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Go Documentary Expands Goals, Outreach

Thursday June 21, 2012

With 16 days to go, “The Surrounding Game” documentary team has already surpassed its initial fundraising goal (American Go Players Seek Support for Go Documentary, 6/12 EJ) and is now pushing for their second funding target of $25,000. “We are realizing that this is bigger than just the film” says David Glekel, 2d, who joined the team last month.  “With the start of the American professional system and the first North American Go Symposium, this year is a golden opportunity for the American go community to make a major impact on public awareness.” As part of this new phase, the team is contacting every go club in America to unite the go community in a push for public outreach. “We’re asking for your help in promoting go in every way possible, whether it’s through word-of-mouth, teaching go in your community, hosting a local tournament or workshop, or by supporting our documentary project.” says co-director Cole Pruitt. The team has also released new community-oriented prizes on their Kickstarter page, and has given their story to a number of online media outlets. The Surrounding Game documentary team will be filming at this year’s US Go Congress, Pro Certification tournament and International Go Symposium, and will also be traveling to China and Korea to document international title tournaments and the cultural legacy of go in Asia. “This isn’t just a ‘promotional film’ ” says Pruitt, “it’s about the narrative of go, the people it inspires, and the unique place that go has among cultures and communities. Our dream is that this film will provide the general public a real chance to explore firsthand how incredible go is.” photo: Cole Pruitt (l) and David Glekel shooting at the Maryland Open

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4 AGA Board Seats Contested by Full Slate of Candidates

Wednesday June 20, 2012

As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney vie for the Presidency and the major parties battle for control of Congress this year, another election has thus far escaped the media’s attention. Four of the American Go Association’s seven Board directors are up for election this year, with a full slate of candidates contesting for the seats on the Board. In the Eastern region, running for the seat currently held by Chuck Robbins, three are running: Gurujeet Khalsa, Feng Yun and Thomas Hsiang. Bob Barber is challenging incumbent Central region director Lisa Scott, and Chris Kirschner, Jeff Horn and Steven Burrall are competing for the Western seat currently held by Andrew Okun, who was recently appointed President of the AGA. In the At-Large election, Zhiyuan [Edward] Zhang and Chuck Robbins, the current Eastern region director, are challenging incumbent Jie Li. All terms are for two years. AGA chapters with two or more members can vote for the candidates in their region, while all full AGA members may vote for the At-Large candidate of their choice. Ballots will be emailed to all eligible voters by July 1, and the results will be tallied and announced at the US Go Congress in Black Mountain, NC, during the first week of August. Click here for complete voting instructions and candidate statements, if available.

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Janice Kim to Teach Workshop in Northern California This Weekend

Monday June 18, 2012

Janice Kim 3P, popular go teacher, go blogger, and co-author of the Learn to Play Go book series, will teach a workshop in Berkeley, California this coming weekend, June 23 and 24. Those who signed up early turned in game records for Kim to review before the workshop so that she could tailor the discussion topics specifically to students’ needs. “Course materials and game records will be provided in both print and electronic format so that students can take notes and annotate records on mobile devices or with pen and pencil,” reports organizer Roger Schrag. Seats are still available, and the deadline to sign up is this Friday, June 22 at noon. Class size will be kept small so that everyone can get as much individual attention as possible. Learn more about the workshop and sign up on the workshop web page.  Photo: Janice Kim lectures at the 2012 Cotsen Open; photo by Chris Garlock.

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Go Teaching Project Takes Root in Brazil

Monday June 18, 2012

The Caroline Campelo Cruz e Silva School in Palmas City, Brazil, has launched a full go program for kids, reports teacher Luciano Sanches Teixeira. Recent changes in organization and curricula at the school opened up space for new teaching activities, including a room equipped for teaching chess and checkers. “The first contact with go came about through research about (chess and checkers) on the Internet,” that led to the discovery that “there was another game, an oriental game played with glass spheres on a wooden board,” says Teixeira.

The school received its first go board in 2010, and while the initial interest was sparked by curiosity about an ancient game, Teixeira says that go “gained our attention thanks to its relationship with mathematics.” In addition to the calculations required for playing go, “We also think that looking at the different shapes built on the board and dealing with the delicate stones could also help develop motor coordination and laterality,” which are both important in the literacy process. This year the school launched a project to teach go to all students, for two months the students had go lessons, and “We also offered workshops after the regular classes, where students had access to the game of go throughout the school year.”

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Go Camps Offers Study & Fun

Monday June 18, 2012

“The AGA Summer Go Camp is excited to announce that both Slate and Shell and Kiseido have made a donation of books to the 2012 camp,” reports Camp Director Amanda Miller. “Throughout the week of July 29, the camp will be holding small tournaments and other fun Go-related activities, such as 13 x13, pair Go, and team tournaments. The books will be given out to the winners of these events, and include titles from  Yuan Zhou’s Master Play series, Yilun Yang’s The Workshop Lectures, and the Elementary Go Series. Because of the generosity of these companies, there should be more than enough books to go around, so every camper will get at least one,” adds Miller. Go Camp is for anyone between the ages of 8 and 18, and there is still time to register. The camp will take place the week before the Go Congress from July 28 to August 4 and will be held at the same location, the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  Mingjiu Jiang (7P) will be the teacher. Kids who are interested in the camp, but worry they can’t afford it, are encouraged to apply for need-based scholarships, which are still available from the AGF. “We have registered campers between the ages of 6 and 18, and within a strength range of 22-kyu to 1-dan, so the camp should be a lot of fun, regardless of age or rank,” says Miller. For more information, can visit the camp website ( or e-mail the camp directors at -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.

2011 U.S. Go Congress Overview Released

Sunday June 17, 2012

Hundreds of go players gathered in one place. Professionals from around the world playing simultaneous games with amateurs of all strengths. Tournament games daily. Professional lectures and game analysis. Eight days of all kinds of go-related activities from morning to midnight. It’s the annual U.S. Go Congress, of course, and nearly 400 have already signed up for this year’s Congress, which will be held August 4-12 in Black Mountain, NC. There’s still time to register and to give you a better idea of what to expect, the E-Journal has just released the 2011 U.S. Go Congress Overview, which compiles all our reports, photos, games and commentaries from last year’s Congress in Santa Barbara, CA. Special features include “Getting Frank with MingJiu Jiang 7P,” “Janice Kim on the 3 Rules of Go,” and a whole lot more, all just a click away. We hope you enjoy this special collection and look forward to seeing you at the Congress!
- Chris Garlock, Managing Editor
American Go E-Journal

2011 U.S. Go Congress Overview: Reports, Photos, Games & Commentaries

Sunday June 17, 2012

Winners Yongfe Ge Wins U.S. Open; Mingming Yin Wins Strong Players Open
Zi Yang Hu 1P Wins N.A. Master’s Tournament; Board Auction Raises $1,000 for AGF
Yongfei Ge Closes in on U.S. Open Title, Mingming “Stephanie” Yin Wins Strong Player’s Tournament

2011 U.S. Go Congress Crosstabs (includes game files except for the Die Hard)
US Open (includes game files)
North American Masters Tournament
Redmond Cup Junior Division
Redmond Cup Senior Division
Strong Players Open
Die Hard (no game files)


Brian’s Photos: Selected 2011 U.S. Go Congress Awards
Brian’s Photos: Pro Game Analysis
Brian’s Go Photo: Go Players Hit the Beach
Brian’s Go Photo: Outdoor Lesson with Yilun Yang 7P
Brian’s Go Photo: Li Ting from the Kansai Kiin
Brian’s Go Photo: Jennie Shen 2P Game Analysis
Brian’s Go Photo: Go Congress Moves Outdoors
Brian’s Go Photos: Memories of the Santa Barbara Go Congress
Phil’s Portraits: Familiar Faces
Phil’s Portraits: Sunday, July 31
Phil’s Portraits: Monday, August 1

U.S. Go Congress Game Records, Pro Commentaries, Pairings & Results (thru 8/5)
U.S. Go Congress Game Records, Pro Commentaries, Pairings & Results (thru 8/4)
Congress Game Records Posted (thru 8/3)
PRO GAME COMMENTARY: U.S. Open Round 1, Board 1: Mingjiu Jiang 7P on Dae Hyuk Ko 7d vs. Bill Lin 7d
PRO GAME COMMENTARY: U.S. Open Round 2, Board 1: Maeda Ryo 6P on Yuan Zhou 7d vs. Dae Hyuk Ko 7d
PRO GAME COMMENTARY: U.S. Open Round 2, Board 2: Li Ting 1P* on Calvin Sun 7d vs. Yongfei Ge 7d
PRO GAME COMMENTARY: U.S. Open Round 4, Board 3: Michael Redmond 9P on Chen-Sun
PRO GAME COMMENTARY: NAIM Round 2, Board 4: Maeda & Shen on Hu-Chen

North American Masters: Player Photo Gallery
Strong Players’ Open: Photo Gallery


The Go Congress Remembers Yoshi Sawada
Getting Frank with MingJiu Jiang 7P
Janice Kim on the 3 Rules of Go
Appreciation for AGA Lifetime Members

U.S. Go Congress EJ Team Recognition
YOUR MOVE: Congress Ratings?
NEW IN PRINT: Roy Laird Visits the Congress Go Vendors
Congress Connects KGS Neighbors

Tam-Zhou to Play Su-Zhang in Pair Go Playoff
106 Clock in for Die Hard Tourney
Pandanet-IGS Announces New Client
Lightning Tourney: 10m, Sudden Death. Start Your Clocks!
Board Election Winners, Congress Results

2011 U.S. Open Underway
U.S. Go Congress: Day 1 Live Broadcast Schedule
Following the 2011 Go Congress on Twitter, KGS, EJ & Website
Party Starts Early for 2011 U.S. Congress
Go Congress Joseki: Congress at a GlanceGo Congress Joseki: Checking In/Registering
Go Congress Joseki: Other Games
Go Congress Joseki: Transportation & Parking
Go Congress Joseki: Arrival/Registration
Sign Up Online for Congress Pair Go!
Excitement Building for Upcoming U.S. Go Congress in Santa Barbara, CA
New GoGoD Released, Coming to Congress
Balwit Named Teacher of the Year
Rare KBA Dan Certificates to be Awarded at Go Congress
U.S. Go Congress Attendance Nears 450; 19 Pros Confirmed

Battle of the Youngsters: Tang vs. Hu in Master’s Final Friday Night
Redmond Plays Redmond
Sun and Ye Sweep Redmond
Sun and Ye Leading in Redmond Cup
Shi and Ye Top Redmond Cup Qualifiers


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NoVa Capital Go Club Offers Chinese Go Mag in “Virtual Library”

Sunday June 17, 2012

Northern Virginia’s Capital Go Club is making its collection of World of Go (WeiQi TianDi) magazine available free for the asking. “World of Go is the most popular go magazine in China with hundreds of thousands of readers,” says Capital Go organizer Edward Zhang. The Capital Go Club — an AGA chapter — has a collection of nearly 400 issues of the magazine. “All you need to do is to fill the registration form and promise to return the magazine in a timely fashion,” says Zhang. While no deposit is required, Zhang does note that the magazine is in simplified Chinese.




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Myung-wan Kim 9P To Do Live Video/Audio Commentary on AGA-Tygem Pro Online Prelim Game Saturday

Friday June 15, 2012

Myung-wan Kim 9P (r) will provide live video and audio commentary Saturday on the AGA-Tygem Pro Online Prelim game between ‘regular456′ 9-dan and ‘CptJack’ 5-dan.The live commentary will be in Tygem’s World room starting at 12:30P (EST). “The live commentary feature is one of the favorite things Korean go players love in Tygemgo and I think US go players will also enjoy it,” Myung-wan Kim tells the E-Journal. “Regular456 seems to be much stronger than CptJack but observers will still enjoy the game, especially as regular456 is a somewhat famous and serious go player in the US who wants to be a pro.”
photo: Myung-wan Kim doing online game  commentary at the 2012 Cotsen AGA-Tygem Go Pro Prelim; photo by Chris Garlock

American Go Players Seek Support for Go Documentary

Tuesday June 12, 2012

After several months of filming, AGA members making a new documentary about the game of go have just released a trailer and are raising funds to complete the feature-length film. “This film will cover all aspects of go and go culture, and we hope it will have a large impact in spreading awareness and interest in the game,” says Will Lockhart 5D (at left in photo), who’s co-directing the film with Cole Pruitt 2k (at right). “The Surrounding Game” uses this year’s launch of the American professional system to explore the game and world of go. Lockhart, who co-founded the Brown University Go club, and Pruitt — a Brown alum — and their team have already filmed extensively at the 2012 Cotsen Open and Maryland Open, and will be shooting more footage at the upcoming Canadian Open, US Go Congress, and Pro Certification Tournament, before traveling to Asia in the fall. “Despite being the most compelling and fulfilling of all games, go remains almost completely unknown in the West,” the team notes. “By exploring the roots of go in Asia and the intensity of international competition, we want to give a taste of the beauty of go to everyone. From rules that a child can understand, to dazzling complexities too difficult for supercomputers that only the human mind can unravel, go has potential to take the Western world by storm.” The team must raise at least $15,000 in pledges by July 7 to collect funding for the doc through Kickstarter, and is offering a wide range of rewards for contributors, from DVDs to limited-edition t-shirts, mugs, boards signed by top professionals and more. “I think this film will tell an exceptional story about an exceptional game,” says AGA President Allan Abramson. “Your help is critical to getting ‘The Surrounding Game’ onto the silver screen!”

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