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Janice Kim 3P to Lead Go Workshop at Hollyhock

Tuesday January 29, 2013

Go is returning to Hollyhock after more than a decade as Janice Kim 3P leads a workshop at the learning center in British Columbia June 28 through July 3. Kim promises to “Increase your go skill through interactive lectures, small and large group exercises, game practice and analysis,” as well as help players “Develop critical thinking skills and improve your confidence while exploring effective and positive real world decision-making.” An award-winning author and professional 3-dan, Kim brings decades of experience to her acclaimed workshops; in 1984 she won the World Youth Go Championship, took second place in the 1985 Fuji Women’s Korean Go Champion and in 2008 she placed 4th in the World Poker Tour Bellagio Five Diamond Classic. She’s also been a contributor to the American Go E-Journal, most recently contributing commentary at the 2012 Sport Accord World Mind Sports Games in Beijing.


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Weiqi2Go Update

Tuesday January 29, 2013

In a recent E-Journal article about Weiqi2Go, the new iPod/iPhone/iPad app for viewing recent tournament games, we complained that the players were only listed in Chinese, limiting its usefulness to non-Chinese reading users, and we’re pleased to report that game lists now identify events, games and players in English. Some game descriptions are still only in Chinese; there is also a Chinese option, and Korean names can be viewed in Korean. Nearly 1,000 recent pro games are available on the server, which is continuously updated with the latest top tournament games, organized in a way that I found difficult to browse; games from several tournaments are lumped together in one directory. A subdirectory structure for each tournament would be a welcome addition. The graphics are OK but still fall short of other programs. The stones seem too small for the board, which in turn could be larger on the iPod (which I used to review these products).  If you want to look at games from the current tournament scene, Weiqi2Go looks like a good option. Just find the games online that you want to look at and download them to your device, then save them to a directory. All the events I looked for were there. I was however disappointed that there is no “Import” function, and “Export” is also missing, but that’s another story . . .
- Roy Laird

Kevin Chou Wins San Diego Championship

Monday January 28, 2013

Kevin Chou of Hillsborough, CA won the second annual San Diego Go Championship with a 3-0 record in the dan division. Nearly two dozen players contested for the $100 top prize at UCSD. Tying for first place in the single-digit kyu division with two wins were David Baran of Beverly Hills,Seth Cardew of Tennessee, Michal Lebl, and Peter D Schumer of Vermont. Julian A Koslow won the double-digit yyu division with a 3-0 record and Megan Elizabeth Duff of Orange won the women’s division. “It was a wonderful day of go,” said Ted Terpstra, President of the San Diego Go Club. photo courtesy Ted Terpstra

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Pandanet-AGA City League Launches Sunday

Sunday January 27, 2013

The first round of the Pandanet-AGA City League starts this Sunday January 27th. Tune in on IGS using the new GoPanda2 client and watch the opening round. Round and game information are posted on the Pandanet site’s right navigation bar to help you keep track of your local and favorite teams.

We will be posting game records once the games have completed as well. Tune in for some great games!

Lee Sedol Says Andy Liu “Stronger Than I Had Anticipated”

Sunday January 27, 2013

With the technical glitches solved, the twice-delayed game between Lee Sedol 9P and new American pro Andy Liu 1P took place Saturday morning on Lee won by resignation but said that “Andy is much stronger than


I had anticipated,” adding that AGA President Andy Okun “must be really happy about how strong the AGA pros are!” Okun responded that “we really pleased and proud of our new pros. We are also grateful to Lee Sedol for giving them a chance to hone their skills and learn from such a champion.” The second round in the AGA-Europe Pros vs. Lee Sedol Lee 10-Game Series is likely to be held next weekend; stay tuned for details.

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Go Classified: El Salvador Go Contacts Wanted; Early Go World Mags For Sale

Sunday January 27, 2013

El Salvador Go Contacts Wanted: Planning a trip to El Salvador in the spring and looking for go players to meet there to talk about go and perhaps play some games. Please send any information to

Early Go World Mags For Sale: Unique opportunity to complete your Go World Magazine collection. All the rare early Ishi Press issues of the Go World Magazine (#1 – #72) in perfect condition for $690 (as a set only). Email

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AGA Board Sets 2013 Goals, Priorities

Thursday January 24, 2013

Organizational priorities and goals for the year ahead were the main topic of discussion at the January 13th meeting of the AGA’s board of directors. The top priority is to complete the rank certification program, followed by expanding the AGA’s presence on go servers, and creating a mentoring program. Although not chosen as a priority per se, the board also intends to create a reasonable reserve fund policy. Also on the agenda were the AGA president’s report and approving prize funding for the USYGC. An overview of the discussion of AGA priorities will be in the minutes, which will be posted as soon as they are approved at the next meeting, scheduled for February 3rd.
- Daniel Smith 

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Pandanet-AGA City League Kicks Off This Weekend

Wednesday January 23, 2013

The Pandanet-AGA City League officially starts this weekend, January 26-27. In its first year, the League features 28 teams from North American cities and regions, divided into four leagues. The teams in each league will play round-robin team matches on the Pandanet Internet Go Server. Each league’s top finisher moves up to the next higher league at the end of the season, while the bottom finisher moves down to the lower league, etc.”Pandanet has provided a generous cash prize fund for the top leagues,” reports Thomas Hsiang.  In addition, the teams are encouraged to seek regional sponsors to pay for the players’ game fees and other team activities.
The inaugural top leagues feature many of the best and strongest North American players. In A-League, they are: Los Angeles, captained by Andy Okun and including Beomgeun (Evan) Cho, Daniel Daehyuk Ko, Curtis Tang, and Seung Hyun (Kevin) Hong; Boston, captained by Ke Lu and including Huiren Yang, Jie Liang, Guochen Xie, and Yunzhe Zhang; DC captained by Keith Arnold and including Jie Li, Eric Lui, Yuan Zhou, and Daniel Chou; NYC, captained by Cole Pruitt and including Andy Liu, Michael Chen, Will Lockhart, and Yingzhi Qian; Vancouver, captained by Cathy Liu and including Matthew (Zi Yang) Hu, David Lu, Qi Zheng, and Bill Lin; Seattle, captained by Michael Cho and including Edward Kim Dong Baek Kim, Son, and Sung-Chul Cho.
In B-League, the teams are Southern California, captained by Yanchen Sun and including Calvin Sun, Rui Wang, Yixian Zhou, and Andrew Lu; DC-2, captained by Edward Zhang and including Lin Lu, Yangang Li and Liang Yu; Toronto, captained by Colin Zheng and including Tiger Gong, Xiaofei Deng, Sarah Yu, and Hank Xie; Massachusetts, captained by Ke Lu and including Di Zhu, Trevor Morris, Yu Zhong, and Ke Lu; San Francisco, captained by Steve Burrall and including Matthew Burrall, Hugh Zhang, Aaron Ye, and Jeremy Chiu; Montreal, captained by Rémi Campagnie and including Rémi Campagnie, Manuel Velasco, Jean-Sébastien Lechasseur, and Vincent Binette.
The League kick-off closely coincides with the unveiling of the new Pandanet client GoPanda-2, “A web-based client that features stunning graphics and works on many platforms,” says Hsiang. Watch for announcement of the schedule of the first round games and future news on the AGA and League   websites.
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Share Hopes Third Time is Charm for Andy Liu-Lee Sedol Game

Tuesday January 22, 2013

Hopefully the third time with be the charm for Technical snafus on Monday once again derailed the Andy Liu-Lee Sedol game, which had been rescheduled from Sunday, when lag problems on the server caused Lee Sedol’s clock to run out.

The game is now scheduled for this Saturday, January 26 at 8a EST. “We presume that the tech team can get the major bugs out in a few days,” says Michael J. Simon, CFO and Head of English Activities for 82 Limited, which is launching the new server. The Liu-Sedol game is the first in a 10-game series against the two new U.S. professionals, Andy Liu and Gansheng Shi, and Romanian pro Catalin Taranu 5P.

The pressure is on, as the new server is also set to host the first World Go League Invitational game at 7a EST this Sunday, January 27 between Sedol and Chen Yaoye. Ten of the world’s top professionals will play for $100,000 in prizes. Organizers plan to run tests this week “where a bunch of people from different continents will play and bet on the games, chat, and generally stress our system,” says Simon.

AGHS T-Shirt Contest

Tuesday January 22, 2013

The American Go Honor Society is having a t-shirt design contest. Come up with any fun designs for the front of an AGHS t-shirt and yours could be the one worn by AGHS members throughout the nation. There are a few requirements:
1) The design must include “American Go Honor Society” somewhere.
2) Only use up to two colors.
3) The design should be created electronically, or if drawn should be sent in the form of an electronic copy.
The AGHS officers will vote on the best design, and the winner will be notified and given a free t-shirt of their own design. Send your submission to by March 1st to be entered into the contest. -Julian Erville, AGHS Vice President.