Go Professionals in the US and Canada

AGA Professionals

Andy Liu

Andy Liu was the first AGA certified professional in the 2012 US Professional Tournament held in Black Mountain, NC. Details of the Professional Tournament.

Gansheng Shi

Gansheng Shi was the second professional certified by the AGA in the 2012 Professional Tournament held in Black Mountain, NC. Details of the Professional Tournament.

Calvin Sun

Calvin Sun won the third professional that was certified by the AGA in 2013. Details of the Professional Tournament.

Ryan Li

Ryan was the fourth professional certified by the AGA in 2014. Details of the Professional Tournament.

Eric Lui

Eric was the fifth professional certified by the AGA in 2015. Details of the Profesional Tournament.

Professionals Living in the US and Canada

The players listed below live in the United States or Canada and hold credentials from Asian professional institutions. Many are available to help you get stronger; some participate in events like the US Go Congress, and some may be available to teach workshops in your area.

Myungwan Kim 9-Dan (Arcadia, California)

Mr. Kim became a pro in 1994 at the age of 16. He was the first pro sent to the US to spread go by the Korean Baduk Association, coming to the Los Angeles area in 2008. Kim was one of the quarter finalists at Samsung World Championship in 2005 and runner-up in BC Card Cup in 1998, 1999 and 2001 playing Lee Se-dol. He also won the US Open in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Mr. Kim was promoted to 9-Dan in 2009. Kim is currently teaching prospects in Arcadia, a neighboring city of Los Angeles. Contact Mr. Kim by phone 213-210-1577 or email bigtory@gmail.com.

A biography of Mr. Kim is available on Sensei's Library.

Feng Yun 9-Dan (Somerset, New Jersey)

Ms. Feng is a former Chinese national champion, women's world champion, and one of only a few female 9 dans in the world. She lives in New Jersey, where she teaches over 100 students in her go school. She also teaches online private lessons and group workshops in the United States and China.

See Ms. Feng's website for more details about her go school. A biography of Ms. Feng is available on Sensei's Library.

Yoonyoung Kim 8-Dan (Montreal, Canada)

I started leaning Go when I was 5 years old and became a pro in 2007. In 2010 I won the female Kisei cup along with a Gold medal from 2010 Asian game in Guangzhou and promoted 3 Dan. In 2014 I was top 32 in Samsung Cup and promoted to 4dan. In 2017 I won Huang Longshi cup with the Female team. I qualified to a lot of international tournaments and as a representative for Korea. I studied in the Korean national team 2014-2017 February. In 2019 I was promoted to 8dan by KBA.

Contact : lanikim89@gmail.com Phone: 514-892-9208

Ming-jiu Jiang 7-Dan (San Francisco, California)

Mr. Jiang teaches actively in the San Francisco area and gives regular free lectures on KGS.

Learn more about lessons on Mr. Jiang's website. A biography of Mr. Jiang is available on Sensei's library.

Yilun Yang 7-Dan (Los Angeles, California)

Mr. Yang has taught hundreds of students in person, at workshops, by mail and over the internet since moving to the US from Shanghai in 1986. A well-known specialist in life-and-death problems, Mr. Yang is working on his tenth English-language go book.

Contact Mr. Yang by phone at 951-471-5518 or by email at yanggo@earthlink.net. A biography of Mr. Yang is available on Sensei's Library.

Xiaoren He 6-Dan (Montreal, Canada)

Ms. He is a Chinese go player who became professional in 1982. She teaches in person and on the internet.

Contact Ms. He by phone at 450-926-1794 or by email at xiaorenh@hotmail.com.

Janice Kim 3-Dan (San Francisco, California)

Born in Chicago, IL and grew up in New Mexico, Ms. Kim spent most of her teenage years studying go in Korea, where she became the first non-native Korean to ever win professional status. The author of the five volume Learn To Play Go series, Ms. Kim lives in the Blacksburg, VA area with her husband and two children.
Contact Ms. Kim by email at janice@janicekim.com. A biography of Ms. Kim is available on Sensei's Library.

Jennie Shen 2-Dan (Santa Barbara, California)

Ms. Shen was the National Youth Champion of China in 1985, at the age of 14, and came to live in the United States in 2007. She offers lessons online and gives lectures on KGS.

Contact Ms. Shen by email at jenniejshen@hotmail.com or on KGS by the user name Jennie.

Mingming (Stephanie) Yin - 1 Dan (New York, New York)

Pupil to Nei-Weiping 9 dan professional and Yu-Bing 9 dan professional, Ms. Yin became a pro in 2007 and began her studies in the United States shortly after. She teaches privately online and in person and holds workshops in both Chinese and English. Please contact Ms. Yin by email at stephanie.mingming.yin@gmail.com

James Kerwin 1-Dan (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

In 1978 Mr. Kerwin became the first ever non-Asian professional at the Japan Go Association, and won the 1-dan section of the Kisei tournament the following year. He teaches in person, at workshops and on the internet, and is a regular contributor to The American Go E-Journal.

Contact Mr. Kerwin by phone at 612-823-0699 or by email at jimk@maroon.tc.umn.edu. A biography of Mr. Kerwin is available on Seinsei's Library.

Li Chenshuo (Cathy Li) 1-Dan (British Columbia, Canada)

Ms. Li is a professional 1-dan go player in the Chinese Go Association. Ms. Li was born in 1974 in Shanghai, China. She started learning go at the age of seven, studying with famous go instructor Bai Rui Qiu. At the age of 11, she was the only female go player in China to be honored as a "female prodigy" of go. In 2008, Ms. Li coached Canada's go team in the first World Mind Sports Games.

Contact Ms Li by email at cathyli11802@hotmail.com. A biography of Ms. Li is available on Seinsei's Library.

Xuefen (Shirley) Lin 1-Dan (Los Angeles, California)

Ms. Lin became a professional in China in 1992, and has resided in the United States since 2001. Ms. Lin won the 2005 US Open, and currently lives and teaches in California.

Contact Ms. Lin by email at linxuefen01@yahoo.com.

Huiren Yang 1-Dan (Boston, Massachusetts)

Mr. Yang was born in 1952 in the city of Guiyang, Guizhou Province, People's Republic of China. He emigrated to the US in 1994 and has lived in the Boston area with his wife and son since 1995. He is the chief go instructor of the Massachusetts Go Club, giving monthly lectures and conducting weekly study groups.

Mr. Yang started playing go at the age of 12 and was the Guizhou Provincial Junior Champion at the same age. He won the Guizhou Province and Guiyang City championships from 1970-1979, and took fifth place in the National Professional Weiqi competition and was selected to the China weiqi team in 1979. He was the weiqi coach of the sports commission of the Guiyang Railway Bureau and was a coach and mentor to many young future professional players. Among his many students, the most famous one is Quing Liu, who was once one of the top eight players in China.

Contact Mr. Yang by email at yangxujian@hotmail.com. A brief biography of Mr. Yang is available on Sensei's Library.

Americans with Professional Status

In addition to the professional go players living in the US and Canada listed above, there are some American citizens living abroad who hold Asian professional credentials and compete actively in the Asian pro tournament circuits.

Michael Redmond 9-Dan (Tokyo, Japan)

Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Mr. Redmond is the only non-Asian in history to achieve the top rank of 9-Dan in an Asian go association. He is the author of The ABCs of Attack and Defense. A biography of Mr. Redmond is available on Sensei's Library.

Zhujiu Jiang (江鑄久) 9-Dan (Shanghai, China)

In the 1980s, Mr. Jiang made history by defeating five top Japanese pros in succession. He resided in the US during the 1990s--where he became the perennial winner of the North American Masters Tournament--before moving to Korea to compete in professional tournaments. He and his wife Naiwei Rui, live in Shanghai and run their go school.

A biography of Mr. Jiang is available on Sensei's library.

Naiwei Rui 9-Dan (Shanghai, China)

One of only a few female 9-Dans in the world, Ms. Rui achieved world fame in 2000 by becoming the first woman to win a major tournament, the Korean Kuksu. She is especially interested in teaching women to play go and lived and taught in the US in the 1990s. She and her husband Zhujiu Jiang, live in Shanghai and run their go school.

A biography of Ms. Rui is available on Sensei's Library.

Jimmy Cha (Cha Min-su) 4-Dan (Seoul, Korea)

This Korean-born pro lived in southern California for many years, where he developed a reputation as both a flamboyant and charismatic professional gambler and a tough player. In the 1980s Mr. Cha played for North America several times in the World Fujitsu Cup. Known for his ability to play his best in important games, he upset several top professionals. Today Mr. Cha visits the US on occasion, but is currently not involved with the American go community.

A biography of Mr. Cha is available on GoGameWorld.

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