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Go Quiz: Smoke & Mirrors

Monday November 17, 2008

Last week’s Quiz asked what the cultural phenomenon was in both Shonen Jump’s 2004 English edition of Hikaru no Go, Volume One and The Middle Game of Go. Many of you, knowing the Middle Game of Go is a serious book, and remembering that Sakata held a cigarette in his hand on the cover of your old copy, conjectured that smoking was the only “cultural phenomenon” that was part of the book. A closer look at the cover of the 2007 edition reveals that the cigarette has vanished. Similarly, in Hikaru no Go, as Cordell Newmiller points out – “a particularly rude player extinguishes a cigarette on a go board to arrogantly mark the correct move. The cigarette was changed to chewing gum in the US release.” 5 out of 14 smoked out the correct answer, including Reinhold Burger, this week’s winner, selected at random from those answering correctly. With just a few weeks left, the race at the top tightens: P Waldron 27/29, K Salamony 26/29, S Fawthrop 18/20, G Kerr 17/17, Reinhold Burger 13/13, T Fung 10/12, P Schumer 10/14, J Huber 7/7, T Morris 7/13, B Kirby 6/8, R Mercado 5/5, O Nava 5/5 and D McGlothin 5/9. THIS WEEK’S QUIZ: Takemiya Masaki (left), who attended this year’s U.S. Go Congress, has won 3 of Japan’s top 7 titles and challenged for 6 out of 7. What’s the one title in which he has ironically failed to qualify for the final? Click here to send us your answer.
– Keith Arnold; photo by Chris Garlock

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