American Go E-Journal

Linz-Horowitz Win Denver Pair Go

Monday December 15, 2008

The Pair Go team of Laurie Linz 7k and Stuart Horowitz 3d took first place in Saturday’s Te wo Tsunaide ’08 Pair Go Tournament in Boulder, CO. “There were three official rounds and seven award categories at the 4th annual event,” reports organizer Jasmine Sailing. Click here for detailed reports and photos. Winner’s Report: 1st Place Open: Laurie Linz 7k/Stuart Horowitz 3d; 2nd Place Open: Jasmine Sailing 4k/Paul Barchilon 3k; 1st Place High Kyu: Rachel Daley 20k/Ryan Bernstein 10k; 2nd Place High Kyu: Jay Hoh 23k/Tucker Bergin 19k; Out-Standing Youth Pair: Diana Yang 7k/Albert Hwang 7k; Fighting Spirit: Katherine Lin 3k/David Weiss 3d; Most In-Sync Pair: Jessica Lin 2k/Yaphet Tewahade 2k. Pairings Director: Bruce Young; Organizational Assistants: David Weiss and Paul Barchilon. Photo: Linz-Horowitz (l) play Lin/Tewahade; photo by Bruce Young