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Go Quiz: Chevy Geo, Of Course!

Monday December 1, 2008

Only a handful of hardy quizzers took a shot at last week’s anagram question, racking their brains with the usual Asian names for go. A couple, including quiz leader Phil Waldron, went as far afield as “shudan” or “handtalk” to try to make “Datsun” fit. One enterprising person actually made a program to look up all different permutations of “igo”, “baduk”, “weichi” and “weigi” and automatically produce a Google search which he then checked based on number of hits. Sadly, this effort only got him an ATV. A couple of you checked “Goe” (thank you Mr. Ing) but only got as far as some concept car called the “Ego.” The correct answer, from 4 of you, including now Quiz co-leader Kim Salamony, was based on Goe: the Chevy Geo. Congrats to this week’s winner Clark B. Wierda, this week’s winner, selected at random from those answering correctly. THIS WEEK’S QUIZ (’08 FINAL!): This will be the last quiz for the year, as we take our usual holiday break. As noted above, Phil Waldron and Kim Salamony have answered every quiz, and both have just 3 wrong at this point. Japanese go has a policy that if you hold a major title for 5 years in a row, you hold that title in an “Honorary” fashion upon turning 60, or retiring. This is the same reason I claim the title “HKA”, or “Honorary Keith Arnold”, after winning the “Keith Arnold” award in the Congress Self-Paired tournament 5 years in a row, and then retiring from the competition. Name the only Japanese “big seven” title where no one has yet to qualify for an “honorary” title upon turning 60 or retiring. Click here to send in your answer.
– Keith Arnold

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