Edward Lasker Award

The Edward Lasker Award is occasionally given to members of the AGA who have given large amounts of service to the AGA. Over the years volunteers are chosen to receive this award. The award was created at the suggestion of a teen-age player who wanted to see the first recipient, John Goodel, honored for his long service to the community, which was typified by his purchase of a ton of stones to give to beginners. The award is named in honor of chess Grandmaster Dr. Edward Lasker, who, as reported in the on the AGA website "learned go late in life, recognized its beauty and value, declared it a better game than chess, wrote a beginners book, 'Go and Go-Moku' and - with others - founded the AGA in 1935." During this time Lasker was a Vice President of the founding American Go Association.

Application process: The President nominates a candidate and presents this information for the AGA Board of Directors to confirm. The President may receive suggestions from others on volunteers who have provided a long length or distinguished themselves among the organization.

2002 - John Goodell
2005 - Sam Zimmerman and Craig Hutchinson
2008 - Chris Kirschner
2013 - Richard Dolen and Frank Fukuda
2017 - Terry Benson