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National Go Center Launches Updated Website

Monday December 12, 2016

The National Go Center in Washington DC last week launched it’s updated website. The site features a news feed, resources 2016.12.11_NGC-new-websitesection, contact page and links to the forum. The Center also has a Facebook page and Twitter account. “Please like/follow us!” urges Nate Eagle. “If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or critiques related to any of our nascent efforts for the NGC’s internet face, please head over to the forum and let us know.”

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Lockhart on Go in “Games World of Puzzles”

Monday December 12, 2016

“There is no losing in go,” says Ben Lockhart in the December edition of Games World of Puzzles magazine, now on 2016.12.11_Games World of Puzzles-lockhartnewsstands. Lockhart represents go in “Perspectives on Play in 2016,” in which Games “polled everyone from top-flight game players to serious scholars who ponder the role of play in our lives to bring you their perspective on the state of games and play in 2016.” The proverb, says Lockhart, “refers to the feeling that you play your best and any mistakes you made you now have the privilege of being able to think about and correct, thus improving.” Lockhart also surveys the current state of competitive go, including this year’s stunning win by AlphaGo over Lee Sedol.


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Chile Repeats as ORION Champion

Monday December 12, 2016

Chile won the Latin American ORION U18 Team Tournament for the second consecutive year. The tournament was played2016.12.11_orion-tourney on November 26-27 on the Online Go Server and drew 11 teams of three players each from Chile, México, Ecuador and Venezuela. This is the third edition of the annual event.

Results (top three places):
1. CHILE: Benjamín Mimiza, Matías Salinas, Fernando Gallardo
2. MÉXICO: Diego A. Luciano, Mateo Nava, Bruno Michaca
3. VENEZUELA: Abel Pérez, Angel Rengifo, Iverson Rosales
More info here.

- Siddhartha Avila, Latin American correspondent

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Catching Up: Obama on go, AlphaGo helps predict the future, and more

Sunday December 11, 2016

We’ve fallen behind again on responding to and publishing go-related finds from our sharp-eyed readers; here’s a partial round-up to start catching up.

President Obama on go: “If you’ve got a computer that can play Go, a pretty complicated game with a lot of variations, then developing an algorithm that lets you maximize profits on the New York Stock Exchange is probably within sight.” President Obama, in his August 24 interview with MIT’s Joi Ito and WIRED’s Scott Dadich. Thanks to Felipe M Pait.

“MIT researchers are now teaching computers to predict the future” (NBC) “Many experts had thought Go — which has significantly more sequences of valid moves — could be harder for computers to grasp…(but) A network for identifying coral knows nothing about identifying, even, grass from sidewalk. The Go network isn’t just going to become a master at checkers on its own.” Thanks to Michael Bacon.2016.12.11_starcraftII

DeepMind, Master of Go, takes on video game Starcraft (Bloomberg) Google’s DeepMind AI unit, which earlier this year achieved a breakthrough in computer intelligence by creating software that beat the world’s best human player at the strategy game Go, is turning its attention to the sci-fi video game Starcraft II. Thanks to Ted Terpstra and Les Lanphear. photo:

Get a clue: The clue for 9 down in The New York Times crossword for Friday October 21 was is “Go, for one” and the answer was “game.” Thanks to Roy Laird.

LeGuin’s “Left Hand”: “On Page 240 of my Penguin copy of Ursula LeGuin’s ‘Left Hand of Darkness’ she writes ‘… Ai (the space traveller) taught me a Terran game played on squares with little stones, called ‘go’, an excellent difficult game. As he remarked there are plenty of stones here to play ‘go’ with..’” - None Redmond 

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Tia-an Cha Wins Davis/Sacramento Go Club Winter Quarterly tournament

Sunday December 11, 2016

Tia-an Cha 4k (right) bested Willard Haynes 1k to win the Davis/Sacramento Go Club Winter Quarterly tournament on November2016.12.11_Tia-an Cha San Diego winner 19th at the Arcade library in Sacramento. “The field was small, only six players, but the games were good,” Haynes reports. Tai-An Cha and Haynes both had 3-1 records and Tia-an Cha won on tie breaks.


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South Central Go Tournament Open for Registration

Sunday December 11, 2016

The second South Central Go Tournament, February 18 and 19, 2017 in Dallas, is now open for on-line registration here. In 2016.12.06_south-central-2015the 2016 tournament (right) 46 players from five states registered with strengths ranging all the way from 7d to 2d (Open Section) and 1k to 20k (Handicap Section). “It was enjoyed by all,” says Robert Gilman. For more information about the tournament visit South Central’s Facebook page or email “We are targeting players from the south central part of the US, but all are welcome,” says Gilman.

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Go Spotting: The Tokyo National Museum

Saturday December 10, 2016

by Erwin Gerstorfer2016.12.06_3Screen_IMG_2742A

A few weeks ago while in Tokyo I visited the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno. There I discovered three depictions of go, which was perhaps not surprising in this country with a long history of the game but nevertheless seemed quite a remarkable number for such a renowned art museum.

The first I spotted was a go scene from the Ranka story on a fan mounted on folding screens in the main building of the museum.

2016.12.06_6Kimono_IMG_2738AThen, in the next room I was amazed to find a go board in the embroidery of a kimono representing one of the Four Elegant Pastimes.

More than satisfied that I had found two go scenes, my go art day was complete when I came across one more — again on folding screens — when I went to the side building of the Horyuji Treasures.2016.12.06_10Horyuji_IMG_2760A

Due to the huge number of exhibits most visitors would probably not notice these go references, but after years of training myself to spot go in Japanese woodblock prints (Ukiyo-e) they just leapt out to me. If you too happen to visit Tokyo in the next months, try to discover them yourself, they are well worth a visit.
Erwin Gerstorfer is an avid collector of go literature and prints.

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Portland Chess and Go; Helprin Wins

Friday December 9, 2016

20161204_133056“About 30 kids participated in the first Portland Chess and Go Tournament for children of the year” reports Portland, OR, organizer Peter Freedman.  “The top four players in go (A group) played a round robin, the other 7 a Swiss McMahon.  Luke won a playoff against perennial champ Olin Waxler to take first place. Olin played all his games giving a two stone handicap. All games were played on 13×13 boards. Both parents and children enjoyed our new tournament venue, the Lucky Lab Pub, where the Portland Go Club meets Sunday afternoons.”  Winners Report: Go round robin A Division: 1st: Luke Helprin, Irvington; 2nd Olin Waxler, Beverly Cleary and Patrick Le, Roseway Heights, tie; 3rd: Emmett Perkins, Irvington. B Division Go: Oliver Kuerbis, Irvington, 4-0, first; Max Meier, Irvington, 3-1 second; Isaac Stowell, Beverly Cleary, third. Chess Results: Brady Yamin, Irvington, 1st; Ai Rose Solomon, Richmond, 2nd; Miles Gray, Richmond, 3rd. Photo by Peter Freedman: Olin Waxler (l) vs. Luke Helprin (r).

Ke Jie Wins Samsung Cup

Thursday December 8, 2016

Ke Jie 9P defeated Tuo Jiaxi 9P in a dramatic Game 3 Wednesday night to capture the 2016 Samsung Cup. The game featured fighting from the very beginning; you can watch Stephanie Yin 1P’s commentary on the AGA’s YouTube stream here. 2016.12.05_samsung-finalMyungwan Kim 9Ps Game 2 commentary and Yin’s Game 1 commentary are also posted.

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Perez Wins Latin American Youth Tourney

Wednesday December 7, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 5.36.40 PMAbel Perez, of Venezuela, took top honors  in the Liga youth tourney, held on OGS. The event is an annual tournament league for players under the age of 18 from all over Latin America. Liga started this year in April and concluded in November; 7 rounds were played each month. There were 24 players from Venezuela, México, Chile and Ecuador. Some games were reviewed by Ignacio Iglesis, a 2 dan go streamer for the Spanish speaking community, on his youtube channel Estudiando Go con Ini. The final matches in round 7 were very competitive as 4 countries had at least one player at the top boards, the winners were: 1st place- Abel Pérez, Venezuela; 2nd place: Leonardo Valdovinos, México; 3rd place: Benjamín Mimiza, Chile; 4th place: Joaquín Proaño, Ecuador; 5th place: Lilian Zavala, México.  See full results here.

“The dedication and motivation of the 3 chilean players that took part at the league inspired other kids to become more engaged with go, and it’s very likely that we will have 10 players for next years’ league,” says  Sebastián Montiel, Chilean go teacher at Club de Go Aonken. “This was the first time that we organized a tournament as a league system for Latin American youth, and it was quite a great success.” Co- organizer Diego Albuja, Ecuadorian go teacher at Academia de Go, told the Journal: ” I’m delighted that the league tournament concluded so satisfyingly, it depended not only on the guidance of the go instructors, but also on the commitment and will to participate of the young players, this indicates to us as organizers that there is great potential for the youth go scene in Latin America. With this league tournament a very active player in Ecuador, Joaquín Proaño leaves the youth division as he turned 18, and we are glad to see he will continue his path at go as an amateur player.”

“All our players had a rich and fun experience making connections with opponents from the Latin American region,” says Siddhartha Avila, Mexican Go teacher at Dojo de Go. “Leonardo Valdovinos played the game for the top place,  even though it was intense and he came in 2nd,  he learned a lot from it. Another highlight was Lilian Zavala, as there are few female players we are proud to see that she continues getting to the top places in local and regional tournaments. These kinds of online tournaments for youth are relatively new for the countries in our region, but play a key role for the development of go. Our event joins the efforts of other Latin American tournaments, like the recent 1st Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship  which kicked off with 10 teams on November 20th, or the annual online tournament “Torneo Iberoamericano de Go por Internet” which was held for the 18th time this year, with a total of 92 registered players between almost all the countries affiliated with the Iberoamerican Go Federation . -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor, with Siddhartha Avila.  Photo: Club members of Chile’s Club de Go Aonken, in the computer lab at Escuela Juan Williams.