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Euro Winter Go School

Monday December 8, 2008

Over the upcoming holidays, go players in Northwest Europe will get together for the Winter-Go event on the border of Germany and Holland. Lecturers include Frank Janssen and Geert Groenen, both 6-dan, as well as Willem-Koen Pomstra 5d, who has attended all winter and summer Dutch Teaching Schools. Manuela Marz 4d will also give lectures on go, including “The seven dwarfs and other fairy tales” and “Why basketballs have bad shape and bicycles are dangerous.” German families participating include the “First Family” of German Go, Deutscher Go-Bund President Michael Marz 3d, his wife Manuela 4d, and their young child. With students from all over Western Europe, the Summer and Winter Classes have become one of the major seasonal schooling opportunities in this part of Europe. Click here for more info.
– reported by Peter Dijkema, European EJ correspondent

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