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Friday August 5, 2011

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The Go Congress Remembers Yoshi Sawada

Friday August 5, 2011

At a memorial set up for Yoshi Sawada – the popular go player and translator who died unexpectedly in late February – attendees at the 2011 U.S. Go Congress shared their memories. Here’s a selection:

I’ll miss his witty banter with Maeda, I’ll miss the energy and joy he brought to a room.
- Anonymous

He was always so happy, and it made me happy to see him. The Congress just is not the same without him. - Anonymous

With his warm heart and experience he often helped many of us from Japan who sometimes felt unfamiliar traveling abroad.
-    Miyoko Miyama

His kindness and generosity was overflowing. He was always there with a broad smile and welcome.
- None C. Redmond

He radiated sunny good humor and cheer. I wish I had been able to play with him longer.
- Chris Scammon

He loved go, but he didn’t just keep it to himself – he shared it with everyone, along with his joyful and generous spirit.
- Roy Laird

Yoshi was always a bright spot in our day, helpful and generous with his laughter.
- Steve and Eileen Barberi

Yoshi made Maeda’s lectures great fun. Rock-paper-scissors. You are missed dude.
- Frank B

Yoshi Sawada: A Brief Biographical Sketch
by Steve Burrall
Yoshi Sawada was born in 1950 in the Belgian Congo while his father was stationed there working for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They moved to Belgium and then back to Japan where he attended elementary school and high school, although he attended junior high in Geneva.

His father was a very strong amateur go player and though Yoshi often watched his father play, he was not allowed to touch go equipment and did not actually play go while growing up.

After attending college in France, he went to work for the Japanese Foreign Ministry in Paris, where he began playing go as well as developing expert golfing skills. A few years later he came to the U.S. where he nearly became a professional golfer.

Shuttling back to Japan in the off-seasons allowed Yoshi to take lessons from professional go players and mingle with top pros like Ishida, Rin and the Kobayashis. He ended up in Sacramento helping establish the Japanese American Community Center and worked there until Proposition 13 eliminated its funding. During those years he received his 1 dan and 3 dan diplomas from the Nihon Kiin.

During the early ‘80s he trained personnel for Furrow’s Hardware and his legendary generosity led to his next career change. After completing an arduous task as a favor to a Japanese businessman while at Furrow’s, he soon had a hectic career as a highly sought-after international business consultant. He was also a professional tennis instructor at the Laguna Racquet Club.

- this is an edited version of the biography Burrall wrote for the Sacramento Go Club newsletter in 1998; photos by Chris Garlock (top right) and Debbie Siemon (bottom left)

Brian’s Photos: Pro Game Analysis

Friday August 5, 2011

Feng Yun 9P (l) & Murakami Akihide 2P giving lectures on Thursday, August 4 at the U.S. Go Congress. photos by Brian Allen

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PRO GAME COMMENTARY: U.S. Open Round 4, Board 3: Michael Redmond 9P on Chen-Sun

Friday August 5, 2011

2011 US Open
Round 4, Board 3
August 4, 2011
W: Zhaonian Chen 7d
B: Calvin Sun 7d
Game Commentary by Michael Redmond 9P


Game recorded by Richard Dolen
Commentary transcribed by Chris Garlock
Photo: Redmond at a lecture at the Go Congress on Thursday afternoon, in which he reviewed two Honinbo games between Hane Naoki and Yamashita Keigo; photo by Phil Straus

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Battle of the Youngsters: Tang vs. Hu in Master’s Final Friday Night

Friday August 5, 2011

Curtis Tang 7d will take on Zi Yang Hu 1P in the North American Master’s Tournament final Friday night. Eighteen-year-old Tang, Redmond Meijin – he won the Redmond Cup five times – will play Hu, the newly-minted 13-year-old 1-dan pro from China who’s been causing a sensation at the U.S. Go Congress this year. The game will be broadcast live on KGS starting at 7P (PST) with pro commentary.
-photos by Steve Colburn

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SmartGo Books Releases Three More Books

Friday August 5, 2011

Just in time for the Go Congress, SmartGo Books has released three new books from Hinoki Press, reports SmartGo author Anders Kierulf (l). In Vital Points and Skillful Finesse for Sabaki, Yoda Norimoto 9P takes a look at sabaki, one of the most intriguing techniques in go. “In the hands of accomplished players it can seem like pure sorcery. At times the stones can appear to dance with life. While playing lightly hither and yon, the opponent’s forces can end up ineffective, over-concentrated and misdirected.” (220 pages, $8.99). And in Shuko: The Only Move — volumes 1 & 2 — Fujisawa Shuko looks at joseki, fuseki and the middle game. “The key word here is imagination and Shuko Sensei never tires of repeating that the essential factor in go is to think in creative ways.” Two books from Kiseido are currently in preparation; Modern Master Games: The Dawn of Tournament Go by Rob van Zeijst and Richard Bozulich and The Games of Fujisawa Shuko by John Power. The free SmartGo Books app runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and currently contains 13 go books available for in-app purchase. Click here for details.
- photo by Chris Garlock

Tam-Zhou to Play Su-Zhang in Pair Go Playoff

Thursday August 4, 2011

Roxanne Tam 3d and Yuan Zhou 7d (top left) will play Amy Su 2d and Lionel Zhang 6d (top middle) for the North American Pair Championship on Saturday, August 5. 43 pairs participated in Tuesday night’s popular Pair Go Tournament at the U.S. Go Congress. Yoshi Sawada’s widow Keiko Komura played with Japanese pro Ryo Maeda 6P (top right). Todd Heidenreich directed, with Jessy Felicia.
- photos by Steve Colburn; collage by Chris Garlock

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106 Clock in for Die Hard Tourney

Thursday August 4, 2011

While other Go Congress attendees were taking advantage of Southern California’s great weather and many attractions on Wednesday, 106 players put in a full day on the boards in the 4-round Die Hard Tournament.  Five players scored a perfect 4-0 result: Oliver Wolf 3d; Yunxuan Li 2d ; Linden Chiu 1d; Jeffrey  Zhang 4k and Garrett Smith 11k.
- Andy Olsen, Die Hard Tournament Director; photo by Daniel Smith

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U.S. Go Congress Game Records, Pro Commentaries, Pairings & Results (thru 8/4)

Thursday August 4, 2011

Tournament Crosstabs: Pairings & Results

U.S. Open Pro Game Reviews
Round 1 Board 1 reviewed by Mingjiu Jiang 7p
Round 2 Board 1 reviewed by Maeda Ryo 6p
Round 2 Board 2 reviewed by Li Ting 1P and Maeda Ryo 6P
Round 3 board 1 reviewed by Jennie Shen 2P
Round 4 Board 1 reviewed by Jennie Shen 2P
Round 4 Boards 2 and 3 reviewed by Michael Redmond 9P

North American Masters’ Tournament Pro Game Reviews

Round 1 Board 1 reviewed by Hajin Lee
Round 2 Board 1 reviewed by Li Ting and Maeda Ryo
Round 2 Board 4 reviewed by Jennie Shen and Maeda Ryo

Redmond Cup
Round 1 Senior Division by Curtis Tang

Pair Go Tournament
Round 1 Board 1 – Hugh Zhang & Jasmine Yan vs Aaron Ye & April Ye
Round 1 Board 2 – Dae Hyuk Ko & Wan Chen vs Patrick Allen & Lisa Scott
Round 2 Board 1 – Yuan Zhou & Roxanne Tam vs Hugh Zhang & Jasmine Yan
Round 2 Board 2 – Dae Hyuk Ko & Wan Chen vs Lionel Zhang & Amy Su

photos: Main playing area (left); Michael Redmond 9P (r) and Jennie Shen 2P (l) do live game commentaries (r) on top U.S. Open games Thursday morning on KGS with EJ Managing Editor Chris Garlock; photo by Todd Heidenreich

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Brian’s Go Photo: Go Congress Moves Outdoors

Thursday August 4, 2011

The Youth/Adult Pair Go Tournament strong room was held outdoors on Monday afternoon. photo by Brian Allen

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