American Go E-Journal

Correction: Austria, Not Australia

Monday December 22, 2008

“Pardon me, but ‘Swiss-Australian border’?” (Go Makes Linux Mag 12/16 EJ) writes Dave Tukey. “I didn’t know global warming was moving the continents around to this extent.  Or have the Swiss invaded the Outback?” Neither, as far as we know; make that the Swiss-Austrian border. Our apologies for the error and thanks to everyone who wrote in to point it out. Photographer David Cantrell also sent in this update: “In the absence of any go-playing Austrians or Swiss in our group, Switzerland was represented by Edwin Brady (2k) and Austria by me (13k),” said Cantrell. “It was a nine stone game, and Switzerland won convincingly.  Which I thought was very un-neutral of them.  All of the recent Linuxbierwanderungs have included go-playing, and over the years I’ve introduced a good dozen people from all over the world to the game, at least some of whom now play regularly.  Geeky social events like this are a great way of introducing new people to the game.”