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U.S. GO NEWS: Hu Wins Chi Tourney; Jujo Tourney Report; World Pair Go Deadline Weds; NAMT Qualifier Host Sites Sought

Monday January 25, 2010

HU WINS CHI TOURNEY: Thomas Hu 6d won the January 23 “The White and the Black” tournament in Chicago, IL. “A smallish tournament, but some great games,” reports TD Bob Barber. “A new player was Young Rhee 7d, who will be teaching at the brand new Go Center in nearby Arlington Heights. If we move the tourney, we may double attendance. Heady times in Chicago.” 26 players participated. Results: 1st Place Dan: HU, Thomas, 6d, 4-0; 1st Place High Kyu: RUBENSTEIN, Mark, 4k, 4-0; 1st Place Low Kyu: ZHANG, Chris, 33k, 4-0.

JUJO TOURNEY REPORT: Mingjiu Jiang 7P won the Jujo Jiang Ing Goe Tournament held January 9-10 in San Francisco, CA. Winner’s Report: 1st place: Mingjiu Jiang 7P (5-0); 2nd: Calvin Sun 7d (4-1); 3rd: Lu Wang 7d (3-2); 4th: Song Li 6d (3-2).
- reported by Chris Burg

WORLD PAIR GO DEADLINE WEDS: This Wednesday, January 27 is the deadline for registering for the World Pair Go qualifiers. “This is a high level competition, with airfare, room and board for one pair from North America at the end of March,” reports American Go Association President Allan Abramson. The qualifiers will include Canadian pairs. Abramson’s recent Members Memo included details; contact him at

NAMT QUALIFIER HOST SITES SOUGHT: Beginning this year, the qualification tournament to select the 2011 Fujitsu Cup candidate will be the North American Masters tournament. The NAMT final is held at the annual U.S. Go Congress (LINK), which will be held in Colorado Spring, CO July 31-August 8. “We are now looking for clubs and people to host the NAMT qualifier tournaments around the country,” says AGA Tournament Coordinator Boris Bernadsky. Two sites are being sought in the west, two in the east and two in the central states; there will be two online tournaments as well. Anyone interested in hosting an NAMT qualifier can email Bernadsky at

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U.S. GO NEWS: Peng Wins MGA Winter Tourney; Jujo Games Broadcast Live; AGHS School Teams Tourney; U.S. Congress Site Launched; Seattle Go Center Now Tax-Deductible; AGF Drive Nets Funds For Go Projects

Monday January 11, 2010

PENG WINS MGA WINTER TOURNEY: Haijing Peng 2D won the January 10 Massachusetts Go Association’s Winter Tournament in Somerville. 26 players ranging from 2 dan to 20 kyu participated. Winner’s report: 1st: Haijing Peng 2D; 2nd: Doug Franz 12k; 3rd: Eric Reid 4k. (reported by TD Eva Casey)

JUJO GAMES BROADCAST LIVE: The EJ team partnered with KGS to broadcast from last weekend’s Jujo Jiang Tournament in San Francisco, CA. “The top games of the Jujo tourney attracted hundreds of observers from all over the world,” reports KGS Senior Administrator Akane Negishi. “The last round got over 480 observers at one point, overall it was a great turn out! The EJ’s Chris Burg did a wonderful job as a recorder, keeping the audience excited and curious, and everything went very smoothly. Here at KGS we were very happy to see that many people enjoyed and appreciated the broadcasts.” See attached for the game record of the tournament’s top-board final round: look for more game records to be posted online soon.

AGHS SCHOOL TEAMS TOURNEY: Registration is now open for the American Go Honor Society (AGHS) School Team Tournament. Modeled on the team tournaments featured in Hikaru no Go, the popular event is now in its 9th year; over 200 youth, from 70 different schools, entered last year. All games will be played on the KGS Go Server, and the deadline to enter is Feb. 2. The AGA and the AGF are providing $3,000 in gift certificates distributed among every team that completes the tournament, with extra prizes for the winners in several different brackets. Teams can be formed by any school with at least three go players, and by home-schooled kids who want to play together. Youth go clubs in alternative schools or part time schools are also allowed, as are teams from youth at public library clubs. The competition begins on the first weekend of March and continues for 8 weeks afterwards. Rounds lasts for two weeks, during which time each player on a team must complete one game against their assigned opponent. For more information, and to register, go to the AGHS website.

U.S. CONGRESS SITE LAUNCHED: The website for the 2010 U.S. Go Congress has been launched, reports AGA webmaster Steve Colburn. This year’s U.S. Go Congress runs July 31 – August 8, 2010 in Colorado Springs, CO at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

SEATTLE GO CENTER NOW TAX-DEDUCTIBLE: After a three-year effort by the Seattle Go Center board and staff, the Seattle Go Center can now receive tax deductible contributions. “Just before the holidays, the Center received notification that IRS had approved a status change to a 501(c)(3) public charity,” reports Go Center organizer Deborah Niedermeyer. “At a celebratory year-end fundraiser, the Go Center raised $2800 in donations. An additional $2100 will come from matching grants by donors’ employers.” photo: Deborah Niedermeyer with Board member John Hudson. report/photo by Brian Allen.

AGF DRIVE NETS FUNDS FOR GO PROJECTS: The American Go Foundation’s annual fundraising campaign is in high gear. “Seventy three donors have answered the call,” says AGF President Terry Benson. “We’re especially grateful to the sixteen current and former AGA members who gave for the first time during such challenging economic times.” The funds are needed to support an increased level of activity: the AGF sent more than 120 free Classroom Starter Sets to new youth programs in schools, libraries, after-school programs, 30% more than last year. Business is also picking up in The AGF Teacher Store, which opened last year with a $20,000 inventory; traffic has been so brisk that another shipment is on the way. More new programs mean greater use of matching funds, equipment grants and other resources, so the AGF is counting on more donations before the drive is over. “We’re trying to fill the gap caused by the loss of funding from the Ing Foundation. We need support to keep building the American community and maybe even find the next Michael Redmond,” Benson said. “The web makes it easy to help.”

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WORLD GO NEWS: Korean Teen Park Junghwan Wins Third Title Match; Iyama Yuta Takes Clear Lead In Honinbo League

Monday January 11, 2010

KOREAN TEEN PARK JUNGHWAN WINS THIRD TITLE MATCH: Park Junghwan 5P (l) won’t be twenty until 2013, but he is already becoming a major player. Last year he won two Korean titles, the Siptan (Judan) Cup and the Chunwon (Tengen), and he has just successfully defended the Sibdang against challenger Lee Changho 9P with a score of 2-1. Lee won the first game of the match, but Park took the other two on January 9th and 10th. In the unusual structure of the Siptan, as last year’s winner, Park was seeded into the third round, so he had to win two games just to get into the title match.

IYAMA YUTA TAKES CLEAR LEAD IN HONINBO LEAGUE: In the eight-player round robin league to decide the next challenger for the Honinbo title in Japan, Meijin Iyama Yuta 9P has a 4-0 record with three games to go. Everyone else has at least one defeat. The closest competitor at this point is Yamashita Keigo 9P with a 3-1 record. He and Iyama have not yet met in the league. Yamashita currently holds both the Kisei and the Tengen titles. Iyama is Meijin and also won the Ryusei last year.
- Bill Cobb, from Go News, GoGameWorld, Sensei’s Library

US Go News: 2010 U.S. Go Congress Dates & Location Set; Portland Yang Workshop Set For March; Redmond Cup Registration Opens; Maiden U.S.-Canada Women’s Team Tourney Launched

Sunday January 3, 2010

2010 U.S. GO CONGRESS DATES & LOCATION SET: This year’s U.S. Go Congress dates have now been finalized for July 31 – August 8, 2010 in Colorado Springs, CO at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. More details are available on the AGA’s GoDiscussion website. Karen Jordan is this year’s Congress Director and the event is hosted by the Springs Go Club, reports club president Jim Michali.

PORTLAND YANG WORKSHOP SET FOR MARCH: The Portland Go Club and Reed College are hosting a workshop with longtime teacher Yilun Yang 7P March 5-7.  To register send a check payable to the Portland Go Club to Peter Freedman, 1710 SW Harbor Way #303, Portland, OR 97201 (note on the check ‘Yi Lun Yang’): $100 for the full weekend; $40/day; 50% off for college students; 75% off for youth/child.

REDMOND CUP REGISTRATION OPENS: Young American go players can now sign up for the 17th edition of the Redmond Cup Tournament. Preliminary games will be played on the Internet, courtesy of IGS-PandaNet, and the four finalists will be invited to the 2010 US Go Congress to play the three final games. There are two divisions in the Cup; the Junior league for those aged less than 12 years and the Senior league for those 12 and older, but younger than 18, on August 1st 2010.  Competitors in the Senior League must be playing at dan strength, in the Junior 5 kyu or stronger. The participants must be members of the American Go Association or the Canadian Go Association and either residents of the U.S., Canada or Mexico or citizens of the United States living anywhere in the world, provided that they are also members of the AGA. The tournament director for the Redmond Cup is Michael Bull; Ing rules of Goe for all games. To register e-mail with your name, address, phone #, date of birth, email address, AGA rating, citizenship, and go club. The registration deadline is January 31st 2010 The Cup is sponsored by Michael Redmond 9P and his family, the American Go Association and the American Go Foundation.
Paul Barchilon, Youth Editor

MAIDEN U.S.-CANADA WOMEN’S TEAM TOURNEY LAUNCHED: The score is even in the first U.S.-Canada Women Team Go Tournament, an online event that kicked off last week and runs through January. Sarah Yu from Canada defeated Xingshuo Liu from US in the first round but Yinli Wang collected the first victory for team USA by beating Amira Song to even the score. Colin Zheng, Lisa Scott and Yixian Zhou are helping coordinate this event.
reported by Ke Lu; photo: Xingshuo Liu and Yinli Wang with Yongfei Ge at the 2009 U.S. Go Congress

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GO IN THE NEWS: Carrboro Carpenter Crafts Go Board for Obama Gift

Monday December 14, 2009

“A game struggling for United States recognition made the national stage when President Barack Obama presented China Premier Hu Jintao with a go game set as a diplomatic gift in early November,” reported Erin Wiltgen in the Durham (NC) Herald Sun last week. “Frank Salantrie, a Carrboro carpenter, crafted the board that set the go community abuzz,” the article continues. “’The go community is crazy over this,” said Paul Celmer, chapter head of the Triangle Go Club and a member of the American Go Association’s board of directors. ‘This is the biggest thing that’s happened to us in years. We’re excited the president saw enough respect for our game, whereas most people haven’t even heard of the game.’” Update: the two stories are now in the Sun’s archives: “Local carpenter whips up a presidential gift Obama presents go board to Chinese Premier Hu Jintao” and “Game of go gets exposure” available (for a fee) here.


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CORRECTIONS: Tetsuki Update

Monday December 14, 2009

CORRECTIONS: Tetsuki allows players to connect to IGS, not KGS (Iphone/Ipod Apps, 12/7 EJ); apparently there’s no way, yet, to connect to KGS via the iPhone. However, for Android cellphone users, “there may be hope to connect to KGS, as per a thread on,” reports Brian Kirby.


Write Your Own Go Grant

Monday December 14, 2009

The American Go Foundation (AGF) has created a new “umbrella grant” program that allows any qualifying US go organization or individual to use the AGF’s tax status for their go projects. The program was created at the instigation of Bay Area organizer Roger Schrag, who had helped form the Bay Area Go Players’ Association (BAGPA) and wanted to incorporate as a 501c3, allowing them to give donors a tax break, and to apply for grants to support teaching programs and other go-related events in their community. Many foundations will only fund groups with 501c3 status, and getting this status can take months, often requires a lawyer, and then needs significant maintenance. With the umbrella grant program, the AGF acts as the fiscal agent for the program, and routes the donations or grants to the local program. AGF VP Paul Barchilon has raised almost $10,000 for his go clubs through similar programs in Colorado, and the AGF modeled their new program on a local umbrella grant Barchilon had used.  Click here to learn more — raising funds to teach go in your community might be easier than you think!
- Roy Laird

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US Go News: Zhang 3-Peats at ING Youth Cup

Tuesday November 24, 2009

Hugh Zhang 6D (right) captured the ING Cup Youth Goe Tournament for the third consecutive year, winning all four of his games November 8. The 12th annual ING Youth attracted over 100 youth players, with more than 70 in the 19×19 section and over 30 in the 13×13 section at the Chinese Cultural Center in Sunnyvale, CA. Mingjiu Jiang and Reid Augustin directed the tournament.
Winner’s report: Open division (3D+) 1st: Hugh Zhang; 2nd: Justin Shieh; 3rd: Eric Su.
- Lawrence Ku

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U.S. GO NEWS: Matsumoto Wins Seattle Iwamoto Youth Tournament; Jie Liang Wins Mass. Tourney

Monday November 16, 2009

MATSUMOTO WINS SEATTLE IWAMOTO YOUTH TOURNAMENT: Ken Matsumoto won the Iwamoto Youth 13×13 Tournament (right) at the Seattle Go Center on Sunday, Nov. 15 with a 4-0 record. The handicapped tournament had prizes for all, including go equipment, books and fun little items. An enthusiastic player, Matsumoto has been coming to the Go Center twice a week.  Hardworking Henry Cai, who gave large handicaps to all of his opponents, won the high school division with a 3-1 record.  Isabel Anderson, a frequent competitor, won the middle school section. Michael Larson, who has been training with neighbor and AGA volunteer Dennis Wheeler, won the grade 3-5 section.  Kindergartner Oliver Alt won the K-2 section.
- report/photo by Brian Allen

JIE LIANG WINS MASS. TOURNEY: A few die-hard players braved the rain Saturday to attend out this year’s Western Mass. Go Club Fall tournament at U. Mass. Amherst.  “Jie Liang 7d made the 3-hour trek from New Hampshire to take apart all four of the Amherst residents we threw at him,” reports Trevor Morris. “ Our visiting faculty member from Japan, Hiroyuki Koguchi, rounded out the small winners circle (right) by losing only to Jie.”

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Go School Updates

Monday November 2, 2009

Go teacher Joey Hung 7d is shuttering his Fremont, CA-area school “for a while” he tells the E-Journal, to focus on business opportunities. Meanwhile, Gabriel Benmergui 6d and Ali Jabarin 6d have just started up the online Atsumi Go School, which offers lessons, study groups and free game commentaries of games played between students. Benmergui is a top Argentinian player who has studied in Lee SangHun’s school, at Kim Sung-Rae 4p’s KBC school in Korea and represented Argentina at the World Amateur Go (WAGC) Championships and the World College Go Championship, where he defeated both Korean amateurs. Jabarin, Israeli champion for the last three years, placed 13th in the WAGC and represented Israel in the 2008 World Mind Sports Games, and is the current European Youth Champion.