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Liang Wei-Tang 9P to Appear in DC Area August 14

Monday August 13, 2012

Fresh from his appearance at the U.S. Go Congress, Liang Wei-Tang 9P will appear at an event in the Washington DC area on Tuesday, August 14. The Chinese professional’s visit is sponsored by the the Capital Go Club and Rockville Go & Chess Group. The event includes a simul with Mr. Liang, who will also do game commentaries and conduct a Q&A session. The event is free and all are welcome, but pre-registration is required. Area go players and others interested are also welcome to observe.

Liang was born in Guangdong, China in 1963 and began learning go at 10. In 1999 he was rated among the top players in the country. The only 9-dan pro in Shenzhen, Liang has played a major role in building the local go community. “At one time, the President of the Shenzhen Go Academy, Mr. Wu Fu-Jou, praised Liang 9P as more valuable than pandas,” says local organizer Edward Zhang, “because there are more than two thousand pandas inChinabut there are only around thirty 9-dan professionals.”

Event schedule: 7-9p: Simul; 7-10:30p: AGA Rated Games (AGA members only); 8:30-10p: Game Commentaries and Q/A. Location:  Rockville United Church (Fellowship Hall), 355 Linthicum Street, Rockville, Maryland.

This event is also co-sponsored by the American Go Association, Rockville Sister Cities Corporation, and Great Falls Go Club. Transamerica Financial Advisors and Rockville United Church is also providing financial support.

Click here to register; for more info contact John Goon (, 301-613-8297) or Ching-Sung Chin ( or Edward Zhang (, 703-888-9240) for details.



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Matthew Hu 1P Wins 2012 Ing Masters

Friday August 10, 2012

In a dramatic game that saw the lead change hands several times 14-year-old Zi Yang (Matthew) Hu 1P (at right) prevailed over brand-new U.S. professional Zhi Yuan (Andy) Liu 1P in the North American Ing Masters (NAIM) tournament final round Friday night. Hu had also defeated Liu in the 5th round of the U.S. Open Friday morning, his 5-0 record giving him a virtual lock on winning the Open, which has one more round on Saturday. Liu had a winning position coming out of the middle game, according to game commentator Yilun Yang 7P,  but allowed Hu to start a ko that wound up erasing Liu’s lead and he resigned shortly afterwards. Click here for the game commentary (scroll down to Game Review). Click here for latest results in the NAIMUS Open and Strong Player’s Open.

“Andy played really well today,” Hu said after the game, “I think maybe I was just a little more lucky.” Liu said that the games showed that “The difference between an amateur and a professional is staying calm no matter how complicated the game gets. I have a lot to learn from Matthew.”

After the game, the board Hu and Liu played on — a 2-inch kaya board donated by Yutopian — was auctioned off to benefit the American Go Foundation, with E-Journal Broadcast Coordinator Todd Heidenreich’s $600 bid winning both the board — which had been signed by both players as well as game commentors Yilun Yang 7P, Mingjiu Jiang 7P and Maeda Ryo 6P — and two unique bowls created especially for the event by Todd Blatt of MakerBot using his replicator.

Women’s Tournament:
 Amanda Miller 9k and Caroline Scheck 16k were both 3-0 going into the final round on Friday.
- reported by Lee Huynh

NAIM/SPO PLAYER PHOTOS POSTED: Photos are now posted of the players in the North American ING Masters and the Strong Players Open. Plus, in the crosstabs for the US Open,  NAIM and Strong Player’s Open, hovering over the result shows who a player’s opponent was. “It’s a small change, but it makes viewing the crosstabs a thousand times more pleasant,” says an EJ reader.
 - reports by Chris Garlock: photos by Phil Straus (top right) and Steve Colburn (bottom left); photo (l-r): AGF President Terry Benson, E-Journal Managing Editor Chris Garlock, EJ Simulcast Manager Todd Blatt; Matthew Hu 1P, Todd Heidenreich, Andy Liu 1P, Yilun Yang 7P, Maeda Ryo 7P.

Dyer-Zhou Win 2012 U.S. Pair Go Championships

Friday August 10, 2012

Kelsey Dyer 1D (right) and Yuan Zhou 7D (left) won the 2012 U.S. Pair Go Championships Thursday night at the U.S. Go Congress. They defeated Yukino Takehara 2k and Justin Ching 3D in the first round and then beat Amy Su 4D and Lionel Zhang 6D to clinch the title. They’ll represent the United States later this year at the World Pair Go Championships in Tokyo, Japan. Su and Zhang took second; in third were April Ye 1k and Kevin Huang 7d and in fourth place were Yukino Takehara 2k and Justin Ching 3d. Todd Heidenreich directed, with Assistant TD Jesy Feliccia and special assistance by Dennis Wheeler and Steve Colburn.
- photo by Chris Garlock

Go Congress Photo Album: Pair Go

Friday August 10, 2012

At the 2012 U.S. Pair Go Championships, August 9 at the U.S. Go Congress (Dyer-Zhou Win 2012 U.S. Pair Go Championships 8/10/12 EJ). photos by Chris Garlock except center photo by Phil Straus; collage by Chris Garlock

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Zi Yang Hu & Andy Liu Headed for Showdown in U.S. Open & Ing Masters

Thursday August 9, 2012

Call it our very own Go Olympics. Top-seeded Zi Yang Hu (below right) and #2 seed Andy Liu (below left), already scheduled to play for the 2012 North American Ing Masters (NAIM) title tonight – 7p on KGS, with live commentary by Mingjiu Jiang 9P (top right) and Yilun Yang 7P (top left) – are 4-0 in the U.S. Open and thus likely to be paired in this morning’s 5th round action, which will be broadcast on KGS starting at 9:30a (EST) with live professional commentary. Mingming “Stephanie” Yin will play Beomgeun Cho in the Strong Players Open (SPO) final, which will be broadcast live on KGS starting at 7P. Other 4-0 winners in the Open are Jeremy Chiu, Aaron Ye, Yunxuan Li, Forest Song, Frank Salantrie, Linden Chiu, Jared Beck, Willis Huang, Vivek Chavda, April Ye, Raymond Jiang, Zihang Yin, Jason Preuss, Theodore B. Terpstra, Elliot Stern, Amanda Miller, Bryan Tan, Caroline Scheck, Edward James Lane and Zongren Huang. Click here for latest results in the US Open,  NAIM and Strong Player’s Open.

Congress Updates: August 9: Andrew Lu Sweeps Congress Die Hard Tournament; California1 Leads Wisonet Team Tourney

Thursday August 9, 2012

Andrew Lu Sweeps Congress Die Hard Tournament: Nearly a quarter of the Congress attendees — 93 players — participated in the Die Hard tournament instead of taking the day off Wednesday. Andrew Lu swept all his games, going 4-0 in the top section to win the tournament. The other 4-0 players were: Sun Daqiang 2D, E-Journal Tournaments reporter Lee Huynh 1D, Anand Sathya 2K, Yin Zihang 3K, and Rohde David 5K.
- Andy Olsen, TD; photo: Lee Huynh (r) and friends study life and death problems Thursday night.

California1 Leads Wisonet Team Tourney: The California1 team led the Wisonet Cup State Team Go Tournament after the third round, with 3 major points. California II and Virginia were tied with 2 major points each, but California II’s minor score of 17 was ahead of Virginia’s 6. The winning team (most wins over losses) in each head-to-head match gets one major score point, and also earns minor score points based on the win-loss record for the team overall. The rest of the scores: New Jersey 1 major, 12 minor, New York no major, 8 minor, and North Carolina no major, 5 minor.

Fraser & Huang Win 13×13: Kalinda Fraser 8k won the 13×13 Kyu Division and Willis Huang 1D won the Dan Division on Tuesday night.
- Jim Hlavka, TD


Go Congress Photo Album: Crazy Go

Thursday August 9, 2012

Top right: spiral go; middle right: Galactic Go; Bottom Right: 4-color Go; Bottom left: Blind Go; Middle left: TD Terry Benson being interviewed by The Surrounding Game documentary crew; Top left: 3-color Go.
all photos by Phil Straus except Terry Benson and Blind Go by Chris Garlock

Go Congress Photo Album: Day Off Activities

Thursday August 9, 2012

Top right: dancing to bluegrass music at the Wednesday night Live Bluegrass and Dessert event; bottom right: playing “Big Brother” go with Chinese professionals; middle bottom: playing in the Midnight Madness Tournament; bottom left: enjoying music at the Wednesday night Live Bluegrass and Dessert event; middle left: playing poker; top left: practicing for the Pair Go tournament; middle: playing go and picnicking atop High Windy Mountain. photos by Phil Straus, Chris Garlock & Steve Colburn. 

Liu and Su Top Youth Adult Pair Go

Wednesday August 8, 2012

Amy Su 4d and Ge Liu 6d won the top table of Youth Adult Pair Go at the US Go Congress on Tuesday afternoon.  Su is the daughter of Feng Yun 9P, and looks like she is becoming a strong player in her own right.  Thirty-two players competed in the event this year, which included a few male/male pairs as well. The event often serves as a warm up for the regular Pair Go tourney on Thursday night, where pairs will compete for the right to represent the US at the World Pair Go Championships.  Youth Adult Pair Go is one of many events in the Youth Room, which features daily prize tourneys.  Thursday’s events are relay Go and a 13×13 tourney,  the Youth Team Tourney will be on Friday.  Congress youth attendance has been increasing steadily, and 100 kids and teens are attending this year – almost a full quarter of registrations.  Other Pair Go winers included: Kelsey Dyer 1d and Sam Zimmerman 5k; Melissa Zhang 1d and Jeff Horn 1d; Peter Zhang 5d and Julie Burrall 6k; Ethan Frank 6k and William Xu 4k; Jia Jia 7k and Winston Jen 8k, Erandi Lozano 15k and Phillip Brix 6k.  Story/photo: Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor. Photo: Sathya Anand 2k attributes the divine move to his partner Kalinda Fraser 8k, their opponents Ethan Frank 6k (front) and William Xu 4k (rear) were nonplussed and went on to win the game.

Congress Updates (Tuesday, August 7): U.S. Open Round 3 Results; NAIM Final: Andy Liu vs. Zi Yang Hu; Strong Players Open Final: Stephanie Yin vs. Beomgeun Cho; Frankel & Horn Leading in Self Paired Tourney; Midnight Madness; Twice As Much Fun; Kirschner Tapped to Complete Castanza’s Term on AGA Board

Tuesday August 7, 2012

U.S. Open Round 3 Results: Zi Yang Hu, Andy Liu and Ge Liu head up the list of undefeated players in the U.S. Open after three rounds, setting up some tough match-ups later in the week when the Open continues after the traditional Day Off on Wednesday. Click here for all results — and top-board game records – through Round 3. Click here for Shirley Lin 1P’s commentary on the Round 3, Board 1 game between Zi Yang Hu and Pengwang Song.

NAIM Final: Andy Liu vs. Zi Yang Hu
New American pro Andy Liu will face Zi Yang Hu on Friday night in the final round of the 2012 North American Ing Masters (NAIM). The game will be broadcast live on KGS with pro commentary and video streaming. Click here for latest NAIM game results and pro game commentaries, including Yilun Yang’s commentaries on Round 2 Boards 1 and 2. photo: Yang commenting Monday night; photo by Chris Garlock

Strong Players Open Final: Stephanie Yin vs. Beomgeun Cho
Mingming “Stephanie” Yin plays Beomgeun Cho in the Strong Players Open (SPO) final, which will be broadcast live on KGS.

Frankel & Horn Leading in Self Paired Tourney: David Frankel is leading in four categories in the Self Paired Tournament, with Jeffrey Horn leading in three. Latest standings: Champion: David Frankel; Dedicated: Kelsey Dyer; Faithful: Yoshitomo Nakata; Giant Killer: David Frankel; Grasshopper: David Frankel; Hurricane: David Frankel; Kyu Killer: Horn, Jeffrey; Optimist: John Redford; Philanthropist: Kelsey Dyer; Sensei Jeffrey Horn; Straight Shooter: Jeffrey Horn. Click here for latest standings.

Midnight Madness: Andrew Lu 6d and Edward Lane 19k, both undefeated, lead after the first three rounds.
- Andy Olsen

Twice As Much Fun: “Ever wish you had another brain to play go?” asks Todd Heidenreich. “Join us for Pair Go this Thursday and bring a friend!” Two dozen male-female pairs have already signed up to compete in the 2012 US Pair Go Championship, which starts at 7P in the Main Playing Space. “In a week of great events, this is one of the most fun,” promises Heidenreich.  Sign up in the Blue Ridge Center Lobby by 11pm Wednesday night to avoid having to wait on the alternates list. 2011 Pair Go photo by Steve Colburn 

Kirschner Tapped to Complete Castanza’s Term on AGA Board: In a very short special meeting on August 7th, the board selected Chris Kirschner (at right in photo) to fill the seat left vacant by Gordon Castanza’s resignation. Kirschner, runner-up in the recent election, will serve the remaining 13 months of the term. According to the bylaws, the board is obligated to select a replacement within 30 days should the number of directors drop below seven. photo by Chris Garlock

Correction: The email address for details on the 2012 Osaka go camp (Maeda Organizing 2013 Go Camp in Osaka 8/6 EJ) is

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