karoline Burrall

Row 1: Chen Shuo (Cathy) Li 1P, Mingming Yin 1P, Hugh Zhang 7P, Changlong Wu 7d
Row 2: Tengxiao Yang 7d, Xuyu Xiang 7d, Gansheng Shi 7d, Bill Lin 7d
Row 3: Jon Boley 6d, Irene Sha 6d, Ke Lu 6d, Zhirui Yang 6d
Row 4: Masahiro Kawaguchi 5d, Martin Lebl 5d, Jimmy Yang 5d, Jack Shih 5d

Click here for pairings and results.
photos by Steve Colburn; collage by Chris Garlock

PRO GAME COMMENTARY: U.S. Open Round 2, Board 1: Maeda Ryo 6P on Yuan Zhou 7d vs. Dae Hyuk Ko 7d

Monday August 1, 2011

U.S. Open Round 2 Board 1
August 1, 2011

W: Yuan Zhou 7d


B: Dae Hyuk Ko 7d
Commentary by Maeda Ryo 6P, transcribed by Chris Garlock
Recorded by Dennis Wheeler; photo by Phil Straus

Ladders wind up playing a key role at several crucial points in this game; Maeda Ryo 6P explains why.

PRO GAME COMMENTARY: U.S. Open Round 2, Board 2: Li Ting 1P* on Calvin Sun 7d vs. Yongfei Ge 7d

Monday August 1, 2011

US Open Round 2 Board 2
August 1, 2011
W: Calvin Sun 7d
B: Yongfei Ge 7d
Commentary by Li Ting 1P (& Ryo Maeda 6P), transcribed by Chris Garlock
Recorded by Chris Burg


Stick to your plan (even if it’s not necessarily the best plan). That’s the lesson of this commentary, in which Sun begins building a moyo only to switch horses in mid-stream. Li Ting 1P (with an assist by Ryo Maeda 6P), shows the costs of inconsistency.