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League Updates From Holland & Germany

Monday December 22, 2008

Utrecht’s Team 1 won the top Fall league in Holland and Utrecht’s Michiel Tel 1k won the prize for best progress in the top league with 44 points. Leyden had tied in matches and games, but lost the Leyden- Utrecht match. The top teams from Eindhoven won both the 1st and 2nd leagues; Eindhoven 1 won all five matches, finishing ahead of Utrecht 2 (4-11) and 3 (2-7). Eindhoven 2 won the second league 4-11, where Ivo Creusen gained 72 points, making him overall Best Progress winner. Finally, Almere 2 won 3rd league 5-13, with Huib Olij winning Best Progress. A total of 72 players participated. After three rounds in Germany’s Autumn Leagues – in which 72 teams are playing — only three teams in the top league are still undefeated:  Karlsruhe didn’t drop a single game, Dragons from Frankfurt am Main won all matches but lost two games and HH-Hebsacker, the Go publishing house from Hamburg is third. The differences between go leagues in Holland and Germany are interesting and may be instructive for go organizers elsewhere. The Dutch leagues have small teams and meet in person, while the German league teams are larger and meet almost exclusively online.
– Peter Dijkema, European correspondent


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