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EUROPEAN GO NEWS: Xebo Wins St Nick Tourney In Braunschweig; Hungarian League

Monday December 14, 2009

XEBO WINS ST NICK TOURNEY IN BRAUNSCHWEIG: A 4-dan from Göttingen who just goes by the name Xebo won the 27th St. Nicolas tourney December 5-6 in Braunschweig, Germany, ahead of locals Alexander Kirchner 2d (2nd) and Kai Tomerius , who shared 3d with Mathias Maurer 4d from Langen. Click here for results. – Peter Dijkema, European Correspondent, from a report at

HUNGARIAN LEAGUE: Pagoda leads the Hungarian league with maximum match-points from 3 rounds, ahead of MGE and Origó, which drew one each. Sanrensei is 4th at 2 wins and a loss. Next round, two top-pairings are up: MGE-Pagoda and Sanrensei-Origó. In Hungary they play a round every fortnight. The league has eight teams of 9 players. – Peter Dijkema, , European Correspondent, after


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