AGA Candidate Statements


Robert Gilman - Central Region Candidate

During the not quite two years I’ve been serving on the Board, I have organized the simultaneous game program for AGA On-Line Games and the sponsoring of a Cuban delegation to the 2014 US Go Congress. (Unfortunately, as of this moment, two of the three invited Cubans have been refused visas by the US State Department, and the third visa application is pending a decision.) I am interested in finding additional ways for AGA to support its members and to involve members in AGA projects.

Ted Terpstra - Western Region Candidate

During the last two years, I have served as the Executive Vice-President of the AGA.

At the same time I have served as the president of the San Diego Go Club. A few years ago, I initiated the annual San Diego Go >Championship as well as the now-famous Go Soirees, where quarterly, I host the go players of the county at my home for an afternoon of go and camaraderie.

Weekly, I teach go at San Diego libraries, schools and the Japanese Friendship Garden. Over the last couple of years, I have organized go demonstrations at Asian street festivals, Buddhist temples and cherry blossom festivals.

My vision for the AGA is to expand the number of members by increasing benefits to the membership. I would also like to see a prize for the best female youth player every year at the Go Congress.

I strongly support the policies and initiatives of the current president of the AGA.

Diego F. Pierrottet - At-Large Candidate

I am a small business owner of a Research and Development Company with a love and passion for go. What I bring to AGA is energy and enthusiasm to grow and promote the organization. As in all my new ventures, I gather information on what was done, what worked, and what didn’t. Including the valuable inputs from the other board members, staff, and AGA members, I can then generate a proposal for a path forward. Using an approach of “attack in numbers”, I will work together with the president and other board members to make certain the immediate AGA interests are carried out, taking concrete steps towards long term goals, always applying whole board thinking.