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BadukTV Free Trial Offer Extended to Life Members; Offers Going Fast

Wednesday October 10, 2012

The BadukTV free trial offer has just been extended to AGA Life Members, reports AGA president Andy Okun. Any interested Life Member should email him at for details. Meanwhile, the limited number of free one-month trial subscriptions to BadukTV — a $50 value – are going fast; join or rejoin the American Go Association this month to take advantage of the offer. BadukTV is the new online video service from GoGameGuru (GGG), featuring a live 24-video feed from BadukTV in Korea and a growing archive of English translations. AGA members also get the Member’s Edition of the American Go E-Journal, which includes game commentaries. Click here  to find out more about AGA membership or BadukTV.

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Capital Go Club Hosts Yang Shuang 2P Workshop This Saturday

Wednesday October 10, 2012

The Capital Go Club (CGC) is hosting a workshop with Chinese pro Yang Shuang 2P (at left) this Saturday, October 13 in Fairfax, VA. Space is limited; click here to reserve your seat. Yang won 5th place in the Women’s World Go Championship in 1993, and in recent years has been focusing on teaching. A former go coach in the Nie Weiping Go Dojo in Beijing, Yang has trained many strong players who take the pro test in China. She’s also lectured at the European and U.S. go congresses, anchored go programs on TV in China and taught in Singapore. “A lot of students love her teaching games because she plays as even games without using aggressive trick moves, so that students can use their own tactics instead of being harassed by abnormal tricks,” says organizer Edward Zhang. Click here to pre-registerand see who’s coming. The fee for teaching game and game review is $24.50 for a half-day, $44 for the whole day and $5 for lecture only, with all proceeds benefiting the CGC . The Capital Go Club will also run an AGA-rated tournament Saturday with prizes, and players who travel more than 40 miles will receive a $5 travel subsidy. UPDATE: the location for the morning session has just been confirmed: 8200 Greensboro Drive, Suite 900, McLean VA (free parking). For latest info click here. photo: Yang Shuang at the October 5 GWGC demo game and analysis; photo by Edward Zhang

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Your Move/Readers Write: Gangnam Style Korean Chess, Not Go

Wednesday October 10, 2012

EJ reader consensus is that the game in the “Gangnam Style” video (Go Spotting: Go Gangnam Style 10/8 EJ) is not go, but changgi, or Korean chess. “The player on the right appears to be contemplating moving a piece, not placing one,” points out Peter Drake. “More significantly, there are no bowls of stones visible.” Xinming Simon Guo notes that the pieces are all the same color, and his close-up screen capture seems to settle the question.



Cho-U Go App for Kids now on iPad

Monday October 8, 2012

The Nihon Ki-in has just released an English version of Cho-U’s 4×4 Go Puzzle. Cho-U 9P came up with all of the problems for the program, and has developed a clever system for introducing go to young children.  The app is available for iPhone and iPad, and is being offered on the App Store at an introductory rate of just 99 cents, until October 19th, when the price will increase to $2.99.  The app introduces a colorful cast of cartoon characters, including Minigo, a black cat, and Diego, a big white dog who is taking over the playground and won’t let the cats into his territory.  Children can enter story mode for flash animations that teach the basic principles of go as part of the cat’s quest to get back to the playground.  The graphics are terrific, and the stones are cats and dogs.  When “stones” are in atari, they shake and shiver (this can be turned off in settings for a bigger challenge).  The story is  interactive, and kids are asked to help Minigo solve various problems as he confronts various opponents. Players can also go to the free and challenge levels, where they can solve go problems directly.  The board size is limited to 4×4, but Cho-U has made very clever puzzles within this limitation.  Many of the problems revolve around seki, and you can choose what level to play with, or progress through the levels as you improve.  Players can also buy more problems for the program, which come with all new festive graphics.  The Snack Pack problem set gets you 100 problems, with chocolate and pink frosted donuts for pieces.  The Rainy Pack and the North Pole Pack offer additional cute themes and more complicated problems.  I bought the Rainy Pack for .99 and was charmed by frogs and snails playing on a lily pad field; the first problems I tried revolved around snapback.  This app is perfect for kids from 5 to 10 years old, and even older kids will enjoy some of the more challenging problems. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor. Picture courtesy of the Nihon Ki-in.

2012 U.S.Go Congress Overview: Reports, Photos, Games & Commentaries

Monday October 8, 2012

Dozens of 2012 U.S. Go Congress games, reports and photos – including galleries of players in top tournaments – are available online; our comprehensive coverage includes crosstabs of the U.S. Open, North American Ing Masters and Strong Players Open. See below for a selection of highlights of our coverage or click here for all our 2012 Go Congress reports.

Congress Updates: Congress Tournament Winners; Congress Credits
Matthew Hu 1P Wins 2012 Ing Masters
Dyer-Zhou Win 2012 U.S.Pair Go Championships
Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell on Go, Pong, Life and Changing the World
Hikaru no Go Creator Hotta Yumi Goes Behind the Manga
Kyu-Killer Keith Arnold Falls to Kyu Players, 19-1
U.S. Go Congress EJ Team Recognition

Congress Tournament Winners (PDF)
• US Open
Crosstab (includes game files)
Game commentaries
• North American Masters Tournament
Crosstab (includes game files)
Player photos & game commentaries
• Strong Players Open
Crosstab (includes game files)
Player photos & game commentaries

Congress Photo Album: Sunday, August 5
Phil’s Portraits: Monday’s Gallery
Go Congress Photo Album: Day Off Activities
Go Congress Photo Album: Crazy Go
Go Congress Photo Album: Pair Go (NEW! Just posted)
Congress Co-Director Peter Armenia’s Photo Album

Gan and Ye Shut Out Rivals in Redmond
Soo, Ganeva, and Ye Top Children’s Art Contest
Liu and Su Top Youth Adult Pair Go
Hikaru Author Hotta Yumi Interviewed

2013 U.S. Go Congress Set for Tacoma, WA
photos, top to bottom: Matthew Hu (by Phil Straus); Nolan Bushnell (by Chris Garlock); Hotta Yumi (by Steve Colburn); Youth-Adult Pair Go (by Paul Barchilon).

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Go Spotting: Go Gangnam Style

Monday October 8, 2012

Go seems to make an appearance in the “Gangnam Style” video, which has racked up over 28 million hits on YouTube since its release last summer, inspiring parody clips from all corners of the globe. At .52 in the video there’s a 2-second glimpse of two game players behind South Korean singer and rapper PSY; several EJ readers have suggested that it’s go but it’s hard to tell for sure, even on close inspection. However, given go’s huge popularity in Korea, and PSY’s (born Park Jae-sang) attendance at  Boston University and Berklee College of Music in Boston – home to a longtime go club – the appearance of the game is probably not that far-fetched.

Great Turnout, Exciting Game at Yang Shuang 2P DC Exhibition

Sunday October 7, 2012

The Greater Washington Go Club hosted “great turnout and an exciting game” on October 5 when Chinese professional Yang Shuang 2P played a 3-stone exhibition game with Josh Lee. “Josh was leading for most of the game, but then faltered in the endgame when a ko and seki developed, and lost on time,” reports GWGC President Haskell Small. “As it turns out, he would have won by a few points even with the seki. Jie Li 7D also attended the event, joining Ms. Yang in the analysis. “In the analysis, Jie commented that Ms. Yang’s play was too slow, not harsh enough, but Ms. Yang stated she was consciously playing as if it was an even game, not trying too hard,” says Small. Click here for a couple of video clips.
- photos by Edward Zhang; collage by Chris Garlock

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GO Photo: Vintage Go

Friday October 5, 2012

The 2012 Vintage Go event lived up to its name, with participants enjoying plenty of wine along with their crackers and tesujis. The LLNL Go Club organized the festivities September 22 in Livermore, CA.
photo by Bruce Bailey

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Yang Shuang 2P Returns to DC for Free Exhibition Game Friday

Thursday October 4, 2012

Chinese professional Yang Shuang 2P is paying a surprise visit to the metro Washington area Friday, October 5. Ms. Yang – who played a simul in DC earlier this year (Yang Shuang 2P Visits DC-Area Go Clubs 4/24/2012) – will play an exhibition game with Josh Lee, one of the Greater Washington Go Club’s strongest members, followed by analysis of the game. There will be no charge for the event, which will start about 8:30p at the GWGC, Cedar Lane Unitarian Church [downstairs room 15], 9601 Cedar Lane, Bethesda MD. A dinner will be held at the Aji Nippon restaurant in Bethesda starting at 7p; RSVP with Haskell Small by noon on Friday:

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Free BadukTV Trial Sub Offer

Monday October 1, 2012

This month only, join or rejoin the American Go Association in October and get a free one-month trial subscription to BadukTV, a $50 value. BadukTV is the new online video service from GoGameGuru (GGG), featuring a live 24-video feed from BadukTV in Korea and a growing archive of English translations.  “Why are Asian players so good?” asks GGG founder David Ormerod. “Access to better quality information. In Asia, people can watch go 24 hours a day. We want to bring that experience to the English-speaking world. ” This valuable offer is available for a limited time: you must renew or join the AGA in October to receive your free one-month trial subscription. One trial per customer (sorry, not available to current BadukTV subscribers). AGA members also get the Member’s Edition of the American Go E-Journal, which includes game commentaries. Click here  to find out more about AGA membership or BadukTV. GGGBadukTV works fine on most mobile devices too; note that the BadukTV iTunes app, a completely separate product, only provides the live feed in Korean, not the English-language features, and is not associated with GGG BadukTV.

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