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Jennie Shen Teaches Fighting

Monday December 22, 2008

Look out for more fighting from attendees of the recent Jennie Shen workshop. The Penn Go Society organized a 3-day workshop with the  Santa Barbara, CA-based 2-dan professional on December 12-14 at the University of PA. “She was a wonderful teacher full of wisdom and lighthearted humor,” organizer Matt Bengtson tells the E-Journal, “with special excellence in the area of the middle game, where she encouraged everyone to fight more.” The workshop was attended by about 20 participants ranging from 20k to 5d, with a focus on game review over the course of the workshop. “We are very grateful to the Ing Foundation Professional Teaching Program for their generous grant, which has made the event possible and affordable for all,” Bengtson added. Click here for event photos. photo courtesy of the Penn Go Society

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