AGA Professional Results 2012

Players are selected based on performance in one of multiple Preliminaries. They then go on to compete with each other in the Pro Qualification Tournament. The winners of the Pro Qualification Tournament become AGA-Certified Go Professionals.

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Pro Qualification Tournament
Results and game records



Preliminaries and their winners:
Cotsen Open: Calvin Sun and Curtis Tang
Maryland Open: Andy Liu
Seattle Prelim: Edward Kim
Tygem Online: Soo-il Kim, Matthew Burrall, Eric Lui, Bill Lin, Jianing Gan, Andrew Lu, Justin Teng, and Ben Lockhart
Canadian Go Association Selected Players: Gansheng Shi and Jing Yang
American Go Association Selected Players: Hugh Zhang and Yuan Zhou

Pro Qualification Tournament


Full Rules

The tournament director shall be the arbiter for this event. Questions about rules and disputes shall be brought to the tournament directors attention immediately.

All players and alternates must meet the following requirements: 1. Each must be citizens of either the United States or Canada. A copy of proof of citizenship (birth certificate, front page of government-issued passport, naturalization documentation or similar) must be presented prior to participation in the Pro Qualification Tournament. These will be kept on file with the AGA Pro System Committee.
2. Each must have participated in certified qualifying rounds or been invited and passed the requirements for invitation.

There will be two rounds per day. There will be eight rounds of play during the finals.

The following outlines the AGA Professional Rules to be used in the Promotional and Exhibition Leagues:
1. All games will be played by official AGA rules, except as noted below, which take precedence over published rules.
2. All games will be played even (no handicap).
3. Time control: 1:30 main time with 5 periods of 40 seconds overtime. The clocks are not stopped except when needed for meal breaks. The player whose move it is will seal their move with the TD until play resumes. The board will be covered during breaks and neither player may view the board or game record during this time.
4. Japanese style counting will be used for ALL games. The only exception will be in the event of dispute over prisoners when the TD may call for Chinese counting.
5. Players are presumed to understand the use of the “pass stone” in AGA Tournament games and play accordingly. Players are to fill in all dame as appropriate with this rule.
6. Illegal moves: Any illegal move, such as retaking a ko out of turn or playing two moves in a row will result in an immediate FORFEIT.
7. Players choosing to resign should make their decision clear and unambiguous. After resigning, please ensure that the opponent has clearly understood the intention.
Resignation may be indicated by either:
a) placing 2 stones simultaneously on the board, or
b) saying clearly, “I resign”


The finals will be run as a 16-player Modified Double Elimination tournament.

  1. Seeding: Players will be seeded into the tournament by their AGA or equivalent rankings. Players will be listed in order from 1 (highest rank) to 16 (lowest rank) with best estimates made for unranked or non-AGA rankings. Seeds from prior years must be interspersed per their ranks and are NOT automatically placed at the top of the list. Every attempt will be made to create a fair and accurate dispersal of players into the initial order. This list will be published prior to the event and any disputes must be made prior to the first round of play

  2. Pairings: Players are promoted based on the results of MATCHES with opponents. A match may consist of either a single game or a Best-of-Three (Bo3) competition, as given in the full rules.

  3. Matches: Each match is considered independent of prior play. The balancing of the players seeks to prevent repeat pairings as much as possible, but there is the possibility in the second bracket for this to occur. The determination of who moves on is solely determined by the winner of the current match (single game or Bo3).

  4. Standings: The chart in the full rules shows the progress through the tournament and the positions won at the end. The results of the finals will result in two players being promoted to the rank of Professional 1 Dan and two players selected as seeds into next year's finals.


Tournament Director: Jeff Shaevel

Schedule Game schedule (Sunday 29 July - Saturday 4th Aug; Eastern time):

*Sun 9am 1A-H
*Sun 4pm 2A-D (game 1)
*Mon 9am 2A-D (game 2), 2E-H
*Mon 4pm 2A-D (game 3, if needed)
*Tue 9am 3A-B (game 1), 3C-F
*Tue 4pm 3A-B (game 2), 4B-C
*Wed 9am 3A-B (game 3, if needed)
*Wed 4pm 5A-B
*Thu 9am 4A (game 1), 6A (Game 1)
*Thu 4pm 4A (game 2), 6A (Game 2)
*Fri 9am 4A (game 3, if needed), 6A (Game 3, if needed)
*Fri 4pm 7A (game 1)
*Sat 9am 7A (game 2)
*Sat 4pm 7A (game 3, if needed)


Seed Name Current Rating
1 Andy (Zhiyuan) Liu 9.3
2 Jing Yang 8.9
3 Eric Lui 8.7
4 Curtis Tang 8.6
5 Calvin Sun 7.9
6 Gansheng Shi 7.8
7 Sooil Kim 7.68
8 Yuan Zhou 7.65
9 Edward Kim 7.62
10 Bill Lin 7.5
11 Matthew Burrall 7.2
12 Hugh Zhang 6.95
13 Jianing Gan 6.92
14 Andrew Lu 6.6
15 Ben Lockhart 6.6
16 Justin Teng 5.3


Seed Player  1 A-H 
 Sun am 
 2 A-D 
 1 Sun pm 
 2 Mon am 
 3 Mon pm 
best of 3
 3 A-B 
 1 Tue am 
 2 Tue pm 
 3 Wed am 
best of 3
 1 Thu am 
 2 Thu pm 
 3 Fri am 
best of 3
 First Pro 
1 flag Andy Liu Liu
1 - Liu ( B+r )
2 - Liu ( W+r )

Liu wins 2-0
1 - Liu ( W+r )
2 - Liu ( B+r )

Liu wins 2-0
1 - Liu ( W+10.5 )
2 - Shi ( W+r )
3 - Liu ( B+r )

Liu wins 2-1
8 flag Edward Kim
5 flag Calvin Sun Jianing
13 flag Jianing Gan
7 flag Sooil Kim S. Kim
1 - S. Kim ( W+r )
2 - Lui ( W+r )
3 - Lui ( B+3.5 )

Lui wins 2-1
15 flag Ben Lockhart
3 flag Eric Lui Lui
11 flag Mathew Burrall
4 flag Curtis Tang Zhang
1 - Zhang ( W+12.5 )
2 - Zhang ( B+17.5 )

Zhang wins 2-0
1 - Shi ( B+2.5 )
2 - Zhang ( B+7.5 )
3 - Shi ( B+8.5 )

Shi wins 2-1
12 flag Hugh Zhang
8 flag Yuan Zhou Zhou
16 flag Justin Teng
6 flag Gansheng Shi Shi
1 - Yang ( W+r )
2 - Shi ( W+6.5 )
3 - Shi ( W+0.5 )

Shi wins 2-1
14 flag Andrew Lu
2 flag Jing Yang Yang
10 flag Bill Lin
from Round 1
 2 E-H 
 Mon am 
 3 C-F 
 Tue am 
 4 B-C 
 Tue pm 
 5 A-B 
 Wed pm 
 1 Thu am 
 2 Thu pm 
 3 Fri am 
best of 3/5
 1 Fri pm 
 2 Sat am 
 3 Sat pm 
best of 3/5
 Second Pro 
Lui Lui ( W+r ) 1 - Gan ( W+t )
2 - Gan ( B+t )

Gan wins 2-0
1 - Shi ( B+r )
2 - Shi ( W+r )

Shi wins 2-0
(-1A) E. Kim Sun
Yang ( W+r ) Yang ( W+20.5 )
(-1B) Sun
(-1C) Lockhart Lockhart ( W+r ) Zhou ( W+r )
(-1D) Burrall
Zhang Gan ( B+11.5 )
(-1E) Tang Tang ( W+r ) Tang ( W+r ) Gan ( W+0.5 )
(-1F) Teng
S. Kim
(-1G) Lu Lu ( W+1.5 ) Gan ( B+r )
(-1H) Lin

Exhibition League

entry score r1 r2 r3 r4 r5 r6 r7 r8 r9 score
1 Ned Phipps 0 Bye Bye B3- B2- B5- W4- B9+ W11+ B5- 3
2 Edward Kim 0 B4+ W1+ W10- W8- W7- W5+ W11- 3
3 Bill Lin 0 W1+ W6+ W11+ B7+ B10- B13+ B8+ 6
4 Matt Burrall 0 W2- W5+ W7- B1+ W11- B9+ W7- 3
5 Justin Teng 0 Bye B4- W1+ W9+ W8- B2- W1+ 3.5
6 Calvin Sun 1 B3- B9+ B11+ W13+ W7+ B10+ 6
7 Sooil Kim 1 W8- B4+ W3- B2+ B6- B4+ 4
8 Andrew Lu 1 B7+ Bye B2+ B5+ B10- W3- 4.5
9 Ben Lockhart 1 Bye W6- B5- W1- W4- Bye
10 Curtis Tang 2 B2+ W12+ W3+ W8+ W6- 6
11 Yuan Zhou 2 B3- W6- B4+ B1- B2+ 4
12 Jing Yang 3 B10- Bye Bye Bye -
13 Hugh Zhang 2 Bye B6- W3- Bye -