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US Go News: Henckell Wins Fort Myers Open

Monday December 22, 2008

Karsten Henckell 4D took top honors at the Fort Myers Open, held December 6, when the Fort Myers Go Club hosted one of the largest tournaments ever held in the state of Florida. With player strength ranging from 30 kyu to 4 dan, 54 players turned out, and “Registration of new and old members had a line out the door!” reports Tournament Director Joshua Frye. “It was awesome to see the range of ages playing each other,” Frye reports. “Go clubs from all over the state turned out, including Orlando, Miami, and Sarasota.” Players battled it out in three divisions for prizes from Yellow Mountain Imports and Slate & Shell Publishing. In the final top match, Henckell faced off against Joshua Lee 4D of Go Orlando. “It was an intense match to watch!!” said Fort Myers go member Rob Cheyne. Entering the endgame, Lee was ahead on points, but Henckell pressured Lee into overtime. “During one of Joshua Lee’s captures, he forgot to hit his clock and ultimately lost on time.” WINNER’S REPORT: Advanced Division: 1st: Karsten Henckell 4Dan (Sarasota Go); 2nd:  Chi Wong 4k (Miami Go); 3rd: Joshua Lee 4D (Go Orlando). Intermediate Division: 1st: Rob Cheyne 6k (Fort Myers Go); 2nd: Joong Suk 6k (Sarasota Go); 3rd:  Carlos Valdes 9k (Miami Go). Beginner Division: 1st: Nathan Slider 14k (Fort Myers Go); 2nd:  Jake King 10k (Fort Myers Go); 3rd: Nick Ponader 13k (Fort Myers Go). Photo: Karsten Henckell 4D vs. Joshua Lee 4D; photo courtesy Joshua Frye

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