AGA Governance

The American Go Association is incorporated in New York State as a 501c4 tax-exempt corporation. We operate primarily as a federation of chapters. The President is the chief executive, and is appointed by the Board of Directors, who are in turn elected by chapters and members. Six directors -- two each from the Eastern, Central and Western regions -- are elected by proportional vote of the chapters. Each chapter with at least two members has one vote: chapters gain an additional vote for each five members. A seventh At-Large director is elected directly by vote of the members.


Elections are conducted annually. Three regional directors stand for election in odd numbered years; the other three, as well as the At-Large director, are elected in even numbered years. Regional candidates are elected by mail ballot; the ballots are opened and counted and the results are announced at the US Go Congress. The At-Large director is elected by electronic ballot, sent out by e-mail; paper ballots are mailed to members for whom we do not have an e-mail address.

The official AGA Election Committee protocols effective June, 2006 are documented here.

Governance Documents

AGA Articles of Incorporation and By-laws: As adopted by the membership in 2005.

Previous Governing Documents (2002)

2005 Revisions: This document describes a set of revisions to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws proposed by the Policy and Governance Committee and adopted by the membership in 2005.

Previous Governing Documents (1993): This is the set of by-laws and Articles of Incorporation developed by AGA President Phil Straus and AGA Treasurer Michael Simon and filed with the State of New York in 1993, when the AGA became a corporation. These by-laws are no longer in effect, having been superseded by a new set passed in 2002 (see above).

Annotated Comparison of Governing Documents: This discussion of the differences between the 1993 and 2002 governing documents was distributed to the membership in February 2002, leading to adoption of the 2002 version by an overwhelming majority of voters.