American Go E-Journal

iPhone Go Apps

Monday November 10, 2008

“There are now 4 iPhone apps relating to go on the App Store,” reports Berlin-based Chuck Smith. “Your readers might be interested in a quick summary of them,” he says, adding “Full disclosure: I’m the developer of Go Player.”

– Stones (free): Play Go with someone next to you. Drag stones from two beautiful Go bowls onto the board. Click here.

– Tetsuki (free): Play or watch Go on the Internet Go Server (IGS). Click here.

– SmartGo touch ($9.99): A full rich-study experience full of options especially suited to stronger players. Click here.

– Go Player ($3.99): Geared more toward casual players, randomly chooses from over a thousand games to show which one can either play at a quick pace or slow down and play through move by move by tapping anywhere on the board. Click here.