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Strange Things Happen at the One-Two Point

Monday December 1, 2008

The Terminator played go on network television, this past Monday night. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles featured “good” Terminatrix Summer Glau opening up a go board and playing out a position after telling Sarah Connor — and the show’s nationwide audience — that go is a “five thousand year old game, invented by the Chinese.” Earlier episodes of the series have focused on repeated attempts to stop various artificial intelligence programs from turning into Skynet, the military defense system that unleashes nuclear holocaust on humans in the Terminator movies. A previous program that played chess quite well was an initial target, but the Connors were able to stop it in time. A new program reared it’s head in the latest episode, but it doesn’t play chess, it plays go. Glau lays out a position on the board while telling Connor that “Strange things happen at the one two point. It’s a go proverb; it means the usual rules don’t apply.” The scene appears about 14 minutes into the episode, and can be watched on Fox’s website or on HulaTV.
-Paul Barchilon

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