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Write Your Own Go Grant

Monday December 14, 2009

The American Go Foundation (AGF) has created a new “umbrella grant” program that allows any qualifying US go organization or individual to use the AGF’s tax status for their go projects. The program was created at the instigation of Bay Area organizer Roger Schrag, who had helped form the Bay Area Go Players’ Association (BAGPA) and wanted to incorporate as a 501c3, allowing them to give donors a tax break, and to apply for grants to support teaching programs and other go-related events in their community. Many foundations will only fund groups with 501c3 status, and getting this status can take months, often requires a lawyer, and then needs significant maintenance. With the umbrella grant program, the AGF acts as the fiscal agent for the program, and routes the donations or grants to the local program. AGF VP Paul Barchilon has raised almost $10,000 for his go clubs through similar programs in Colorado, and the AGF modeled their new program on a local umbrella grant Barchilon had used.  Click here to learn more — raising funds to teach go in your community might be easier than you think!
– Roy Laird

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