Annotated Comparison Between 1993 And 2002 Governing Documents

In late 2001, after nearly two years discussion and deliberation, the Governance Commission recommended to AGA President Roy Laird a series of changes to AGA's By-laws and Articles of Incorporation. After further consultation with the AGA Executive Committee, President Laird released this comparative discussion of the 1993 documents and the recommended changes in February of 2002. The new governing structure was adopted by an overwhelming majority of voting members.

To view this comparative analysis, download this PDF file. The report is also available as a Word document.

All AGA members should be very grateful to Chairman John Goon and to the Governance Commission members who spent many hours poring over the finest of details to produce these recommendations, especially Terry Assael, Mike Lash,Terry Benson and Chris Kirschner. Keith Arnold, John Stephenson and David Dinhofer also provided able and wise guidance that enabled the Commission to complete its mission.