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AlphaGo watch parties planned across U.S.

Sunday May 21, 2017

American go clubs across the country are making plans to watch the upcoming AlphaGo-Ke Jie match. AGA chapters that hold an AlphaGo viewing party are AlphaGo 2nd gameeligible for $100 of (non-alcohol) expenses from the AGA’s chapter rewards points pool (read more here). Participating chapters thus far include the National Go Center in Washington, DC, Seattle, Austin and Durham. If your chapter is planning a watch party, email details to us at

The National Go Center’s watch party starts at 10:30p Monday night and runs until the match ends; pizza will be provided. The Center will be open for play starting at 9p and is located at 4652 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20016. “We’ll also be open for the remaining events,” reports Nate Eagle, including Tuesday starting at 7p and staying open for the Future of Go forum at 9pWednesday starting at 7p and staying open for the game starting at 10:30pThursday starting at 6p and staying open for the Pair Go / Team Play starting at 8:30p, and Friday starting at 7p and staying open for the final game starting at 10:30p. Click here for the up-to-date listings.

The Seattle Go Center reports that it will be open late to watch all five AlphaGo events.  The full Seattle schedule is on their calendar.  “We had over 60 players for the first AlphaGo/Lee Sedol game, and there is a lot of interest in this match between Ke Jie and AlphaGo as well”, reports Manager Brian Allen.

The Austin Go Club will be sponsoring a watch party on Monday evening for the first game of the Alpha Go vs Ke Jie match; check their Facebook page for details. The Triangle Go Group will host an AlphaGo viewing party on Wednesday evening at the EcoLounge at Recyclique, 2811 Hillsborough Rd, in Durham. “We’ll discuss and review the first game and thanks to the AGA, we’ll enjoy pizza as we try to digest the future of go,” says Bob Bacon. “This will be fun!”

The Neo Millennium Go Club will hold an AlphaGo vs Ke Jie watch party between 3pm and 6pm on May 28th in Andover, Massachusetts (497 South Main Street).  Jie Liang, Zhiping You and Ke Lu will be the main commentators.

photo by Brian Allen: Following the 2nd AlphaGo/Lee Sedol game
This story has been updated with the Millennium Go Club party.


AGA Master Review Series, Game 48: Master [W] vs. Park Junghwan 9p [B]

Sunday May 21, 2017

Michael Redmond 9p & Chris Garlock of the AGA E-Journal provide commentary and analysis of the forty-eighth game of Master (AlphaGo). In 2017.05.21_AGA Master Review Series, Game 48this game, Master plays white against Park Junghwan 9p. “Up to move 24, this game is identical to game 22, in which Master shows a new way for White to invade the Chinese opening,” says Redmond. “Park stayed in the game much longer than most, but finally started to fall behind after White’s invasion at 78 was successful.”



AlphaGo-Ke Jie match schedule released

Saturday May 20, 2017

DeepMind has released the schedule for the upcoming Future of Go Summit, featuring an updated AlphaGo in several formats, including pair go,2017.05.20_AlphaGo China  DeepMind team go, and a 1:1 match with the world’s number one player Ke Jie.

The action begins Tuesday in China (Monday night in the US), with an opening ceremony at 9p EST and the AlphaGo-Ke Jie match starting at 10:30p EST. The Future of A.I. Forum will take place on Wednesday, the second AlphaGo-Ke Jie on Thursday, pair and team go on Friday, and the third AlphaGo-Ke Jie match on Saturday. (use this Time Zone Converter to determine local dates/times)

DeepMind will be streaming the matches live, posting match updates and expert commentaries every day on this page and on their Twitter account, @DeepMindAI. For more details, you can visit the official event page here.

AGA Master Review Series, Game 47: Master [B] vs. Tan Xiao 7p [W]

Saturday May 20, 2017

Michael Redmond 9p & Chris Garlock of the AGA E-Journal provide commentary and analysis of the forty-seventh game of Master (AlphaGo). In 2017.05.20_AGA Master Review Series, Game 47this game, Master plays black against Tan Xiao 7p.

“Tan Xiao was rated the top Chinese player in 2011, and has been a point getter for China in the Nongshim Cup,” says Redmond. “I am choosing this game to display Master’s peep to the 5-5 point, another move that was considered to be a bad exchange before Master played it.”


2017 US Go Congress update video; early registration ends soon

Friday May 19, 2017

Andrew Jackson and Michael Wanek are back with another video update on this year’s US Go Congress, th2017.05.19_congress-updateis time with Congress directors Les Lanphear and Ted Terpstra. Lanphear and Terpstra talk about some of the highlights of this year’s Congress and remind those thinking about attending that Early Registration ends June 1st, when registration price and meal plan prices increase. Also, they note, after June 1st, the rooms at the hotel — “And it is an amazing venue!” says Wanek, who just did a site visit last week — will not be guaranteed.

Solid turnout expected at Maryland Open

Thursday May 18, 2017

Over 30 players have already registered for the 44th annual Maryland Open, coming up May 27-28. Registered players so far include two pros, reports organizer Keith Arnold. There are prizes in all sections in the two-day event and players can participate in one or both days. Register here.

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Artem Kachanovskyi wins Grand Slam in Berlin

Wednesday May 17, 2017

A Grand Slam tournament is the top level tournament in the European Go Federation’s Grand Prix, and the only level for which special pre-qualification conditions exist. The first such of 2017 took place in Berlin, starting on the 28th of April, and running for 4 days, the event saw 12 of the strongest European players battle it out for a 10,000 euro prize. The winner of the event was Artem Kachanovskyi (1p) who comes from Ukraine, he beat the Russian player Alexander Dinerchtein (3p) in the final by a margin of 5.5 points. Amusingly, before the event Alexander stated that Artem was the only opponent he felt he would be unable to defeat. Slovakia’s Pavol Lisy (1p) won the play-off for third place, defeating Ilya Shikshin (1p). You can see the full results here.

At the same time, a team tournament was running – the China Cup Berlin. This event was won by deceptively titled “Losers without Borders” (Dominik Boviz (6d), Thomas Debarre (6d), Nikola Mitic (6d)), a team made up of players who were knocked out of the Grand Slam on day 1. They finished ahead of second place “Team Berlin” (Johannes Obenaus(6d), Kim Seongjin(8d), Xu Yin(6d), Zhang Yi(5d)), and third place “The Dudes” (Cristian Pop(7d), Catalin Taranu(5p), Cornel Burzo(6d)). Full reports of both events are available here and here. There will be a second Grand Slam event in Warsaw this year.

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AGA Master Review Series, Game 36: Gu Zihao 9p [W] vs. Master 9p [B]

Wednesday May 17, 2017

“Gu Zihao was born in 1998, and won the Limin Cup (youth) International tournament in 2015,” says Michael Redmond 9p in this video commentary, hosted by Chris Garlock of the AGA E-Journal, of the thirty-sixth game of Master (AlphaGo). “He is moving up in the rankings, 2017.05.17_AGA Master Review Series, Game 36and now is in the top 30 players in the world. Master plays its’ distinctive style in all parts of the board, with the most shocking move being an early invasion to the 3-3 point.”


Hold an AlphaGo Match Viewing and Kibitzing Party

Wednesday May 17, 2017

Next week’s face off between Ke Jie 9p and DeepMind’s updated AlphaGo software promises to be more than a long-awaited grudge match (“One small bleep for a computer, one giant push for mankind,” commented AGA President Andy Okun). It will also be be a chance to think about the future of go. Moves suggested by AlphaGo have already become common in online and professional tournament play as players build, break and rebuild their opening and middle game theories. “More than anything else, then, this is a chance to learn new things about the game by analyzing, commenting on, arguing about and playing over the moves thrown off in the brawling between China’s fearsome slugger and Google’s triumph of modern engineering,” Okun said. “We should do this together.” To this end, any chapter that holds an AlphaGo viewing party during next week’s event is eligible for $100 of (non-alcohol) expenses supported by the AGA president’s discretionary chapter rewards points pool, in addition to using their own points. Since the games are in Asia and may be late at night, watching online later is fine. Conditions are that the chapter is current, that more than a couple of people attend, that it be before May 30, and that you send the EJ a notice of the event beforehand so we can put word out about it, and an account of the event and a couple of pictures. Send questions to

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Redmond Reviews: Honinbo Dosaku and Master/AlphaGo

Sunday May 14, 2017

“In this game from 1670 Honinbo Dosaku plays White against Yasui Chitetsu, his major rival in the Yasui house,” says Michael Redmond 9p in this video commentary, hosted by Chris Garlock of the AGA E-Journal. “In this game I will comment on Dosaku’s brilliant sabaki in the early middlegame, in a position that I find to resemble the way Master invaded the Chinese opening in games 22 and 48.”