AGA Publications

  • The American Go Journal: The AGJ, published from 1949 to 2003, was the oldest English-language go periodical going when it ceased publication in 2003. Back issues contain a wealth of articles and information you can't get anywhere else.

  • The AGA Rules of Go: The official American Go Association rules, designed to ensure a definitive result among any two players under any conditions. A concise version of the AGA rules is also available.

Playing Go

  • Capture Go: This brochure is designed for distribution to beginners who are learning go in a classroom or after-school program. It describes a simple precursor to go. Also available in 11X17 format.

  • The Way to Go: Karl Baker's classic instruction manual is available for free download.

  • How to Play Against the Stronger Player Volumes 1 and 2: This popular Japanese "Super Go" series helps players to improve their handicap go. Translated and produced by Steve Bretherick and John Stephenson of the Wings Go Club, Volume 1 and Volume 2 are now available for download in English at no charge. The AGA is grateful to the Japan Go Association for making this possible.

Game Analysis

  • Go on Go: The legendary Go Seigen offers detailed analysis of some of his famous games, and other historical matchups. This book was made available for download by the Wings Go Club. The AGA is grateful to the Japan Go Association for making this possible.


Go History

  • The AGA Archive: Thousands of historical documents pertaining to American go, and many other related subjects. There is also an extensive collection of Japanese material.

  • Go in America: This history of American go was presented to the First International Conference on Baduk in Seoul, Korea in 2001, and published in the proceedings of that conference.

  • A Brief History of Go


  • The AGA Song Book: Silly go song parodies for all occasions. A 2002 supplement is also available.

  • AGA Brochure: This is the brochure we mail out to new members and interested parties. Please feel free to print, copy and distribute as many copies as you can!


  • How to Start a Go Club: Easy, step-by-step process anyone can use to to organize a stable group of local players.

Evangelizing Go

  • What Is Go?: (in case you were wondering)

  • The Great Go Spiel: How to prepare and deliver a presentation about go in your community. It's not as hard as you think!