AGA Approved Documents

Executive Sessions AGA policy for circumstances under which the Board can discuss certain specific topics.
Confidentiality Official policy regarding confidential Board communication.
Reciprocity agreement between the Canadian Go Association and the AGA Criteria and procedures for selecting US representatives to play in international tournaments.
Selection of reps at international tournaments Criteria and procedures for selecting US representatives to play in international tournaments. Revised September 15, 2010.
AGA Conduct Guidelines Ethics policy for national organizers.
AGA Organization Chart An overview of the AGA's organizational structure.
Revised Articles and By-laws Adopted 2002, governing documents creating an AGA Board elected by weighted chapter vote as the organization's highest governing body.
Principles to select international representatives Criteria by which US representatives in international tournaments should be selected.
Guidelines for selection of guest officials Criteria for use when selecting non-player representatives to attend international events.
Complimentary Membership Policy Criteria for awarding complimentary membership in the AGA.
Vendor policy Policies and procedures working with vendors of go products.
Framework for American pro system A basic framework of principles to guide the development of an American professional system.
Agreement with The American Go Foundation re: equipment distribution Clarification of principles by which AGA and AGF will work together to produce, acquire and distribute teaching materials and equipment to AGA chapters and organizers of school-based, after-school and other educational go programs, respectively.
Memorial Policy Official policy for honoring the memory of AGA members.
Chairman's Note From Dave Weimer, January 22, 2003.
2003 Board of Directors Report To Chapter Assembly of 2003 US Go Congress (Houston, TX).
Tournament and Event Director Policy Responsibilities of Tournament Directors and Event Directors.
Safety and Security policy Safety and security at AGA events.
Go Congress Conduct and Management Policy Conduct and management of the Go Congress.