AGA Promotional Membershp

The promotional membership is intended to support your chapter by allowing you to offer 50% off on AGA membership to new adult members. Your chapter members can try out the AGA for a year or two before deciding whether to continue at the regular membership rate.

The promotional membership is available only through AGA chapters. It is essentially an option for you to use to grow your club. Download the special application form and mail it in with payment. Alternatively, you may email your members a "voucher" that allows them to join the AGA online at the promotional rate. To send vouchers, log into the membership area, choose to manage your chapter, and click on "Send promotional vouchers".

This is a one-time offer. If the player elects to join for only one year, he/she will renew at the full rate; or, the player can choose two years of half-price membership now.

Note: Your Chapter Representative can approve "hardship renewals" for players of limited means. Use this application form and write "Hardship" across the top. This option should only be used in special circumstances where it is clear that the player has extremely limited income. A mere statement, "I can't afford it" is not sufficient, but documented proof is not necessary. We trust you as an AGA Chapter Representative to use this privilege sparingly so that no one has to give up their AGA membership for lack of funds.