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First Don Wiener Memorial Draws 40 Players in Boston

Monday April 15, 2013

The first annual Don Wiener Memorial Tournament was held in Somerville Massachusetts on April 14, attracting 40 players. Gus Heck 1k (middle) won all four of his games to take first place and said he will enter his next tournament as 1 dan. Tied for second were Michael Sun (left) and Kan Yao (right), both 3-1. Runners-up, all also 3-1: Jie Liang, Jonah White, Jed Strohm, Graham Higgins, Tiantian Yuan, Karen Ogg, John Aspinall, James Peters, Wensdy Whitehead, Dmitriy Yamkovoy and Anna Wiggins.

Old technologies met new at the tournament. “The Boylston Chess Club, in whose space we hold the tournament, has an unlocked cabinet with old wind-up chess clocks,” report TD Eva Casey. The dozen or so clocks the Massachusetts Go Association owns are also wind-up. Young Manu Herskovit 17k asked Casey if the clock would tell him when his time was up. “You have to notice when the flag falls,” she told him. “What flag?” Herskovit asked. Casey demonstrated by manually moving the clock’s big hand forward until it started lifting the red flag. “It’s entirely mechanical!” Herskovit said in surprise. With the large number of pre-registrants, Casey was not sure she was going to have enough of the wind-up chess clocks, but Adam Luter got out his smart phone and found a chess clock app. “I would have had to ask Manu how to work that app,” Caseys admits.
- photo (l-r): Michael Sun, Gus Heck, Kan Yao; photo by Eva Casey

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Joshua Lee Wins Orlando Go Tourney

Monday April 15, 2013

Joshua Lee 5d won the Orlando Go Tournament, held April 13-14 in Orlando, FL. Thirty-three players participated in the 5-round event, with strengths ranging from 20 kyu to 7 dan and held in four divisions.

Winner’s Report: Upper Dan (4D and up): 1st: Joshua Lee (5D); 2nd: Long Nguyen (4D); 3rd: Tengxiao Yang (7D). Lower Dan (1K through 3D): 1st: Fuqian Shi (3D); 2nd: Zach Dunham (1D); 3rd: Joel Sanet (2D). Upper Kyu: (7K through 2K); 1st: Efrain Davila (3K); 2nd: Don Colladay (4K); 3rd: Tony Vick (5K). Lower Kyu (8K and down): 1st: Ellis Knickerbocker (10K); 2nd: Michael Shamp (18K); 3rd: Aaron Otero (11K).
- photo: Joshua Lee (left) and Liangyue Qian (right); report/photo by Paul Wiegand

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Albert Einstein High Tops School Teams Tourney

Monday April 15, 2013

The American Go Honor Society hosted its 14th annual School Team Tournament on March 16th and 23rd, reports tournament organizer Andrew Huang. Close to a hundred youth players from across the United States, Canada, and Mexico participated in three divisions over two weekends. A total of 30 teams from 17 schools took part in the event. “In the first division, the top ranked team was from Richard Montgomery High School, in Maryland,” reports Huang. “Led by Justin Teng 5d, with Anatol Liu 3k, and Andrew Liu 4k, the team seemed to be early favorites, winning their first two rounds. However, they were defeated in round 3 by local rivals, from Albert Einstein High School, led by Julian Erville 2k, with Ben Withbroe 2k, and Elmer Martinez-Rivas 9k; Richard Montgomery High eventually settled for third place. Albert Einstein High clinched the Division 1 championship in the final round, fending off a fierce challenge from California’s Joaquin Miller Middle School, led by Daniel Liu 3d, with Wilson Zhang 1k, and Oscar Yeh 6k, who placed second. The bottom two divisions were as exciting as the first, with several upsets and dramatic games. Teams from Saint Ann’s School and Albert Einstein High School all placed in prize-winning positions in their respective divisions. However, Divisions 2 and 3 were dominated by teams from Cary Chinese School, from North Carolina, with two of their three teams placing first in both divisions, and another third in Division 3. Cary’s teams had a combined record of 10-2 over four rounds, and earned their school three well-deserved prizes. This year’s School Team Tournament was exciting yet again and showed us some of the best qualities of go. We encourage the kids to maintain their enthusiasm and look forward to seeing everyone again at next year’s tournament,” said Huang. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.

Lee Sedol Drives AGA/Europe Pro Team to 3 Stones

Sunday April 14, 2013

Defeating U.S. professional Gangshen Shi 1P on two stones, Lee Sedol 9P (right) has driven the AGA-Europe pro team to three stones in the AGA-Europe Pro vs. Sedol 10-game series on The AGA/Europe team desperately needed to clinch their first victory in the series, which has just two games to go. “It was a well-fought game for Gansheng until the game approached the end,” go9dan reports. “Gansheng captured a group in the upper right corner and was ahead in the game. But then after he entered byo-yomi, the board started to get complicated.” Click here for comments on where Shi went wrong and to see the game record. European pro Catalin Taranu will play Lee in Game #9, taking three stones; stay tuned for details on the date/time.
- photo: Lee at the 2012 Olleh KT Cup; photo courtesy GoGameGuru

Dinerchtein’s “Water” Douses Shikshin “Fire” at St. Petersburg Go Consul Cup

Sunday April 14, 2013

Over 150 players met in St. Petersburg for the 2013 Cup of Consul General of Japan on April 13-14 but the final showdown between Alexander Dinerchtein 3p (breakfast on KGS) and Ilya Shikshin 7d (roln111 on KGS) attracted the most attention. Though Shikshin’s father was one of Dinerchtein’s earliest instructors, many go enthusiasts know that Dinerchtein and Shikshin junior’s styles could not be more different. A skilled fighter, Shikshin often tries to find ways to create conflict while Dinerchtein would rather be calm and flexible.


While both techniques have their merits, Dinerchtein took control this round as he simultaneously kept an early lead and reduced Shikshin’s large framework. Short on territory, Shikshin resigned after 184 moves and Dinerchtein claimed the title. Alexander Vashurov 5d finished in third. For more information about the tournament including rules and results, visit the official Russian Federation Go website. For more on Dinerchtein, stay tuned for the upcoming EJ interview.
-Annalia Linnan

Yang Shuang 2P’s Invitation to Study Go in Shenyang

Sunday April 14, 2013

Yang Shaung 2P, known to many American go players from her occasional visits to the US and her teaching at the US Go Congress, invites go players from around the world to visit her go school if they are in Shenyang. Yang and fellow instructor Zhou Tian 3P teach young students of all strengths at the Nie Weiping Go Dojo Liaoning Training Center. Though not as well-known as Beijing or Shanghai, Shenyang is a destination in its own right, Yang says. The largest city in the Northeast, Shenyang was home to China’s last feudal dynasty, the Qing (1644-1911). Word is to visit between April and October as it gets a bit nippy in winter. “I hope if some go friends travel here, they’ll find my place and come to play,” Yang tells the E-Journal. The Center is located at No 55 North Heping Street, Heping District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China. Telephone: 86-24-22854921 or 86-13082479875.  E-mail:
- Andy Okun


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EuroGoTV Updates: French Championship Stage 2, Radu Baciu Championship & Weiqi im Weinkeller

Sunday April 14, 2013

French Championship 2013French player Cesar Lextrait 2d (left), Romanian player George Ghetu 3d, and German player Daniil Janov 3d have all won Class A tournaments in their respective home countries. The French Championship Stage 2, Mediterranean League concluded March 24 with Olivier Clergue 3d in second place and Manuel Frangi 1d in third. In the 4th annual Radu Baciu Championship on March 31 in Cluj, Romania, Laura Avram 2d took second followed by George Ginguta 1d. The Weiqi im Weinkeller took place April 6-7 in Karisruhe, Germany, with Guido Zakrzewski 2d coming in second and Cuong Nguyen 1d in third. For complete result tables and all the latest European go news, visit
- Annalia Linnan, based on reports on

Go Spotting: Game AIs on Web Comic

Sunday April 14, 2013

Fr. Mark Lichtenstein found this on xkcd, “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”

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2013 U.S. Go Congress Registration Opens

Thursday April 11, 2013

“Registration is now open for the 2013 U.S. Go Congress!” says Congress Co-Director Chris Kirschner. Click on “Sign In” at the top of the Congress website  and you can register, choose your housing and meal plans and even sign up for Day Off activities. Although technical glitches delayed opening registration, “We’re back on track and excited about our plans,” adds Kirschner. Carrying on the Northwest tradition of providing something new at Congresses there, Kirschner says this year’s Congress “will include a special workshop for teachers who will get a $50 rebate of their Congress registration courtesy of the American Go Foundation.” The Korean Baduk Association is considering sending Korean pros who are particularly interested in meeting and teaching the American baduk (go) teaching community. And in a groundbreaking style development, Kirchner reports that “There will be alternative Congress tee shirt styles and colors,” including three styles for women and alternative colors in all styles. This year’s Go Congress also features a brand-new competitive event, the pentathlon. “Only for the truly dedicated competitors, the pentathlon will combine results from the U.S. Open, Self-Paired, 9×9, 13×13 and Lightning tournaments,” says Kirschner. “So far as we know, this has never been done before.” - photo: Point Defiance Park, near the 2013 Congress site

Baduk TV to Broadcast Lee-Kim Caltex Blitz Tourney Games

Thursday April 11, 2013

Lee Sedol 9P finally meets Kim Jisuk 8P in the GS Caltex tournament finals next week, and Baduk TV will broadcast English commentary on the games. It’s literally a dream come true for Kim (below), who visualized playing Lee (right) in the finals before the tournament even started. Meanwhile, Lee, the top-ranked player in the world, returned to defend his Caltex title by rallying past 4th-ranked Korean Park Younghoon 9P on Tuesday. Kim earned his spot in the finals by beating Cho Hanseung 9P.

After his marriage last year, it seems that Kim is unstoppable, winning 11 consecutive games in the Chinese 1st league and 17 straight wins in Korea this year. The 23-year-old is now ranked third in Korea following Lee Sedol 9P and Park Junghwan 9P. In an interview, Lee said Kim is the prominent player nowadays who will take over his position when he fades away in the future. Kim has been waiting for this challenge for a long time.

GS Caltex tournament is a prestigious blitz game where each player gets 10 minutes with three 40-second byo-yomi periods. The first place prize is $70,000 while the runner-up gets $15,000. Click here to watch games live on Baduk TV’s YouTube channel.

Broadcast schedule:
Game 1: Tuesday, April 16 3:00 AM PST (6:00 AM EST); commentary: Dongeun Choi 1P and Ben Lockhart
Game 2: Wednesday, April 17 3:00 AM PST (6:00 AM EST); commentary: Myungwan Kim 9P and James Kim
Game 3: Monday, April 22 3:00 AM PST (6:00 AM EST); commentary: Cho Hyeyun 9P and Ben Lockhart
- reported by Myungwan Kim, special to the E-Journal

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