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EUROPEAN GO NEWS: Trippel Takes Winterthur; Marigo Masters Italian Open; Krämer German Youth Champ; Ulster Sweeps Munster To Reach Irish Interprovincial Finals; Metta Sweeps Lucca; French Youth Congress And Hikaru Cup

Monday November 16, 2009

TRIPPEL TAKES WINTERTHUR: Lorenz Trippel of Zurich was undefeated in the one-day fast-play Swiss Winterthur tourney on November 14, ahead of Mark Wirdnam and Lisa Tao. Click here for results and photos.
– Peter Dijkema, after a report on

MARIGO MASTERS ITALIAN OPEN: Francesco Marigo 4d of Milan swept the 30th Italian Open (photo) field of 52 in Bologna, November 7-8. Only Massimiliano Spallanzi 12k from Modenaalso won all five rounds. Click here for results and photos.
– Peter Dijkema

KRÄMER GERMAN YOUTH CHAMP: Bonn’s Lukas Krämer 4d won the German Youth — Deutsche Jugendmeister — title in Hamburg on November 7-8. The event was hosted at the 27th “Rahlstedter Tengen,” which attracted over a hundred players to three different tourneys. In the traditional ‘Tengen’ events, Lutz Franke won Group One of 44 players on SOS ahead of Lu Ji and Stefan Kaitschick (also of Hamburg), while Björn Hölscher swept Group Two 7-0, topping a field of 50.
– Peter Dijkema

ULSTER SWEEPS MUNSTER TO REACH IRISH INTERPROVINCIAL FINALS: Ulster beat Munster on all three boards on November 13 in the Irish Go Association‘s new online interprovincial competition . This puts them through to the final, where they will play the winner of the Leinster – Connacht match. “The better team won” said Munster Team Captain Rory Wales. “It was a good hard match, and we’re just pleased to have got through it” responded Ulster Team Captain James Hutchinson. Munster clearly missed Cao Tong Yu 4d and Wei Wang 7d. Meanwhile, Colin MacSweeny and Michael Thai join Ian Davis and Noel Mitchell in the Top-8 tourney, which kicks off in January. The other four places will be filled from the ladder. “Intense competition can be expected for the rest of November”, according to the Irish Go Association.
– Ian Davis, Irish Correspondent, with additional reporting by Peter Dijkema

METTA SWEEPS LUCCA: Carlo Metta 1k of Pisa swept the Tai Kai Japan Palace tourney 5-0 in Lucca, Italy on October 31 and November 1. He finished ahead of Fausto Predieri (2nd) and Pasquale De Lucia (3rd). A week later, Metta surprised with silver at the 30th Italian Championship, as reported last week. Click here for results.
– Peter Dijkema, after a link on

FRENCH YOUTH CONGRESS AND HIKARU CUP: The French “Congres National des Jeunes” (right) – or Youth Congress — took place in a castle near Lens en Vercours in the Isereregion of the French Alps October 24-31. After four days of study with the team of teachers led by Fan Hui, students vied for the Hikaru Cups. French-American Thomas Debarre 5d once again won the top category “Lycée” while Florian Melcer won the “College” title and Mélissa Héaulme successfully defended her “Primaire” title, proving one can become a “Championne” starting simply by learning ‘atari-go.’ Héaulme’s father Alain is an active promotor of this teaching style in France. The report on the French site contains links to 5 YouTube videos.
– Peter Dijkema, after a report by Motoki Noguchi

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